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Number23's Journal
Posted by Number23 in General Discussion
Tue Dec 06th 2011, 06:16 PM
that DU is on the right side of the issues.

Of course, the person conveniently overlooks the well-documented fact that Dems lost in 2010 because the voting public thought that they are TOO LIBERAL.

He also erroneously assumes that OWS is some reflection of Obama and not the entrenched and corrupt economic and political system that this country has been under for more than the last 30 years.

When someone starts in with the "Occupy was created because Obama is so ineffective," lameness I find it very helpful to ask three, sometimes four questions:

1) If this is true, why is there such a dearth of anti-Obama sentiment at the OWS rallies?
2) Why are so many of the president's strongest supporters participating in Occupy rallies?
3) If this is true, can you explain why Obama and many prominent Democrats have voiced very public SUPPORT of Occupy?
4) If this movement is about Obama, then why has it spread internationally? Do you think that protestors in Occupy Budapest are also protesting Obama?

There has never been anyone who touts the "OWS is protesting Obama" line that can INTELLIGENTLY answer these questions. And yet, I'm sure that I could get my entire head through the hole in a key chain before they'd admit that perhaps they are misunderstanding or misstating what Occupy is about.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion
Sat Oct 15th 2011, 11:31 PM
"In Roget's Thesaurus there are 120 synonyms for blackness and at least 60 of them are offensive, as for example, blot, soot, grim, devil and foul. And there are some 134 synonyms for whiteness and all are favorable, expressed in such words as purity, cleanliness, chastity and innocence. A white lie is better than a black lie. The most degenerate member of a family is a "black sheep." Ossie Davis has suggested that maybe the English language should be reconstructed so that teachers will not be forced to teach the Negro child 60 ways to despise himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of inferiority, and the white child 134 ways to adore himself, and thereby perpetuate his false sense of superiority.

The tendency to ignore the Negro's contribution to American life and to strip him of his personhood, is as old as the earliest history hooks and as contemporary as the morning's newspaper. To upset this cultural homicide, the Negro must rise up with an affirmation of his own Olympian manhood. Any movement for the Negro's freedom that overlooks this necessity is only waiting to be buried. As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery. No Lincolnian Emancipation Proclamation or Johnsonian Civil Rights Bill can totally bring this kind of freedom. The Negro will only be free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive manhood his own Emancipation Proclamation. And, with a spirit straining toward true self-esteem, the Negro must boldly throw off the manacles of self-abnegation and say to himself and to the world, "I am somebody. I am a person. I am a man with dignity and honor. I have a rich and noble history. How painful and exploited that history has been. Yes, I was a slave through my foreparents and I am not ashamed of that. I'm ashamed of the people who were so sinful to make me a slave." Yes, we must stand up and say, "I'm black and I'm beautiful," and this self-affirmation is the black man's need, made compelling by the white man's crimes against him."

Edit: Where do we go from here - Southern Christian Leadership Conference, August 1967
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion: Presidency
Fri Sep 16th 2011, 06:49 PM
for the last 50 years or so? Anything else you want to pull out of your hat?

And it's almost funny how you just throw out a link to Pew Research. Not a link that supports your view. Not a link to a direct poll that refutes my point. Just a generic link to Pew.

In the meantime, not that's it's necessary to anyone who knows anything, but I will link to polls, articles, actual data that prove my point. But I have a feeling that you are a card carrying member of this new breed of "liberal" that don't believe in polls, particularly polls that disprove your beliefs.

2007 - 'Twice as Many Americans Conservative as Liberal' /
2008 - 'Sixty percent of Americans considered themselves conservative.'
2009 - 'Conservatives" Are Single-Largest Ideological Group'
'Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group'
2010 - 'In 2010, Conservatives Still Outnumber Moderates, Liberals'
2011 - 'More People Consider Themselves Conservative Today Than at Any Time Since 1994' /

So, you claim that organized Labor, environmentalists, GLBT equality activists, teachers, peace activists, opponents of the Patriot Act and the wars, of torture anmd detendtion and the other groups criticizing the administration are people with "beliefs (that) are the rantings of the fringe and nothing else?"

William, err.. Claudia, this type of argument may win you a ton of friends at, but this argument is the height of dishonesty and desperation. Thinking these things are not the fringe and I have never suggested that they were, no matter how desperately you try to pretend that I did. But thinking that putting the Repubs back in the White House will bring about some new era of Democratic Unity -- until another Democrat is actually in charge and able to, you know, implement these very policies that you and your ilk are content to merely whine about for the next 16 millenia -- is.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion
Fri Aug 19th 2011, 11:39 PM
And you will know them by their words. Whenever you see someone use "bully pulpit" that's pretty much a dead giveaway.

