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PATRICK's Journal
Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Dec 24th 2009, 06:17 AM
the cold reality, the needless aspects of gratuitous reformulating the bill to make it an universal insurance mandate against the people.

The most gratuitous aspect was why the rush to do a bill at all if it was meant to take quick advantage of the Dem majority or the emergency response climate of the financial meltdown? Part of the equation would be the timeliness of all, even on behalf of "beleaguered" healthcare industries facing a surge of high prices and tossing millions more out of health care, giving people something for their bailout of criminal and incompetent fat cats, something when jobs would never recover significantly to prevent a supposed GOP resurgence in the fall of 2010. Why the steadfast doggedness of making everything worse except as another vote losing giveaway to another criminal and incompetent corporate enterprise? You can understand the directly paid Senate employees of Big Pharma, but everyone else?

Way before the dull and miserable unfolding of administration speech and behavior- even when campaign rhetoric(which was not supposed to be on a deception par to bald-faced Bush incoherent garbage) the gratuitous slamming of the base and praise of the unconscionable(correct word) was rife in Obama's public addresses. The basic confused thinking of corporate Dems(some old fashioned and directly corrupt, some dazzled by intelligent but insane rationalizations backed by money and media) is enshrined in these contradictions. The clear bottom line, as evidenced by the SUPPRESSION of Medicare as the future single payer easy answer for many decades, is to make the the government the single payer for all the unrestrained profits of the healthcare industry. The impetus to improve and evolve the first reform has been gutted and fought- by our own party leaders- a leadership that has proven as poor as anything else in the recent horrific past of utter intentional powerlessness under a fraudulent GOP regime.

Another strong interpretation- other than Obama's unfortunately honest and muddled New Democrat leaning is the dominant policy of past administrations. Despite what Americans seem to think about their own myths of the powerful Presidency each successor seems to get into the boat of the predecessor in whatever conditions or false trails left to him and learns the first lesson. Don't rock, keep paddling.
Running against Hillary and trying hardest to get at her power support more than seals what is also inevitable. Bring in the retreads from the last Dem administration, especially since few radicalized GOP crooks can be trusted on the job at all(nonetheless, Gates). Part of the unreality which arguably needs no help from the current party leadership is that the mystery could be explained as a second try-
woefully inadequate to current historical context) by the Clinton people.

Their healthcare reform was also a mandatory insurance bill, but one which had teeth to regulate healthcare costs and fees. This typified the corporate philosophy of making big business an essential but reined in charger to revitalize the economy. After this failed and the majority lost in the Congress, Clinton loosened the reins enough to get things moving without much regard to the personal political mistakes that had been made in not beating the MSM and working Congress. This seems to be a continuation, a Clinton 2 administration. Whatever goodwill or movement that comes from outrage against the bad guys, the eventual realization of the desire for reform by the propagandized and suppressed public opinion has been blithely pissed away to continue the corporate Great Compromise that big business rightly sees as a temporary stage to total feasting on the corpse of humanity.

To them the strategy is brilliant and effective- and in their own way learned from experience it is. They have avoided some of procedural mistakes of the past. Instead of removing the president from the controversy as Bill did by empowering Hillary, they removed the WH entirely and threw it into the recent Vichy laps of the disgraced Congress. The media and GOP assaults, as trite and incredible as ever have simply had time to exhaust themselves against no target. This could have been exhausted and gradually pressed from a struggling Congress into any number of productive reforms. Instead they have continued to let the the other resistance damping strategy continue of not regulating and not confronting the healthcare fat cats write the bill. This also drags your enemies into the process and makes passage more inevitable were it not for the basic decision that corporate business must thrive at all human costs burying even the concept of the future good and the very meaning of reform(even insurance practice reform). The points at which this "Clinton reversed" strategy could have made for at least a beginning have passed silently, except for Congressional progressives whose demonization as the "left" shows the bitter Clinton holdovers and their allies in the WH project the blame for their failure in that direction because they consider their necessary friends to exist only in the realm of big business movers. No matter the reality, the failures, the truth exposed, the public will or the moving of sea and mountains people in power simply do not change easily, if ever at all.

Not only is the health care now a drama whether corporatism succeeds in the twilight of the economy and humanity and whether the "progressive" faction representing reason, the common good and the majority can end this sorry dumbing down of the first Clinton healthcare reform, but the GOP has gratuitously been given the opportunity to pick its advantages at will by casting the blame and the suffering upon the people and their real reps or learn to reap the money from the failed reform they will inevitably vote against- getting a gift both ways if they can manage not to blow this as everything else their greed-soaked insanity touches.

So too all presidential policy- which if run in a Clinton 2 perspective is woefully not correcting its own real mistakes and false perspectives- just physical tactics- and repeating inevitably all the bad results and separation from true leadership of Congress and party and people. The reason I have patience even in the likelihood of lost opportunity and shame with drastic consequences for the little guy(and this time the entire planet) is that how is this not typical of all modern presidents fitting their wheels into the ruts of predecessors and with the exhilaration of empowerment running them right over the cliff piqued only by complaints and warnings shouted from the sidelines. Clinton I did not pursue any accountability over Bush I(still doesn't in the slightest and that is putting it mildly). That extended to not pursuing any changes or purging reforms demanded by simple understanding of Constitution and law. Bush 2 the pretender makes a mockery of any natural sense to this as with all other evils reduced to obvious insanity, but the wheels go on enthusiastically in the ruts he made toward the cliff. So too the humongous and unnecessary wars against pitiful oil wastelands and mythical terror. So too the bad economics of Bush and the rehashing of extremely questionable Clinton I experts replaying old and stupid games beyond the point of tradition, relevancy, experience or whatever human brain can puzzle it out to be.

