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McCamy Taylor's Journal
Joltin’ Joe Lieberman, Republican in Democratic clothing predicted today that terra-ists will “test” the next president in 2009 as they tested W. in 2001 and Clinton in 1993. Watch it here:

This got me to thinking about the TTT, the terra threat test score of Dumbya, the Village Idiot from Texas who became our Commander in Chimp. We all know that McSame promises us four years more, so presumably he will respond to the TTT exactly the same way that our President Select did. However, I am willing to bet hard cold cash that we will not see our newly elected President Barack Obama

I. Read My Pet Goat or any other children’s book while U.S. military forces await orders from their Commander-in-Chief that can save innocent American lives

I do not care how anxious President Obama is to find out if the Little Train That Thinks It Can really has what it takes to get over that hill. He will pass that book to one of his aids, and he will leap into action. Because he is not getting paid to be a substitute kindergarten teacher. His job is to secure the United States of America and its citizens, and a lot can happen in seven minutes.

II. Use the terra test as an excuse to try to bail out his best campaign donor, someone like Ken Lay of Enron, with a huge infusion of taxpayer money

One of the very first things that the Republican controlled House did after 9/11 was pass a bill that could have given Enron a big wad of cash. And the White House sent people to the Senate to begin lobbying them to pass it, too. The timing is significant, because later, these same Republicans swore that they did not know that Enron was already bankrupt but hiding it with fancy bookkeeping. However, skeptical observers (like yours truly) already sensed that something was up, from the resignation of Jeff Skilling among other things. Who bails out from the world’s largest company if it is still solvent? When the Senate killed the cash give-away, Enron was forced to reveal its bankruptcy. So, 9/11 was used to keep that house of cards aloft for an extra month, during which time insiders were able to sell off their stock.

III. Invade the wrong friggin’ country using made up evidence so that he can plunder its natural resources.

When you are attacked by terra-ists, you are supposed to hunt down the terra-ists and prevent them from doing it again. You are not supposed to forget about the terra-ists and go off on an tangent, in this case The Project for a New American Century (of Stealing the Natural Resources of Other Countries Just like in the Centuries That Came Before This One). Didn’t Michelangelo Antonioni already make this film? I know that real life does not always tie up all the loose threads, but that does not mean that you get to change genres in the middle just because you feel like it and the Supreme Court decreed that you are the president. When you say that you are trying to track down the people who destroyed the World Trade Center, shouldn’t you be looking for the people who destroyed the World Trade Center and not for some other people’s oil?

IV. Make it even EASIER for the Terra-ists to Attack us again by making More of Them

Remember the Iraq NIE? That tangent which Bush-Cheney took to get their hands on some oil that did not belong to them helped Al Qaeda set up a great new training ground in Iraq, and it gave radical Sunnis a marvelous new recruiting slogan. Taking their eyes off Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan when they were just about to close in on him helped his organization to regroup and consolidate in Pakistan, where the U.S. can not touch them without angering an ally. Then, there is the terra-ist training camp which Bush-Cheney set up in Gitmo. If you read the recent McClatchy multi-part feature, you know that Gitmo is actually designed to take innocent people from Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries, brutalize them, and then incarcerate them with genuine terra-ists. The political prisoners have years in which to indoctrinate the apolitical prisoners who have nothing in common but their religion, their hatred of their captors and a lot of time to brood. When you have no self esteem left and a political prisoner offers you a way to regain your self esteem, you will take him up on the offer. Today’s innocent Gitmo detainees are tomorrows radicalized Muslims. It is almost as if the Bush-Cheney administrations wants a healthy supply of political opponents in the Middle East in order to justify a long term military presence in that oil rich region.

V. Build a Great Big Government Welfare Pig Trough and invite all his friends to feed at it under guise of helping the War Effort

Money, money everywhere, and all the poor did starve and go without healthcare. That is because all your taxpayer dollars are going to no bid contracts to Halliburton and subsidiaries. And to any idiot who says he can provide weapons or arms for U.S. troops even if said idiot has screwed up the job before or been caught selling illegal arms or giving out bribes. Recall that Grover Norquist said that he hoped that Bush would bankrupt the federal government. This site lets you watch the war eat up our economy:

It has already cost over half a trillion dollars. Over $300 million a day. Cheney paid off all the asbestos debt that he saddled Halliburton with long ago. Now it all pure profit.

VI. Cripple our intelligence agency and its ability to spy on our enemies by outing covert agents and by attacking them in the press

No way will President Obama respond to CIA intelligence he does not like by killing the messenger. There will be no Valerie Plames. No one is going to make like Paul Wolfowitz ( see my journal “The CIA Is Enemy Territory”) and attack the agency at every turn. There will be no administration official to undercut documents like the Iran NIE (in which the CIA assessed that Iran was not close to building a nuke) by leaking information about torture tapes to the press. U.S. foreign policy will be based in intelligence again, instead of being faith based as it currently is (by faith based, I mean based on the NeoCons' faith that oil generates lots of profits for the unholy progeny of Standard Oil). Speaking of torture, as a Constitutional Lawyer, we will not see President Obama

VII. Break the law in every way possible, calling the Constitution just a piece of paper, while proclaiming that Article II of the Constitution gives him the right to do so.

This includes retroactive law breaking, like spying on U.S. citizens’ phone calls before 9/11—starting as early as January, 2001, the moment Bush-Cheney got into office---and claiming it was because of the World Trade Center attacks. And it includes holding Americans without attorneys and without charges, like poor Padilla, religious profiling, discrimination against Blacks, Latinos and Democrats, election fraud, denying consumers information about shoddily built dams and levees, violating open records laws about matters completely unrelated to national security---anything goes in the name of fighting Al Qaeda. And that includes international agreements against torture, too. So what if our own soldiers get treated the same way when they fall into enemy hands? It won't be any worse than the way that they get treated by our own Veteran's Administration Hospital system.

VIII. Call the Deaths of over 3000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Center Attacks a “Trifecta”

I don't think I need to elaborate.

IX. Sell souvenir photos of himself associated with the terra attack in an effort to raise campaign funds

As Bush did in the wake of 9/11 for $150 a shot. Link here. /

X. Tell anyone or have a surrogate tell anyone or even think that another terra attack on U.S. soil would really make his job a lot easier.

The way that John McCain's surrogate did. McSame is on board the NeoCon plan for U.S. world domination through military conquest of all countries that have nationalized their oil. Under McSame, we will see 10 plus 11--- a draft, because the current army is not large enough to threaten Iran and Venezuela and Mexico, which are also sitting on nationalized crude.

If you want the next terra "test" to be met with a rational response that uses our country's many resources---diplomatic, intelligence, military, economic---vote Obama. If you want the next terra "test" to be met with letters calling upon the nation's youth to sign up at the local draft board, vote McCain---because a one term president can do whatever the hell he wants to do.
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