Chait said it beautifully:

"every known impediment to legislative progress -- special interest lobbying, the filibuster, macroeconomic conditions, not to mention certain settled beliefs of public opinion -- are but tiny stick huts trembling in the face of the atomic bomb of the presidential speech. The impediment to an era of total an uncompromising liberal success is Obama's failure to properly deploy this awesome weapon."
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion
Thu Aug 18th 2011, 08:00 PM
She does understand her constituency. Which is why she's asking them to "unleash" her. If her constituents wanted her to go after Obama, she wouldn't have to be asked to be "unleashed."

Her constituents don't want her going after Obama. They are angry at HER and at Congress. Obama's numbers have dropped in minority communities (which is perfectly normal) but he still enjoys pretty good to great support from minority communities.

The actions of this WH lost them the House in 2010

I'm always amazed when I see this line here. The reason so many voted for conservatives in 2010 is because they view this president as TOO LIBERAL. The idea from so many on DU that Obama's "conservative" practices is what lead to the loss of the House is beyond inane.

There are a billion articles printed either right before or right after the election that state time and time and time again that the American public (rightly or wrongly) views this president as TOO LIBERAL. My dear, THAT is why the Democrats lost the House in 2010.

A more recent Rasmussen article shows that 57% of Americans view the president as "more liberal" than they are, while a whopping NINE PERCENT view him as more conservative (and I have NO DOUBT that every bit of that 9% comes from people reading way too much DU)

Teachers, eg, since I know that field, millions of them are now totally disgusted with his policies

You know "millions" of teachers??! Wow! That's really something.

Even on DU amongst teachers, there is a very wide variety of opinion on the president's policies. One of my favorite posters here was a teacher and I know several who don't even participate in the teaching threads because they were so disgusted with the way some of the teachers here conduct themselves and act as though they speak for everyone in the profession.

Yes, Obama's poll numbers do stink right now, but it's very interesting to note that they are still higher than Clinton's and Reagan's were at this time in their first terms. And we know that both of them went on to win second terms very handily.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion
Tue Aug 02nd 2011, 04:59 AM
they may as well be standing outside of a liquor store on a soapbox with a sign heralding the end of days screaming and spitting on unfortunate passersby.

Every single criticism hurled at Obama from the "left" has been hurled at every single Dem president. Clinton (to his immense credit) gave back as good as he got. Carter was "redeemed" by his great works after he left office. Even FDR, the Dem president so many here seem to have pornographic dreams about, was criticized and hounded by the "left."

"In fact, it's pretty remarkable how closely the attacks Roosevelt experienced from his left echo the attacks that liberals make against Obama today. There was criticism of Roosevelt for being too close to Wall Street, criticism of the New Deal's pragmatism and non-ideological approach, criticism of the New Deal for not going nearly far enough, criticism of the New Deal and Roosevelt as preferring conservatism to liberalism, and so on."

Ain't nothing new here.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion: Presidency
Mon Jan 10th 2011, 06:40 PM
the black Attorney General.
the black Surgeon General
the black UN Ambassador
etc. etc. etc.

Any particular reason why?

because he milks being black when it suits his needs

I don't even understand what the hell that means.

I don't see him doing much at all in the black community.

This is certainly open for interpretation and this is not an uncommon complaint. The perspectives here are divergent. I found a few links that you may find interesting:

'How Obama's Educational Policies Benefit Blacks'
'The Root looks at the president's record on issues that affect blacks.'
'White House outlines tax benefits for Black families'
'A Black Agenda some choose not to see' (I found this particularly interesting as it seems to highlight black folks working overtime to NOT see what the president has done for the community) -

(it's hard to find articles on this because so much has been written by racists pretending that Obama's policies ONLY benefit black people)

Lord knows America is hurting, but black folks (as usual) are hurting worse. I'll be very curious to see the folks high-fiving your post. Already, not surprised in the least.
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Posted by Number23 in African-American Issues Group
Sun Mar 07th 2010, 06:06 PM
Jack and Jill Politics - /

The Black Snob - / (absolutely hilarious)

The Fresh Express - /

The Root - /

WeSeeYou - /

Racialicious - / (covers lots of different minorities)

I'm sure that there are tons more out there.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Feb 06th 2010, 09:37 PM
Yes, it's February and in recognition, I'd like to draw a bit of attention to a wonderful thread in DU's fabulous African American Interest Group (AAIG):
Black History that Doesn't make it into the history books

This thread covers events and people in black history that you may or may not know about -- from centuries ago to the present day.