New presidents first fear not be fit for the job unless they fall into the invisible traces they all laughably fancy themselves as holding. A new hope would have swept in more totally new faces- with all the naivete and inexperience that are an inherent risk as well in a policy wrecked world. With that we got Arne Duncan and others mysteriously imitating the obscene crooks before them in the worst or most mythically deceived traditions of the most disastrous past. In that alone and in past statements before the final merging with Clinton experience I think you can be assured that things are not going to go much different for the next four to eight years. Now the distracted debate, devoid of ALL confrontation from simple policy error and premises will be whether the economy can flourish enough to make Obama as popular in legend as Clinton I while possibly as unreal as Bush 2. As with the invasion of Iraq and its inevitable disasters it seems more a dreary question of who gets away with what unchallenged and whether complete and total disaster can be avoided without anyone pretending to know it.

A great part of this has to do whether the health care legislation is approved or not. A new ballgame for better or worse would be if it were not.

In the grand scheme we are exactly as most of our DU progressives have reasoned. Building a fragile true public representation against the tides of corruption in a party itself tragically compromised by money corruption for the critical tests. Not in control, not at the center of institutional power with certain advantages becoming ever more apparent by the naked and moronic nature of the lies needed to pose self-interested compromise with disaster as respectable.

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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Sep 29th 2009, 06:30 PM
seems to have passed as a reversal of the Clinton fiasco. I think Clinton advisers had a big hand in gaming this to let the public option stew in the political climate and expose the nasties for what and who they are- without cover or a viable scapegoat except the biggest contradictory lies against the life and welfare of EVERY American citizen. It might have been better had we had any of these three things: a fair and robust representation in the government, a fair and professional public news media, and active and vociferous population reaction in the streets on behalf of the big stuff. As for the latter, I really think and no insult to the heroic groups of good citizens attempting to demonstrate the public will as it IS or could be in five fair minutes of truth, I think we have been judged along with the rest as insufficient to the task of pressuring for health care reform.

Time, however, is on the side of a spreading truth not a brushfire lie and the slow still quiet pressure of the majority against highly exposed sellouts- murderers de facto, has doomed a lot of their efforts that have PRECEDED the actual bill and fallen into Obama's bill vacuum instead and indeed lopped off most of the compromises that would have given them salvageable victories for the insurance companies and Big Pharma.

One problem I have- which is an advantage to the health care complex finally bowing to some real reform- is that the same Clinton advisers and Obama mindset prefers leaving the insurance industry fairly intact for some time(hopefully to naturally meet their own demise and wither away to supplemental niches). The second problem is that this move was risky(putting all that hope in the people putting SOME kind of pressure on their misbegotten representatives) and a shameful statement on the current state of America. There is something in this, even if we get what is rational and necessary for our SURVIVAL, to make everyone(including Obama) look deservedly bad- and so far almost everyone has except for the heretofore lonely and stifled, single payer crowd.

In the end, idiot career pols, it is the immense political benefit that will be the Dem legacy if ever the act comes together. Then maybe they may get another big awakening regarding campaign finance, real(not Corporate Pravda) news forums and voting machines. Meanwhile people die and the clock ticks for thee.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Sep 11th 2009, 01:13 PM
Some have tried to compare this to a military strategy situation which it inherently is not. It is inarguable but unstressed that the casualties of for profit health care in lives and maiming occur daily and will mount catastrophically toward the ruin of all, not just the victims.

The planned invasion of Japan was figured to cost hundreds of thousands of our military in casualties alone and casualties meanwhile were ongoing. We had the bomb. After a brief period of angst and hopeless negotiating with a logically doomed Japan we dropped it. Not the war, not the invasion, but the bomb- on civilians- twice with several more lined up inexorably behind them.

The thing is the administration and the party can never see themselves at war with the corporate world. This is Clinton2 writ large, can't we all get along- and do without a radically better world. Not just two sides though, the entire planet is doomed by not taking that bull by the horns- as will be seen well into the massacre of billions guaranteed by the several slow deaths inflicted on mankind by pleasant capitalist myths- the failed scenario of "getting back to normal".

It is not the same and eerily larger than WWII military strategy. By its logic though we would be making continual overtures to Japan as we tossed lives away on both sides, afraid that the implications of dropping the bomb would be too radical to the future of the world and getting back to normal. And, if as one would argue, that negotiations MIGHT have worked who can project the surrender of corporate greed and tyranny over our lives by the present approach of concession upon concession and rejection of even the concept of conflict in the first place???

More Americans will simply die in domestic abnegation of sense and responsibility than were ever threatened by the fortunes of war. The torture the despair and nation destroying injustice- instead of,
red-faced, following the moderate examples of most developed nations will guarantee murder for profit- not "getting back to normal". U.S. Progress on reform is reinventing the wheel with nothing but angles.

