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McCamy Taylor's Journal
Posted by McCamy Taylor in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Feb 21st 2008, 01:41 AM
I am not going to do one of my usual epics, because I am tired and it is late, and I already wrote War and Peace today about why we need to impeach Cheney.

People like MSNBC are under orders from their corporate bosses at General Electric (who are under orders from their bosses at the Pentagon) to paint this story as a smear job against an American War Hero from the Liberal Media. They will talk about Sex, sex, sex and more sex .

Forget the blonde. John McCain is in bed with the telecoms.

A cursory search of the Internet shows that way back in the Clinton administration, before his 2000 presidential run, when he was still supposedly the Maverick he was already doing favors like

"it's the satellite TV company that suffers” McCain wrote after a bill’s passage.

Satellite TV Companies like Echostar, one of Iseman’s clients.

So, McCain is in bed with Echostar

Then there is this 2005 story about services rendered to another cable giant, Cablevision.

McCain repeatedly intervened on behalf of a policy Cablevision favored -- one which "congressional and private studies conclude could make cable more expensive" -- while his chief political adviser, Rick Davis (who's masterminding McCain's probable '08 presidential rerun) solicited $200,000 in contributions from Cablevision to an institute that promotes McCain and pays Davis a $110,000 annual salary.


Now, McCain is back at the same old game, this time on behalf of Cablevision and its campaign for an "a la carte" provision, which would allow cable customers to pick the channels they want rather than buy packages of channels. McCain has continued to campaign for this provision even after the independent General Accounting Office -- in a study requested by McCain himself -- concluded that the a la carte provision would considerably raise cable rates for consumers. This is a neat hat trick by McCain: he adds another "reformist" feather to his cap by promoting a populist-sounding measure which, in fact, benefits industry and costs the consumer a packet. And, at the same time he takes money from Cablevision in the form of contributions to a pet group of the Senator's which furthers McCain's presidential ambitions.
The AP investigation found that McCain's assiduous services to Cablevision included "letting its CEO testify before his Senate committee, writing a letter of support to the Federal Communication Commission, and asking other cable companies to support so-called a la carte pricing." Davis solicited the first of two $100,00 installments Cablevision paid to McCain's pet Institute just "one week after Dolan testified before McCain's Senate Commerce Committee in May 2003 in favor of a la carte pricing. And it wasn't until after Cablevision paid up that McCain intervened on behalf of the policy the company sought with the FCC.

That means McCain is in bed with Cablevision, too.

More on 2005:

McCain has this charity, see? It is called the Reform Institute and it is supposed to be about keeping politics honest. So, when you want to bribe McCain, you give the money to his charity--which employees all his campaign staff. Saves him a lot of money on expenses. Need trick.

However, with Cablevision, Davis and McCain got sloppy. In an eerily reminiscent action which hearkens back to the Keating 5 scandal, McCain essentially attempted to intervene on Cablevision's behalf by writing a letter to the FCC supporting Cablevision's regulatory agenda of a la carte cable services. Less than a fortnight before, Cablevision made a six-figure donation to RI through a subsidiary, CSC Holdings, directly as a result of Davis' solicitation. Nor is that the only conflict that McCain has had with the communications industry through Davis and RI:

One donation in that category came from an elected Republican official who insisted on remaining anonymous, even to Mr. McCain, Mr. Davis said. Some donors, though, are communications industry giants who had business before the Commerce Committee when Mr. McCain was its chairman. Echosphere, a communications company started by Charles Ergen, a founder of EchoStar Communications and the DISH Network, gave $50,000 or more to the institute. So did CSC Holdings, a subsidiary of the Cablevisions Systems Corporation, headed by Charles F. Dolan, and the Chartwell Foundation, the charitable group funded by A. Jerrold Perenchio, the Univision billionaire.

The stink gets worse with each new revelation. Based on my research yesterday, Davis already has many strange bedfellows for a man who is the closest political advisor to a supposedly conservative Republican. Now it appears that McCain has a track record of using RI to allow donors a roundabout way to buy influence: keeping his staff employed and this bootlicking "independent" policy group afloat.

And now, from December check out this story of the latest McCain telecom scandal:

Recent reports on McCain's relationship to telecom lobbying focus on his noted opposition to "net neutrality" efforts aimed at preventing broadband companies using their ownership of internet "pipes" to discriminate between content providers based on profitability. At present, the internet is a "neutral" playing field with free and equal access to all, and any censorship or "gatekeeping" by carriers strictly prohibited. On grounds of "free competition," however, McCain has supported the efforts of broadband carriers such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon at gaining congressional permission to control access to websites on a two-tiered basis consisting of a fee-based "fast track" for more profitable websites and a "slow track" for sites whose owners can't afford the fee.


More currently, Wonkette suggests a possible link between the Drudge story and McCain's introduction of a telecom bill (S.744) linked to lucrative lobbying efforts earlier this year. Described as a public-private partnership to build a national broadband network for public safety, the bill would in fact place said public safety network in private hands, causing concern among public safety groups (see MRT).
As Wonkette observes, two companies that stand to benefit from the bill, Cyren Call Communications (also here) and FrontLine Wireless, have hired several lobbying firms to advocate for it according to lobbying records linked here. In fact, the company favored in McCain's authorship of the bill is Cyren Call Communications, headed by Nextel founder Morgan O'Brien, which according to Open Secrets spent more than $1.2 million on lobbying between 2006 and 2007

Oh my god! That horn dog! He’s sharing his bed with Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Nextel and Frontline Wireless! How does he find time to get to the Senate?

According to the Washington Post’s latest write up you can add the Tribune Broadcasting, at least in its pre-Sam Zell days. I found a brief mention about a letter to the FCC in the Clinton years asking them pretty please not to make Tribune Broadcasting sell a TV station somewhere in Florida. I think Tribune Broadcasting will have to sleep on the couch.

Oops. Almost forgot the skeleton in the closet. Keating, you doing OK in there? Looks like you might not fly under the radar after all.

Some business executives and political consultants contacted for this story declined to comment. Two others, who asked not be identified, said it was an unwritten rule in Arizona not to mention Keating and McCain in business circles or to those friendly with the senator.

Hmmm. Is that McCain's version of Don't ask, don't tell?
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