Notable snips:

* The following are the colleges and universities that have admitted to, or evidence found of, funding with money from slavery and the slave trade. The most famous of the self investigations was by Brown University ( -... ) Many institutions don't want to investigate this part of their history.

This is a partial listing. More will be added as they are found.

College of William and Mary
University of Virginia
Harvard University
Yale University
University of Maryland
University of Alabama

* The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment -

* Madame C.J. Walker - born Sarah Breedlove, became the first black millionaire (in America).

* Little known slave rebellions -

* Desegregation of the US Military -

* America's racial cleansings - This concept has morphed into "white flight" and "sundown towns".

Thanks to the following DUers for their contributions to this fantastic and wonderfully educational thread:

Xipe Totec, Chovexani, Swamp Rat, fishwax, Undergroundrailroad, Karenina, fortyfeetunder, msgadget, kwassa, wildeyed, SemperEadem, Liberation Angel, mark414, lucy, flamingyouth, XemaSab, jmm, noiretextatique, NOLAlady, Princess Turandot, japple, and Blue_Tires. Contributions to this thread are taken regularly and are greatly appreciated.

And a massive thank you and high five to Brewman_Jax for starting this thread and being its impeccable custodian.

Linking also to omega minimo's fabulous thread on Juneteenth. The thread also provides a "scratch the surface" glance at America's own homegrown apartheid system, aka Jim Crow.

"We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race hate, and religious prejudice."
Carter Woodson (1875-1950) on founding Negro History Week, 1926

"We, the people." It is a very eloquent beginning. But when that document was completed on the seventeenth of September in 1787 I was not included in that "We, the people." I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, just left me out by mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation and court decision I have finally been included in "We, the people." Barbara C. Jordan

"We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,
We have come, treading our path through the
blood of the slaughtered."
James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938) Lift Every Voice and Sing aka The Negro National Anthem (1900)
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Nov 12th 2009, 10:04 PM
"Ugly Truth: Most U.S. Kids Sentenced to Die In Prison Are Black"

See alot of cross-postings in this forum. Thought I'd "cross post" this one from AAIG.

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court heard two cases that could have major implications for the way juvenile offenders are treated in our criminal justice system. Sullivan v. Florida and Graham v. Florida both involve men who are serving life without the possibility of parole for crimes they were convicted of as teenagers -- crimes in which no one was killed.

Joe Sullivan was only 13 years old when he was accused of sexually assaulting a 72-year-old woman in her Pensacola, Fla., home, hours after he and a group of older teenagers robbed her house. Sullivan, who reportedly suffers from mental disabilities, insisted that, while he participated in the robbery, he did not commit the rape. But his co-defendants, 15-year-old Michael Gulley and 17-year-old Nathan McCants, 17 pinned the crime on him. Both were tried as juveniles; Sullivan was tried as an adult.

The two cases before the Supreme Court involve two people who were involved in non-homicide crimes as teenagers and who were both sentenced to life without parole. Both defendants are black.

Op-ed in The Washington Post last month on this: "A sentence too cruel for children"

Here are a couple of great links for information on the injustice of racial discrepancies in prison sentencing in America -

Great quote from this site:
"Most drug offenders are white. Five times as many whites use drugs as blacks. But blacks comprise the great majority of drug offenders sent to prison. The solution to this racial inequality is not to incarcerate more whites, but to reduce the use of prison for low-level drug offenders and to increase the availability of substance abuse treatment."
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Posted by Number23 in African-American Issues Group
Tue Jul 28th 2009, 08:26 PM
Atlanta close to tearing down last housing project

The nation's bulldozer attack on crime and poverty will soon make Atlanta — home of the first public housing development — the first major city to eliminate all of its large housing projects.

Cities from Boston to Los Angeles are following its lead. For more than 15 years, housing officials across the country have been razing the projects where some 1.2 million families live and replacing them with a mix of higher-rent and subsidized apartments and homes.

Money Quote: "Most of the displaced residents have received vouchers to put them in privately owned housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development acknowledges, however, that it doesn't know what happened to thousands of families."