In my sleep I could have given the health care speech, the same passion, better simplicity, harsher balance of real victims versus Mammon and not be concerned with dissing the best starting point as "the far left" equating them with the diseased cancerous far right. I could have at least have gone along the model of proposing the initial legislation for Social Security- now in the only dominant position we are ever likely to see again without massive overhaul of politics and parties. If Social Security had been planned according the WH model which is part of the party that thinks the New Deal is ultra passe it would have been DOA, a horror show of private insurers leeching it to ruin, or the fulfillment immediately of all the RW arguments against it for their own purposes.

We could have started with New Deal fervor and "progressed". We could have started with the examples of other countries, whose systems also contain flaws of compromise with profit, etc. Instead we go begging, apologizing, dealing and conceding to the enemies of citizens and democracy- as they murder and lie and steal- as a starting point to get back to "normal". The Pollyanna fantasies of small town Conservatives have some visual reference for wistful hypocrisies. The insanity of the RW incorporated into New Democrats is something horrible and exceedingly complex, beyond words to explain. It sure ain't pragmatism or conservatism. In this, the victims certainly do not count, all lip service and rubber check doles to the contrary. In war civilians rarely are, but this is not war- except for the death toll exacted by human evil. The advantage of the victory of democracy in crisis and failure of life for profits has not even been imagined by Dem leadership. And we knew that well in advance of the election against EVEN WORSE alternatives.

Reason and truth, lives deflected, the madness of the bent American way. People ahve been condemned but charge the beaches, throw money and bodies to the sensible plan.

Also, the frustratioin is that the WH has committed a grave offense in making the "left" a scapegoat for supporting the win/win scenario handed as another bloody gratuitous gift to the GOP. The legislation is ruined or Obama is defeated(the ultimate result of the first possibility in all likelihood). Or another way, the bill is defeated by the GOP and the "left" or a monster that profits the insurance industry and the coffers of blue dogs strengthens all cancers and ruins progress in the party itself into the bargain. Meanwhile, people simply die, go broke, suffer for the profit of a scummy few. Needlessly.
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Posted by PATRICK in Political Videos
Tue Nov 11th 2008, 01:22 AM

Yes, I am making the issue the gaming of the process. It is California which especially made famous the "moral revolt" wedge by getting people to think they could make a direct vote on "no taxes!". Since they they dumped a governor in a recall and put up other such propositions, sometimes liberals who always went up against big money that could blow their propositions easily out of the water or scrap them like the forced electric cars.

In perspective these "movement and morality" propositions don't get anywhere. The long trail of tears for the ERA fizzle was probably the most successful national movement. Political capital rose and sank in that battle while the diabolical clock simply ran out

So what was Proposition 8 crafted for? It was clearly part of the early program to game California toward the GOP by splitting our base and uniting theirs. They had tried to game "electoral reform" with the help of zealous, dumb Dems to divide the state's electoral votes "proportionally" but the illusion collapsed when they couldn't stop cheating to get more than their fair share. They tried to put in more cheat machines but the size of the state was not ideal for hiding the multi-abuses and dangers of the damned things. Etc.

In the debris of victory this should REMIND us, as with the stubborn GOP efforts of the fraud apparatus to salvage seats, that the efforts, though swamped, were there and worked as intended but with little national result at all.

Apparently many here insist on making sure that they continue to work as intended as to encourage more GOP or other abuses in the crafting of election bending propositions in their future revival. Short cuts like having the SCOTUS or a proposition do an end run around a failed legislature may be satisfying or dramatic in the short run, but the democratic sounding ballot proposition problem will persist. Any ballot controversy that sends DU morphing into muddled crankiness ruins this forum from its next possible step into the framing the REAL legislation of OUR new Congress. Are we going to be fault finding spectators lining up for our introverted firing squads or are we now going to take some responsibility engaging in what we fought for?

As with the virulent Hillary/Obama splits this too should probably pass and maybe we are wasting too much time in the sucker breast beating and blame threats in re-enacting a failed play, "Dem Loser" Act II that does not exist this year by an overwhelming mandate.

Victory seems to imply what it is not. People were still fooled, suckered, led by their issue noses into self contradictions and the dangerous sucker swamp. The MSM is STILL doing it to everyone, including us, happily using the one, miserable dirty success(empty of its purpose to help elect McCain) they could pick out of the garbage of their dark dreams.

As for the temporary limited success of these anti-gay propositions, yes, they will go down to defeat in history too, and we can be damn sure there is no picture book perfection of American moral judgment
to highlight it. It is a disgrace like Jim Crow, slavery, jingoism, libertarian anti-government lunacy.

And you know what? Ignore the whimpering pleas for this small victory over the American people and their best ideals from the discredited corporate media, because nationwide the whole ball of evil is melting down- if we do not get distracted or discouraged by GOP phony "successes".

There are discussions that be had on issues and engagements with the sometimes ugly spread of popular opinions. Yet on controversies such as this remember the source and purpose HAS been defeated. This empty shell of shame merely reminds us of our wounded nature, which is one political constant we must never forget.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Nov 06th 2008, 09:21 PM
Far from being(at least overtly) a demon cult of fantastic cleverness and invincible webs, the venal, mundane greed blinded, nasty little GOP suffices in matching up exactly what we see happening consistently. Lord knows what lurks behind the secrecy veils and wall of daring crimes. Thinking the worst of the GOP even if it gives them too much credit is something they have well earned and you won't be far off. But, because of the secrecy and much more because of the complicity of media and weak, weak opposition, we will be off almost in direct correlation to our emotions.

