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Octafish's Journal
Posted by Octafish in September 11
Mon Jan 22nd 2007, 12:55 AM
At a memorial service for former President Gerald Ford, former President George Herbert Walker Bush asked us to dismiss "conspiracy theorists" and go with the Warren Commission Report as final word on the assassination.

George H.W. Bush’s Eulogy for Gerald R. Ford

The New York Times
Published: January 2, 2007


“After a deluded gunman assassinated President Kennedy (Bush laughed!), our nation turned to Gerald Ford and a select handful of others to make sense of that madness. And the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good.

“A decade later, when scandal forced a vice president from office, President Nixon turned to the minority leader in the House to stabilize his administration because of Jerry Ford’s sterling reputation for integrity within the Congress. To political ally and adversary alike, Jerry Ford’s word was always good.”


No conspiracy, huh? So why, on November 22, 1963, were the Secret Service Agents charged with protecting President Kennedy’s back ordered off the bumper of his car? Unbelievable, but true. Check out Secret Service Agent Henry J. Rybka’s body language, who’s just been ORDERED off the car.

You can see a bit of the movie here, the circle is around the head of Secret Service Agent Emory P. Roberts, who ordered Rybka and another SS agent off the back of President Kennedy's limousine:

For details, please read Vince Palamara and JFK Lancer’s excellent work:

Agents Go On Record:





by Vincent M. Palamara


THE RYBKA TAPE -- An important discovery was made by this correspondent during review of video of the Dallas trip shot by the ABC television affiliate in that city. During the start of the fatal motorcade at Love Field, Secret Service agent Henry J. Rybka begins to jog alongside the presidential limousine. He is immediately called back by his shift leader and commander of the follow-up car detail, Emory P. Roberts.

Rybka's dismay and confusion is made manifest by his unambiguous body language: He throws up his arms several times before, during and after the follow-up car passes him. He was not being allowed to do his job -- and it was not JFK who was ordering the stand-down.

Despite the discovery by this correspondent of three reports to the contrary (two by Roberts) written on November 22, 1963, this newly discovered photographic evidence confirms that frustrated and vocal-in-his-objections Rybka did not enter the follow-up car and was left behind at the airport.


Here’s the entire sequence as part of a larger video on the assassination, taken at Love Field, where the motorcade began (please note the exasperated “What gives?” body language):

There are no Dallas police officers riding motorcycles on either side of the President’s limousine, they’ve been “ordered” to stay behind the President’s car.

Note There are no Secret Service agents riding along the back (see the handles they were supposed to hold?), nor on side of the limousine, offering protection to the President.

Most all of JFK’s Secret Service detail rides in the follow-up car. All except SSA Rybka, who was left at Love Field. BTW: Official reports of the time falsely indicated Rybka hopped aboard the follow-up car.

Which bullet caused seven major wounds in two men?

Why is the bullet hole in the back of JFK’s jacket, when Congressman Gerald Ford and former CIA director Allen Dulles, on behalf of the Warren Commission, wrote the bullet passed through President Kennedy’s neck?

The above represent solid evidence that authorities in the government of the United States lied about the assassination of the Chief Executive of the United States. They lied about the conspiracy of government officials who covered up the facts of the assassination. They also lied and concealed facts about their own roles in the assassination.

When examined as a whole, the facts are that November 22, 1963 represent a coup d’etat.

So far, it’s been pretty damn successful. Consider Vietnam, Iraq and all the other illegal wars and policies in between— 43 years worth of non-stop Cold War, War on Drugs, Waqr on Terror. Etc, etc.

That’s why I write:

The assassination of President Kennedy is NOT Ancient History.
Its reverberations and affects are felt today.
It’s why our nation has been at war almost constantly since that horrible day.
It’s why the Cold War almost busted the bank.
It’s why the nation’s Treasury is empty for social programs like Good Jobs, Public Health, Public Education and Public Welfare.
It’s why the War on Terror will use up whatever money we have.

It’s why the Bushes are allowed into the Oval Office and Albert Gore and John F. Kerry are not.

It’s why the Bushes and their cronies hide their Secret History.

Like their connections to CIA.
Like their connections to Big Oil Middle East Petrodollars.
Like their connections to Wall Street.
Like their connections to the MI-Complex
Like their connections to the Mafia.
Like their connections to Mao.
Like their connections to NAZIs.
Like their connections to Hitler.
Like their connections to Stalin.
Like their connections to the War Party.

That makes them public stooges for the Secret Government.

The nation has not been the same since that awful day in 1963.
It was a better place and a better time: One where everyone was valued and everything was possible, from walking on the moon to peace in our day.

So, that’s why I give a damn.
That’s why I think we all should care.
And that’s why I won’t let go.
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A few important things to know about the assassination of President Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy was proud to be a Liberal Democrat who worked every day he was in office to keep the peace and to make life better for all Americans. As President, Kennedy worked to make ours a stronger nation and this a better world.

Many in the country opposed him for his Liberal perspective on civil rights. Kennedy ordered the integration of more than college campuses, he ordered the FBI and Secret Service to hire African American agents.

Others opposed his Liberal policies towards other nations and regions. Kennedy favored economic development of the Third World, rather than the past approach of siding with a particular nation's strongman or oligarch to more economically steal the natural resources. In Africa, his policies were to help people learn to feed themselves, read to their kids, and take care of the sick and elderly. That policy, Kennedy believed, would make the United States longer and better allies. Most, if not all, of his successors returned to the traditional policy of stealing all that a nation had to offer.

JFK also made enemies with the most frightening elements of the psychology that is the United States. The monied elite that owns the contracts and politicians that put the pork on the table for their sponsors are no strangers to violence. They make their biggest money off of the most horrible thing there is.

So, for his less than three years as President, John F. Kennedy faced the War Party, the military-industrial-governmental complex that did all it could to make the Cold War Hot.

Still, the War Party tried to have war over the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy said, "No.

The War Party tried to have war over the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy said, "No.

The War Party tried to have war in Vietnam and southeast Asia. Then, as well, Kennedy said, "No."

Of course, all along -- even when they pushed for nuclear war with the Soviet Union -- President Kennedy said, "No."

The War Party presented Kennedy with Operation NORTHWOODS, a plan that suggested the US Government kill Americans and make it look like Cuba did it as a pretext for war with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Kennedy said, "No." And he fired the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who submitted it.

Then came November 22, 1963 and Dallas.

After President Kennedy was dead, the War Party made out like Lee Harvey Oswald did it. And the FBI, CIA and Warren Commission (as revealed through Dulles' "Mighty Wurlitzer") left a trail of "fixed" evidence to make it out Oswald was working for Cuba and its master, the Soviet Union.

Yet, that is merely a falsehood perpetuated by the nation's political elite and mass media. For according to the records of the United States Government, Oswald worked for the United States.

Do Good, ah? -- Fight Evil!

Dear DUer and Reader,

Thanks for stopping in to check out this journal. I'd also like to thank DU for making it possible.

The reason it's here is to get people aware of what the Bush Transnational Criminal Enterprise does to destroy the United States of America; how they loot the nation's Treasury; impoverish We the People; cover our planet with war; work to enslave our children; and kill those who oppose them. My journal also is here to try and help prevent the world these pirates, slavemasters and warmongers work night and day to create.

Please feel free to spread the information, opinions, ideas and links. Please let me know if I've made a mistake or if you disagree with me.

Please also chip in to add to the evidence against these treasonous, warmongering, mass murdering, profiteering gangsters I refer to as the Bush Family Evil Empire. That name is a bit of a misnomer as they operate to enforce the will of a global ruling elite. To them, evil "is only business."

- Octafish
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