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McCamy Taylor's Journal
I can not believe the nerve of the NeoCons. But then again, nothing that they do should surprise me. They have spied on U.S. citizens. They have lied us into war. They have tortured and bragged about it. They stole the 2000 election in the most blatant way possible and then repeated the crime in 2004---so why shouldn’t McCain supporters try to buy the company that counts the votes in advance of the 2008 election?

“The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” Joseph Stalin

The Back Story (Skip this part if you read my journals regularly)

Recently I wrote about how the Pentagon was campaigning for John McCain. In addition to allowing military men and women in uniform to stump for him, huge numbers of retired officers are on record as supporting him. An active military man, Major General Rick Lynch has regularly been telling distorted stories about the situation in Iraq to make McCain look prescient and to fool Americans into thinking that the war is “winnable”. The military has begun to lie about the use of torture, the conditions at Gitmo, the attitudes of people in Iraq. The are trying to “clean up” the Iraq War so that it will no longer be a political liability for their favorite son candidate.

They have enlisted the aid of one of their biggest contractors, GE and its media mouthpiece, NBC, which has openly promoted the John McCain candidacy. Hearing one MSNBC reporter after another dutifully refer to the Senator as a “maverick” all within the space of a few hours would be laughable if it was no so serious. I suspect that Abrams has been bumped from his job as manager, because he would not go along with this media atrocity. The show was to keep him quiet. Keith Olbermann is the only person there who is not drinking the John McCain kool aid. They keep him on to retain the illusion of being “fair and balanced.”

All of this is documented in my journal here

Well, looks like the Pentagon is not satisfied with having a major news network in its pocket. It probably realized, thanks to the recent New York Times story about McCain’s indiscretion with the lobbyist and all the attention that it raised about his past dealings with certain telecommunications companies, that McCain was tainted goods as far as most of the telecommunications industry is concerned. At least two major TV news networks, CNN and ABC have no love for McCain, thanks to the way that he has threatened their parents companies’ cable holdings for the sake of a few other cable companies. McCain is likely to face television news scrutiny the likes of which Republican presidential candidates are not usually forced to endure.

I talk about this subject in more detail in this journal:

Be sure to check out my discussion post 11 for more details on exactly what McCain has done to make Disney and AOL-Time Warner afraid of a McCain presidency.

Today’s Story

Which brings me to the reason for my post today Somebody at the Pentagon or more likely at the White House decided that if the voters can not be persuaded to vote for John McCain (and no one can be elected president in this country without the corporate media’s support) then the next best thing is to pretend that the voters have voted for John McCain.

How can this be done? The Pentagon can tell a military contractor to make a manufacturer of electronic voting machines that is in deep financial, political and criminal trouble an offer it can not refuse .

The United Technologies Corporation made public on Sunday an unsolicited $3 billion bid for Diebold, one of the largest makers of automated teller machines and voting machines.
United Technologies, which first approached Diebold two years ago, initially made the offer in private on Friday. The bid amounts to $40 a share in cash, or a 66 percent premium over Diebold’s closing price on Friday of $24.12, United Technologies said.

On Feb. 19, Mr. David sent Diebold’s board a letter proposing talks about a deal. Two days later, Diebold’s chairman, John N. Lauer, responded that the company’s board had rejected any possible combination. He also said that a deal would not serve Diebold’s interests and requested that United Technologies refrain from contacting its directors.
Mr. Geisler declined to say whether United Technologies would press the bid if Diebold formally declined it, saying only that “we know what our options are.”

Like maybe having the DOJ apply some muscle to Diebold, which is being investigated by the SEC and the DOJ?

Here is Corp. watch on United Technologies:

The name sounds like they make light bulbs, but UT, a.k.a. Sikorsky, sells Black Hawk and Comanche helicopters and various missile systems designed to inspire terror in civilians from Palestine to Colombia to Somalia and beyond.

CEO: George David
Military contracts 2005: $5.0 billion
Defense-related contributions in the 2004 election cycle: $558,850*

Oh my. Another big military contractor stepping into the political arena. Now, why on earth would United Technologies be so eager to pay Diebold so much for stock that is only going to go down in value since e-voting is being phased out in this country? Could it be that UT has plans for all those Diebold machines? According to Wikipedia, Diebold (which would rather that you call it Premiere Election Solutions for obvious reasons) and EE&S collected 80% of the U.S. vote in 2004. If Diebold alone only controls 30% of America’s votes now, that would still help John McCain a lot in those crucial battleground states.

With Ralph Nader running a third party spoiler campaign for no good reason, e-voting fraud can be very beneficial for John McCain. In addition to subtracting the margin of error between him and the Democratic nominee from the Democratic total and giving it to him, the Republicans can also lop off an extra 4-5% of the Democratic vote and give it to Nader and say that some Dems were too left wing to be happy with either Obama or Hillary. That can give McCain a real boost on election day.

However, to make it happen, John McCain and the NeoCons need all those e-voting machines in the hands of a company that believes in John McCain. A company that gets 5 billion a year in contracts from the Pentagon has a pretty good reason to believe in whatever the generals tell it to believe. And it will make up the loss that it will suffer in overbidding for those Diebold shares in extra military contracts.

So, if Diebold says that it does not want to sell to United Technologies, then I say they have a right to refuse to sell. And if the DOJ and the SEC start a big pr campaign about how W.’s formerly favorite voting firm is too corrupt to be left in charge of America’s vote for one more second, then I counter that America’s vote can not fall into the hands of a military contractor, not with the Pentagon showing such open favoritis towards McCain this election season.

We already know that the military vote will be hacked, once again. The Pentagon must not be allowed to declare martial law on the voting rights of the private citizens of the United States.
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