They did cheat. They did try to steal. They did use all methods available. It confirms maybe two simple things. When you fight back, it gets beaten down- even if not stopped by plain exposure. It confirms that WE the people are still much much stronger than than these clowns no matter how many institutions are corrupted or tricked- even if the people are not all there in full awareness of what is going on. Join the club, we aren't either, but apparently most of the nation HAS joined the club. We should not be lulled by those things because they are not incredibly strong as they should be to prevent a slide right back into RW clutches behind some bright shiny face who might be able to string pleasant lies together before proceeding to the pillaging.

Vote suppression. Pushing back against the DOJ had some effect. The FBI did not get dragged into it as much as they need. Acorn became the demon du jour anyway, the same screeds employed as in 2004. New things they tried had already been exposed thanks to alert activists. No surprises on that front. No surprises either on vote flipping, making lines difficult, breaking machines, but it seemed reduced in spite of the planned implementation of MORE e-machines and suppression and will be on a steady but very stubborn decline from here on in.

No foreign policy surprise except for small nasty attacks here and there. Things they had to do because we thought they would dare, they did not. Their bluff was called in front and behind the scenes, the money gods caved. It is an incredible shame such frauds, such thieves and liars got away with so much
when pushing back did them in.

Because we fought back, the fear and the scale(whatever its real form while it swelled)receded or was simply overwhelmed, gutted by undeniable public will at its best- if not wisest.

Because we had Obama. Because Hillary helped Obama form a national campaign structure BEFORE the presidential season when the national campaign "gurus" rush in to ruin things. Because Hillary lured the GOP into thinking THEY could capitalize on the negative. Because McCain and his advisers were terrible and the Roves, being fake, fell into another morass like trying to prop up the worst president

We are back to the simple patterns because the age of the world turned Right-side up has been drowned in failure. Reduced and beaten back and with formidable REAL quality advantages versus REAL undeniable, indefensible failure and crime, we are of a sudden at a new beginning that is no mere campaign slogan,
maybe more true than it was ever in the past.

Between those who were lead to be pessimists(and can't put the brakes on!) and those in denial of the power of fraud lies the experience of how exposed and varied is the cheating the GOP HAD to rely on when all else, even spin was blasted away. it has to go. People were disenfranchised and cheated in numbers too significant to shrug off. "Winning" shouldn't shrug off a dangerous crime that with but a few eventful twists could have left us defeated this fall. We were, by the numbers practically guaranteed Pennsylvania, yet we had to worry about invisible fraud. It must go.

The best way to get at the fraud that attempts to slink away, unchanged, uncharged is to get one big handle on it for immediate action, before the rest of the mess caused by the Coup works to enable a return. The best and simplest, I think, is to get at the root of it all, the way Biden tried to introduce legislation. Campaign finance reform so severe as to sever big money from the scene and enable grass roots representatives of the people a fair route into our government. Maine has been offered as one example. If we do nothing else and all other issues dissolve into an easily delayed stew
that would be the one to get through now- with the first election where people money clout is owed a pricetag.

The next best, before everyone falls to arguing- as in the days when we settled for the imperfect "paper trail" issue- is for comprehensive election protection based on all the wonderful examples of chicanery produced by the GOP. Other issues like the electoral college and run-offs and other fine ideas would be better off flowing naturally from the effects of restored democratic elections.

There was nothing exceptional about the GOP other than their overreaching daring and spite. Our exceptional people are still scrambling uphill against their nasty constant MSM fire. As long as good people, ordinary citizens and truth are exceptional this is obviously NOT the end or even the beginning of change.

Enjoy the elation of another great victory for mankind. Then, let's not ruin the peace with letting the bad guys rebuild. Reforms will force the GOP to field better, more honest candidates such as THEY have been forcing out of their own party recently. It will force Dems to remain progressive amid the temptations of power and their own unfaced imperfections. Taking heads is popular meme here. It won't happen and the opportunity for seizing fundamental change for the future will slip away with it. Concentrating on doing what is right will ironically set the government easily on the confident, unsensational path to grind away at the criminals out of the limelight in a justly businesslike way.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Oct 25th 2008, 06:47 AM
one can sigh, at last! The key is breaking the pattern since the GOP relies more on multiple fraudulent strategies in its campaign than its storied ground campaign and regional cores. The main thing that the GOP relied on to allow this subterfuge to work was a predictably narrow and blind Democratic campaign playing insufficient defense and offense, massively marching into the center of the trap.

True, too much has NOT changed in the willful blindness of central party strategy, but what has is now peaking with the Obama campaign's leadership under his personal greatness as a candidate. Multiple strategies. Why not? The GOP is highly vulnerable for very fundamental reasons obscured only by media fraud and election tampering. Their electoral spread verges on calamity when on the defensive. There are no national vote pluralities to be had in defending their rural, tiny state territories which can be literally invaded by pressure from Democratic big states. The last big sure thing they have is Texas which has a strong dem tradition within it to be feared. Ohio, their former traditional big pivot, has been constantly threatened and can be gamed only by attempted fraud. The reason that McCain was beaten roundly in politics, spin and the debates was the totality of the attack and the realization that he has lost the actual election, thus precipitating the inevitable meltdown of his own narrow, incompetent campaign. The daring of incompetence sustained by tyranny has a history worldwide of swift collapse.

