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LSK's Journal
Posted by LSK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Apr 17th 2007, 05:23 PM
* Gun owners must be licensed. Applicants need two referees, and police are allowed to consult would-be gun owners' doctors.
* Guns must be registered.
* In the wake of the 1996 Dunblane massacre the government passed a law severely restricting handguns. Anyone in possession of a high caliber handgun faces a maximum 10 years' imprisonment or a $7,285 fine, or both

* Firearms must be registered, except for sporting rifles.
* A Sports Federation license is required to request an ownership permit. Applicants must have no record of criminal activity or mental illness. Applications approved by the Federation must also be vetted by local police and municipal officials. Permits must be renewed every three years.
* Machine guns and automatic firearms are prohibited without special authorization and are reserved almost exclusively for military and police forces.

* Gun owners must be licensed and firearms registered.
* Germany passed strict firearms regulation in 1972, and a new bill tightening the law even further may soon be passed by the upper house of parliament.
* Those applying for a license must be over 18 years old and, generally, a German resident for more than three years.
* Appplicants must prove their need to possess a gun, technical proficiency, knowledge of firearms and physical fitness.
* Fully automatic weapons are banned.

* Gun owners must be licensed and firearms registered.
* Gun owners must be over 18, undergo psychological and physical tests and have a clean police record.
* Licenses must be renewed each year.
* No one may own more than three guns.

* Gun owners must be licensed. Applicants must be over 18 years old and a gun club member for at least a year. Applications are approved by police, and licenses must be renewed annually. Firearms must be registered.
* Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned.

* Gun owners must be licensed and undergo strict medical and psychological tests. No one is permitted to own more than six hunting rifles and one handgun.
* Firearms must be registered and inspected annually.
* Machine guns and submachine guns are banned, as are imitation pistols.

* Gun owners must be licensed and firearms registered.
* Tighter regulation was introduced in 1999 gun owners now require a permit. Applicants must prove they need a gun and pass an exam on their theoretical and practical knowledge of gun use.
* Members of the Swiss military are required to keep their weapons at home.
* Hunting and sporting rifles can be purchased without a permit and transported freely within the country, though permits are required to transport other guns.

* The Schengen Agreement, which came into force in 1985, proposed harmonizing the acquisition, possession and sale of firearms across the signatory countries. These provisions have been overtaken by a European Union directive that sets out minimum standards for gun registration, including a "European firearm card" that any gun-owner must have on hand when transporting a weapon from one E.U. member state to another.

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