So HUD hears that people in housing projects are "disproportionately affected by crime" and their solution is to get rid of the housing projects without the slightest bit of concern for where these (often poor and black) residents turn up??
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Posted by Number23 in Political Videos
Tue Jul 21st 2009, 11:33 PM

Sanchez on Birther Stupidity. Holds up a copy of Obama's birth certificate and says:

"For a large and vocal number of Americans, this may as well be bathroom tissue."

Why he thinks the number of people even remotely fixated on this issue is "large" I have no idea.
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Posted by Number23 in African-American Issues Group
Sun May 03rd 2009, 05:45 AM
Leah Ward Sears

The daughter of U.S. Army Colonel Thomas E. Sears and Onnye Jean Sears, Justice Sears was born in Heidelberg, Germany, but the family eventually settled in Savannah, Georgia, where Leah attended and graduated from high school.

Chief Justice Sears received her B.S. from Cornell University in 1976, her J.D. from Emory University School of Law in 1980 and an LL.M from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1995. At Cornell, she was a member of the Quill and Dagger society. Chief Justice Sears is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. (From her Wiki page)


"Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, who became the nation’s first African-American woman to preside over a state Supreme Court, says she will leave the court at the end of June 2009.

“I’m interested in exploring another chapter in my life,” Sears, 53, said in a recent interview. “I want to see whatever else is out there.”

Sears will leave the court when her term as chief justice ends on June 30, 2009. Because her term as a justice ends Dec. 31, 2010, her resignation will allow Gov. Sonny Perdue to name her successor and reshape the state’s highest court." From

Souter is retiring in June 2009. Ward Sears is retiring in June 2009. Coincidence? Oh, I think not! That leaves old girl WIDE open for a Supreme Court appointment. She is only 53 years old. Oh, be still my heart!

On one hand, I absolutely shudder to think who Sonny will put in the GA Supreme Court in her place. On the other, having a sister on the Supreme Court would be the sweetest icing on the cake that is the Obama administration. And having a sister representing my hometown of Atlanta would be the sweetest sprinkles on the sweetest icing.
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Posted by Number23 in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Mar 31st 2009, 07:28 PM
It's hard to tell which is growing faster: the strength of the Chinese economy and culture (shown to glorious display during the Beijing Olympics last year) or the fear of that strength coming out of Western countries.

I (currently) live in Australia and this past weekend, the amount of coverage and breathlessness over China and some of its "shadowy citizens" could only be construed as having reached a feverish pitch.

Most of it stems from a story about a businesswoman, Helen Liu, who has both Chinese and Australian citizenship as well as a very close relationship with the Aussie Defense Minister, who has apparently (and in secret) taken trips to China to visit this woman. As a result, his own Defense cabinet spied on him which lead to the revelations that he had secretly visited this woman in China, and which have embarrassed him and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tremendously.

But wait, there's more. Apparently this same woman also has ties to Rudd and former Prime Minister John Howard. Around this time, Australia approved of a Chinese buyout of one of its largest mining companies amidst outcry here in Australia that the Chinese were "taking over Australia." . A similar Chinese bid to take over OzMetals was rejected this month because of "security concerns" but that bid is being reconfigured. I have no doubt that the Chinese will keep working on it until they are able to procure this company.

As all of this was happening, Li Changchun, propaganda chief of the Chinese Communist Party and the fifth-most powerful man in the country was having a (also secret) meeting with Prime Minister Rudd and the chief of the Australian Broadcast Corporation to protest Australia's reporting on Chinese events. Even Voice of America has gotten into the act, with a story about the Australian government denying it's getting "too close to China."

Around the world, the US is alarmed at a $10 billion currency swap between China and Argentina in an attempt to persuade nations to adopt the yuan and drop the dollar in trades with China; the EU is nervous about China's unabashed "superpower ambitions" including "signs that developing countries see the G20 summit as a chance to impose a new world order and end the era of Anglo-European dominance." ; and Fidel Castro is giggling like mad over China's ascension, calling the country a a "bitter drink" to the West.

Western countries, which have been at at top of the pyramid for centuries, appear nervous, anxious and even a bit confused over the growing threat coming out of the East. I can't help but wonder if this was Scandanavia or Iceland, would there be this much "concern," but throughout history every country faced with the threat of being toppled off the top of the totem pole has reacted in a similar fashion.

The Beijing Olympics may have been China's official debutante/coming out party. These folks are NOT playing...
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