All it takes is nerve, logic, imagination and solid candidates to attack the shoddy shibboleth of GOP hegemony that has long ceased to deliver anything to anyone except the insanely greedy or insanely hating, which it can be argued is mainly a very temporary and reactionary sucker's "good". Getting the party out of its apolitical myth shell is far from over as is delivering the nation from absurd GOP propaganda and exploited sucker divisions. Dean's beginning of the grass roots expansion of the party has to be the key decisive change in party fortunes with the pleasant cost being creating a genuine progressive and populist agenda. A bill that has yet to be paid however and the party is full of entrenched leaders who have been useful idiots, and political disasters, for GOP corporatism for decades.

All winners get praise. Some are appreciated even in the losing effort. Sometimes individual charisma or personal credit drowns out the big movement picture as inertial success sets in and the old guard reforms. There is a range of shapes and directions a natural voter wave can take. The range can from the drastic violence of insurrection to a boiling cauldron of dissatisfaction that is totally contained in the past election system, reportage and patterns. Obama has clearly steered a middle path(has been forced to by the limits of corporate MSM information control and a parade of GOP induced meltdowns) to allow the play of myths and game rules while expanding and running the board, simply getting more money than the faltering GOP, and making the most of the political moments while denying the enemy anything important or easy to exploit.

Being a political armchair quarterback can be woeful when one realizes that one's amateurish, outside lone opinion seems more sensible than supposed professionals. It is dismaying to be right or to offer alternatives to obvious losing campaigns. Now comes a time when someone is really doing the primary job with great skills, proving second guessers wrong and forging real hope greater than the ever denied progressive idealist wish list.

This time it is not a clever stratagem based on quips, spin slants or surgical madison Avenue assaults on a few per cent core shift of this or that. It relies on the potential of all of us, of democracy itself and will vindicate not the campaign managers but the American people upon whom it essentially relies. After the election, the importance of DOING the dream begins.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Oct 03rd 2008, 10:22 PM
I talk to enthusiastic supporters and sometimes very critically minded activists in their community. rare is even the whisper, the hint, even when asked directly of doing any single other than vote or possibly talk to their neighbors. Not a nickel, not a road sign, not an hour on the pavement or phone lines.

Sadly this is likely true here among the most big picture knowledgeable people. The humble volunteers and kids on the streets we do get are certainly not the exceptional, highly activist people one would expect. They are mainly the ones who when touched once by the reality of what is going on feel they must DO something and are startled to find themselves so exceptional doing ordinary campaign work in a veritable ocean of practical indifference walled by every stripe of stubborn negativity and avoidance, some false, some bitterly rational.

When it is not normal to perform a simple act of honestly insufficient service as a public duty necessary for all our society and its values, the few become exceptional heroes and the simple acts acts of exceptional heroism. What ALL these heroes want is not to be exceptional, but the norm and to have the real support of people standing side by side that will build the grass roots and the foundations of America for real. The words are great. The ideas and the current monopoly justice lovers have regarding truth in America are important. The small rituals of demonstrations and ground politics seem appallingly less lofty but are absolutely necessary to validate the treasures and commitments we share and profess so easily among ourselves. Without that we have put no faith in ourselves, no feet to the ground we profess to know and value.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Thu Oct 02nd 2008, 11:33 PM
with the sole bravura cover needed to gloss over it. SHE could have played Biden on the emotional issues early on and instead let him lead or rebut(on children in Iraq) and get the last word on issues that never ever fail to make him very emotional. She could have studied facts a lot more, but apparently her lack of awareness of anything prior to the nomination is worse than picking someone who lived at the North Pole with the penguins the past forty years.

So they did what McCain did in the last hour of his debate(though he obviously never recovered from the bailout meeting Thursday night). She got into the zone, pumping in a vaster chunk of TP's and campaign zingers than any candidate given that much time ever needed to do. It was more like the rushed presentation to the public by a primary candidate skipping the moderator questions as a time consuming nuisance. In her case, obviously, it was exuberant avoidance.

She makes the entire ticket look bad for two reasons that strangely are not her fault. First, the GOP has no substance on ANY issue they can present to the public without bold lies and distractions. Second, she was younger and snappier and yet more amateurish in her act that provided an appalling counterpoint on many levels to McCain's poor performance. Getting Ach ptooey! minijab's name right and blundering on "McClellan" shows that on any given day these sorry GOP candidates can screw the facts or make each other look bad. The age, the coherence or lack thereof, the falsity, the air punches flailing under the GOP Bush baggage together with the age factor and the certainty that the least qualified of the two losers will eventually be president too make for quite the hangover.

So she went for the twenty percenter base they need not to be a national joke(while she made rational concessions to gay rights) and performed and bluffed and ran the clock by filling it with body language and empty rhetoric where McCain slowed down the pace and staggered through a self made myth.

This leaves me with the absolute conviction, because of the absolute decision to survive the debates only, that they need fantastic horrors and risk to unsettle the situation now. The craven fear that they must feel about this risky necessity weighs more upon them than the fears we harbor for America and its people, the victims of their desperation. Decisions are being made on all GOP levels as to how far they will go and who they can protect on all levels. The meltdown is not on November 4th. It has already begun. Yet, how insanely far will they go not to go gently into the democratic night?
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Wed Sep 24th 2008, 07:52 PM
is loss of control, coming out badly for the manipulators. There must be an unreal approach to a loser campaign like this. The catch is that the risks are all well planned but the responses and the ability of the McCain team to capitalize are not.

The very next step, rather than escalating more risks, must naturally be for these despicable people to look to saving their own skins, making private deals. This is good because it may spiral down the lies and vote fraud and bring justice if not clarity to the landslide outcome approaching.

Still, panic moves and inertial drive of these people will persist in either the madness of arrogantly trying to power ahead or seeking ways out. This is dangerous for all, the cornered beast, the chaos. There have been losing campaigns before but this has spectacular, frightening potential which the media and others are breaking apart off script under the pressure and faltering of control.

Those who believe in the evil masterminds would rightly see this as another shock replacement to a losing campaign, which would lead to the WH supporting the move(apparently it isn't because painfully conflicted in its last dictatorial gasps) to canceling the Palin/Biden debates for the same reason, to using the next great shock to cancel/postpone/martial law the election or some other heretofore tinfoil extreme. They just blew the moves in Pakistan, the assassination of Chavez, the bailout panic, the primping of Palin, the marshalling of the MSM among many, many others- all made with their pants down and bungling.

I would rather have the election degenerate into a fatal circus for the GOP than have the fraud that the GOP is offering a fair choice(gag) persist to an undeservedly close election ritual wrecking the real mandate for change(rarely clarified in its brutal, alarming reality and necessity). They deserve it and so does the fake system and I hope progressive reform can capitalize on it to build a new America(as my stunning determined and progressive NY-29 candidate Eric Massa rolled out as a stunning hope in the midst of certain upheavals facing us in the next several years).

The election could have been falsely close and people could have been wooed instead of intimidated and enraged. The WH never ever chose otherwise. McCain simply can't stray from that closely guarded herd of cronies. The HOPE of not getting a terror hit or something as bad in the next month increases as the lie unravels with each reversal. Now a risk is just a risk and they are just cowards.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Sep 06th 2008, 01:47 PM
about change all the time!

About changing the subject, that is.

Changing his positions.

Changing the facts.

Changing his campaign schedule.

Changing the rational choices for VP.

When McCain is on, America, change the channel.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Sep 01st 2008, 02:34 PM
Batsh*t Crazy. Well, they never say die(unless it means someone else does the dying) so I will endeavor to persevere giving a nefarious Dark Empire scenario to this otherworldly rationale.

I was somewhat too mild and logical in my constant presentation of Romney as a stalking horse for Jeb once a President McCain tragically dies in office. Not enough votes for the election, stupid! They gave up votes for theater and the big throw of the loaded dice to cement the loony base and smother the legitimate election in shock and distraction.

The goal? Here it comes, my tinfoil, discredited judgment predicts:

McCain dies in office. Palin is so vulnerable to DC moves she will be a forever puppet, but just as likely:

She will be set up to be removed from office under that little amendment that provides for someone with the dangerous incompetence and mental mania that would have America sighing in relief that:

VP Jeb Bush reluctantly(thrice offered the crown, thrice refused) assumes the "temporary" role of POTUS. probably appointing some equally BC Veep to placate the Religious Right and protect his rear.

Someone likely sold McCain the idea that Palin would be his own life insurance policy and direct line to the loony base. His demeanor ever since could be betraying a weary, instinctive appointer's remorse.

Nothing too BC for the Regime.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Aug 30th 2008, 04:48 PM
I think it finally reveals the overall Rove strategy for this year. If Romney, this would have signaled strong confidence. If Pawlenty, it would have signaled a move to check Dem strength. Palin is a shock and awe tactic of desperation. From here on though the picture is at least clearer- in a way.

They whip up their core base. They must keep the shocks and aftershocks coming all the way to November. I don't think they can afford to wait until the Palin effect fizzles. That means every day is a crisis for them, starting with the Convention- and I am sure Rove intends to distract us by returning the favor. The bloody Georgia gambit installing a brief phony Cold War is a five alarm warning of what we may face OUTSIDE the campaign duel itself.

The model is the Hillary campaign which endured Obama in various ways until the end. The GOP has a way to make that work very well for them, but McSame is NO Hillary Clinton. A base unmatched for idiocy surely, but no personal strengths to make it work over the mistakes of terrible advisers and surrogates. Also, Obama HAS made a breakout with his speech and will threaten to do so again in the debates.

It is clearer therefore, assessing Hillary type strategy compared to McCain, that Obama will still win(assuredly in REAL count, not out of the doubtful cheating region until this plays out). The parade of shocks and news control leaves the initiative with the GOP- albeit in a risky fashion as the MSM is shaken up by Obama, and hopefully, reality. The cheating is NOT being dealt with aggressively enough and as we speak registration dumping and roll purges are costing us as much in remaining passively defensive as anything else. As far as issues or debate, the McCain campaign is in full castling mode in Lala Cloudland, refusing the battlefield of Obama's dominance and choice.

As things stand today, forget the polls. McCain the shaky, unsubstantial imitator of Hillary Clinton, Rove the entitled, protected and criminally ruthless superior to Mark Penn. You might win by just letting that play out, but it is monstrously scary. In 2006, the shocks of the GOP imploding on sex charges gave us the victory over GOP impunity. A lot of that was no doing of the Dems at all. This time we must take more initiative and that does not mean Obama's performance alone.
Biden needs to get himself out and double teaming the shadow GOP faux ticket. The party itself must fight back in what it does by the book and thwarting the GOP initiatives(save votes, save lives!) until it is exposed or stumbles critically by its sheer need to take absurd, criminal and destructive risks.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Aug 23rd 2008, 06:15 AM
spelled out Biden in his most recent interview where he exposed his specific criteria of choice. The media was too unnerved or stupid or unable to find the weasel they wanted to be either rational or coy about "guessing". The reasoning for some of the guesses was far inferior to posts here.

I never signed up for the courtesy phone call which under the circumstances grew in significance with the media's inability to do its job and too much expectation about the timeline. It wasn't going to work once the pieces began to move. WE were even tracking planes to crack the privilege, I might remind some here.

What is utterly disgusting is the sudden and suspicious early morning appearance of Biden trashers with no excuses for their usual one two gut punching of issue and "he represents the corporate etc. etc." which we are all familiar with BTW. ANY candidate seems to have people assigned to never let an inappropriate moment go by without saying that person is the end of everything. Or else the negative nannies in waiting are simply as grumpy as anyone for having to stay up all night to do their hit.

I would seriously ask the moderators to begin warnings and bans for these dedicated hitmen and any others plainly disappointed it was not their assigned candidate to trash. We don't need to see THEM the first thing in the morning. I am sure their posts will reveal whether this ugly attack(never mind the content has a lining of reason) is based on a typical pique or disappointment about their candidate. There is not a single choice Obama could have made that would not be subject to deep criticism with rational justification(which the GOP will likely give a pass in this instance for the inane and untruthful).

So he chose the talent America absolutely needs instead of the political ploy or symbol to score doubtful poll points or placate unnecessarily the querulous left. He did not even choose Biden, in the end, because of the experience meme itself, although the MSM will paint that debate season sound bite in blood over the GOP tar. There was a job to do that needed contemporary involvement more valuable even than a safe Senate seat, which Biden publicly argued against his choice. The decision shows Obama's strength of leadership and purpose overall.

I have had a long time going sour over Biden through basic misunderstandings. Some criticism sticks true- as against anyone including Obama itself, which renders the bitter "shock" of "THAT'S IT" groaners damned silly. I would give the Biden supporters their day- or maybe everyday to November rather than have to see another anchor dragging along the mud bottom vying to be the next PUMA 5th column for Rove.
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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Jun 27th 2008, 09:06 AM
at this point is in the process of a hard fought sweeping Democratic party victory. The party will be more reformed and progressively aligned thanks in large part to Dean's 50 state strategy and Obama's campaign choices. From this point we have to lobby and think hard both how to increase this victory(while supporting critiques and challenges against retrograde Dems and DINO's who will wallow in any victory like a personal affirmation of Third Way divine right coronation.

Then the next step is getting behind key agenda points for the future before the present(Iraq, Bush disasters) bogs down Foggy Bottom. The single best result that made for the best progress is opening up the voting system to the people by campaign finance reform, election reform and media fairness rules to put wheels on the car. During that time there also has to be a definition of "bi-partisanship". The GOP is firmly entrenched in the utility of such a concept as "bi-partisanship" is for suckers, fully revealed when in power and somewhat hidden by career fear in a wilted minority. For comfortable Dems "bi-partisanship is for cover" could be their motto. Putting that fabled coalition of DINOs and RINOs as a power broker is now reduced to a sick joke. It will be more than enough for the presidency to deal legally and in proper Constitutional fashion with Congress. Jockeying for power in this restored process will be a battle which can probably run through a simple computer model for the two or three ways it can turn out. Obama is likely signaling which way that will most likely be.

Now I have read arendt's impassioned post about "Clinton II", which is a rant about these things from an "I told you so" sort of perspective. It is an idea and a feeling about where we are as much as the above post. You have to stop and argue about the road map somewhat, but sometime you just have to get going, watch for course corrections, suffer bickering and mistakes and wonder why you should elatedly act smart if you actually get there.

Keeping this as a step program to install(re-install?) populist, progressive, lawful and democratic civil society(before enjoying the CAPABILITY of dealing with horrendous crises and problems in the best manner) might keep us all supporting one another and off the bottle. And our elected Dems off the bottle too, though one can only hope the relative behavior of leaders vis a vis the people improves drastically. Some of us elated about particular candidates were elated about process and saw the feet of clay and the predictable shortcomings, even of the 2006 Congress.

The Internet is a mind with feelings as long as it is free and vibrant. It is also a tool and as a tool to help the survival of the whole let's for the moment focus on the task at hand, do the task, demand the favors from those benefiting as is the political way and remove the influence of the most inappropriate competitor(corporate money) which has made process a war for democracy's own survival.

We have made things clear about FISA and any less a response would have been a sign of stupidity or loss of heart and a blind retreat to the Clintonian past(where progress toward light on several fronts finally began to be made). Yet as far as moving forward there is much that must be achieved and much more that is worthwhile achieving by not walking away from or reducing the mandate of the Democratic Party- and like Al Baradei, in disgust leaving all power in the hands of those most responsible for the FISA bills. Running primary candidate challenges, getting vocal etc. should always be a part of getting more active. Bees don't buzz angrily and fly away. They sting. Our sting is in delivering people influence toward electing better representatives while setting the price as simple, popular reforms to gain MORE of a beach head for better government and on and on.

I will not so much be interested how popular or pure Obama will be as president as how much progress is actually made to making the current situation better- until multi-millionaires virtually disappear from office and transparency and accountability purify both elections and representation. Then all the armchair idealists will have to put up because for sure the other side will not stop trying to get their way and get us back to the losing ways of suckers, who come in many varieties and IQ's from Nader to the activist sitting on their hands while projected deaths from our failures mounts like a revolving credit bill.

Emotionally, those who need to swell satisfaction with Obama have a strong, justified political point just as critics who see the greater picture beyond persons tear their hair out. As part of mandate, elections and legislative momentum we need the honest emotion and for the right direction we need the angry criticism. We also need to step back from this and get our ACT together and simply speaking that means activism directed toward focused ends.

We are VERY well off, often by a very narrow chance, compared to where we could be. The hardcore of rotten public leadership and general (self)deception still marches on and is more likely to die hard and dwindle than achieve any emotionally satisfying quick revolution even if it appears that way to the premature elation of all. FDR would not be good enough of a copy for our times. No one can. What we have is new, potentially surprising and very good. The people lunge en masse behind this. Egos like Nader snipe at an invincible wave. The institutions which the party is NOT fighting in direct fashion as to change the inherent dangers are losing a lot even as they irritatingly survive.

We need to get the party behind the reforms to get the process away from following the corporate leader. That first step is not going to stop for quite some time. Maybe we won't even know the turning point as we steam on past it trying to deal with crises along the way. Stopping, dying, is the only way we the people can satisfy the RW lust for power now and they would be glad to help us do either.

Still ugly, still in trouble, but on the mend with a strict regime of diet from personalized divisions,
exercise in democratic action and get lots of sunshine and rest.

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Posted by PATRICK in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Jun 23rd 2008, 09:01 AM
against impeachment? Stunned disbelief, a quick retort using simple logic, simpler justice, even simpler priorities of what can be done once the blockheads are removed from derailing endless fruitless and tainted legislation.

But what are they really revealing? Since FDR, legislative Dems have been in and out of power. When in power they flew, pontificate and dish out things fearlessly and calmly- even arrogantly. Yet when there is opposition, the hard rubber surface of the legislators kicks in, perhaps a laid down as the universal pavement for an uneasy large coalition that nervously purports to actually represent the masses and its particular activist groupings. When that rubber surface slicks up against their GOP counterparts it squeaks and slides along the right wing side. When it meets a GOP president with an agenda counter to everything Dem it bounces off with a loud boing. Overall that is, though it seems the brave voices throw off entertaining sparks from time to time.

When out of power and facing a monstrous fraud of an extremist RW lawbreaker it meets someone who has decided to play paddle ball with the Dems.

Each swing of the paddle that we consider confrontation or a test is simply a toss out of the rubber band bound Congress and a shocking smack that sends them farther out. They are glad to be attached, fearful the band will break, rattled at each contact, but acting according to their nature. Their constituents in their own curious humiliation do not understand what they are seeing and do not know why it constantly repeats and react in kind as observers each and every time.

We know now that the GOP, in marked straight line obeisance, never bounces, just plops thuds and goes sticks to their seats. Not exciting, not shocking, hardly eliciting even observation except for the noise they sometimes make to get attention. Sometimes they even try to imitate Dems, without the boing or bounce or arcing swing away from their POTUS. In the case of a Dem POTUS however they love the game of bouncing their rock-like heads off the hard central rubber ball that is the modern Dem president.

I use the analogy because we are missing the general nature of the obsessive legislation to nowhere Dems in isolating each instance of dismal contact with a corrupt obstruction in the government that should not be gamed or cooperated with but smacked. What we mistake as rubber spine instead is a general overall resilience that has an absurd effect when brought into direct conflict, inappropriate to the game at hand. Write great laws and do what you will. Slide and squeak off obstructions, bounce into opportune openings, rebound dramatically off the presidential obstacle. The rubber is corporate manufactured of late, the game old and the rubber band getting worn. This is good to keep in mind when the desire for change is overlaid over this same old surfacing. It won't be that easy, just putting them into power, aiming it like a wrecking ball only to see it amazingly bounce off the Bush entrenchments.

Our nature as believing fans is to not notice this. Their rubberized nature is not to know at all what they are doing. There are many embarrassing, unfaceable realities that barely can get discussion. Things people don't want to believe, facts that are too humiliating, behaviors rendered bizarre by the simple act of exploiting habit and ritual. Nor are Dems alone. The MSM, the entire military, the economic overlords made to drink the dregs of insanity and crime to get their money desires. Bouncing isn't so bad. No one is doing much except enabling hard surfaces of manipulation and deceit, avoiding peripheral things like law, reason, reality and the threat of ultimate, predictable disasters.

A playfully repetitious interplay isn't as bad as being in direct thrall to the petty tyrant. It is just awesomely sillier in a time of momentous crisis, hard to appreciate it even from a wider perspective.
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