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RamboLiberal's Journal
Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion
Tue Apr 26th 2011, 05:14 PM
MSNBC continues as the #2 cable news channel in primetime (8-11pm Mon-Sun), with slight year-over-year growth: +1% in Total Viewers and +9% in A25-54 viewers. The network is up double digits in total day viewing (Mon-Sun): +10% in total viewers and +14% in younger viewers.

In primetime, MSNBC topped CNN by +48% in Total Viewers and +36% in A25-54 viewers. “The Rachel Maddow Show” has now beaten CNN’s 9pm show 15 consecutive months. Maddow is down -3% in total viewers and up +13% in younger viewers.

“The Ed Show” at 10pm is up +25% over a “Countdown” reair which ran at 8pm last April. In April, “Ed” topped CNN’s Anderson Cooper in both total viewers and A25-54 viewers.

“The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” is a soft spot in primetime, down -12% in total viewers and down -5% in demo viewers compared to “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” which ran at 8pmET last April.

Fox News continues its dominance in the cable news universe. The network’s biggest show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” at 8pm has been #1 for 125 months (since December 2000). In both Primetime and Total Day, Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC combined in total viewers. The network was down slightly year-over-year in primetime (8-11pm Mon-Sun): -3% in total viewers and -11% in A25-54 viewers.

“The FOX Report with Shepard Smith” has been #1 for 115 months at 7pm (since October 2001). “The Glenn Beck Program” which will sign off later this year was down -12% in Total Viewers and down -25% in younger viewers, year-over-year. Interestingly, the show which leads out of Beck, “Special Report with Bret Baier” is up, +3% in both Total Viewers and younger viewers year-over year. Baier’s was the #3 show in cable news, after O’Reilly and Hannity, in Total Viewers.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in Editorials & Other Articles
Mon Dec 13th 2010, 05:50 PM
That short prayer came to me as I watched the fourth episode of her faux-reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which had our half-term governor and former vice presidential candidate blasting away at a hapless and seemingly not very bright cow caribou somewhere in the Frozen North.

Palin, a likely presidential contender in 2012, was joined in the hunt by her 72-year-old father and a family friend. She had all the looks of somebody who has not spent much time in the woods or put in time behind guns, especially those she was using in the hunt.

Instead of coming off as a mama grizzly, she appeared tentative, uncomfortable, unprepared. She looked like what she was -- TV talent. It made me remember a song that author and journalist Harry Hurt III penned at the Pipeline Club in Valdez as we unwound every day while covering the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Most of the doggerel -- I cannot recall the tune -- is a blur of Jack Daniel's and fatigue, but its title has stuck with me, "She's an indoor girl in an outdoor world."


But the story is in the story. All but Dowd seemed to miss the boatload of delicious allegory about Palin's life and politics wrapped up in the episode. It was Palin on the hunt; on the hunt always. First, it was small-town politicos in Wasilla who befriended her, then GOP Chief Randy Ruedrich, then Frank Murkowski, who appointed her to a cushy job, and finally, a shot at Barack Obama. Older white men carrying her guns, loading them and handing them to her, advising her, telling her when to shoot, showing her how to do the job. Letting them do the work. Out of her element. Indoor girl in an outdoor world. Missed shot after missed shot after missed shot. Blaming someone or something else when it all goes south. Killing a scrawny little caribou to sell the image. Jumping the ship of state after only two disinterested, unengaged years, going for something bigger. Out of her element. Peddling the lie. The mama grizzly. Sarah the Sniper.

Read more:

On edit here's Sarah shooting a bear!
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Aug 16th 2010, 12:49 PM
To a school project that you choose from website I did last week & got my donate code today via email which I used to donate $5 to a local PA school.

Sign up at this site:

For a nation that proudly declared it would leave no child behind, America continues to do so at alarming rates. Despite increased spending and politicians’ promises, our buckling public-education system, once the best in the world, routinely forsakes the education of millions of children.

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education “statistics” have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, whose stories make up the engrossing foundation of WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. As he follows a handful of promising kids through a system that inhibits, rather than encourages, academic growth, Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying “drop-out factories” and “academic sinkholes,” methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems.

However, embracing the belief that good teachers make good schools, and ultimately questioning the role of unions in maintaining the status quo, Guggenheim offers hope by exploring innovative approaches taken by education reformers and charter schools that have—in reshaping the culture—refused to leave their students behind.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in Latest Breaking News
Fri Jun 12th 2009, 11:57 PM

Other developments, which seem to focus on the bodies and rely on anonymous official sources:

The first 16 bodies analyzed had their clothes torn off, and did not have burn marks. (Buenos Aires Herald)

Most of the bodies had minimal clothing, no signs of burns, multiple fractures and no water in their lungs, according to a newspaper report. (Bloomberg)

A senior Brazilian official says there is little chance of finding all the victims. (Boston Globe/AP)

The following photo shows one of the biggest pieces of the wreckage found of which there is a media photograph:

Read more:

Error messages from flight:

The messages begin with a routine one, a problem in one of the lavatories. But an hour and 47 minutes later, another message indicates that the autopilot has switched itself off, an event that can be caused by a variety of problems.

Soon after, the plane reports it has lost a computer protection that overrides any commands from the cockpit that would threaten the flight’s stability. The Airbus has a computer that accepts commands to change various settings and transmits them to the rudder, flaps, ailerons and other parts, but only if such commands do not threaten stability. For example, the computer would not let the pilot pitch the nose so high that airflow over the wings would be disrupted and lift would be lost.

But the computer switched to a mode in which the protections either disappeared or could be overridden. Experts said that could happen if turbulence was so severe that the plane was thrown into an unusual attitude, but it might also be caused by the breakdown in the speed-sensing system.


Another message indicates a problem with the rudder travel limiter, a system that prevents the pilot from turning the rudder too hard when the plane is flying fast.

The functioning of the rudder travel limiter was an issue in a previous Airbus crash, an A300 in New York in November 2001, but in this case the message might simply indicate that the computers, confused about the speed at which the plane was flying, decided to lock the rudder into the narrow range of motion allowed at high speed.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in Latest Breaking News
Tue Sep 16th 2008, 05:53 PM
Source: Times Online

The pastor whose prayer Sarah Palin says helped her to become governor of Alaska founded his ministry with a witchhunt against a Kenyan woman who he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells.

At a speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God on June 8 this year, Mrs Palin described how Thomas Muthee had laid his hands on her when he visited the church as a guest preacher in late 2005, prior to her successful gubernatorial bid.

In video footage of the speech, she is seen saying: “As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me, and you know how he speaks and he’s so bold. And he was praying “Lord make a way, Lord make a way.”

“And I’m thinking, this guy’s really bold, he doesn’t even know what I’m going to do, he doesn’t know what my plans are. And he’s praying not “oh Lord if it be your will may she become governor,” no, he just prayed for it. He said “Lord make a way and let her do this next step. And that’s exactly what happened.”

She then adds: “So, again, very very powerful, coming from this church,” before the presiding pastor comments on the “prophetic power” of the event.

Read more:

And they mocked Rev. Wright! Palin is the one who attends a whacky church! Check out the video - want to solve cocaine problem - pray!

Pastor Thomas Muthee
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Posted by RamboLiberal in Latest Breaking News
Thu Sep 11th 2008, 10:57 PM
It was the idiots at the top who kept line agents from investigating possible terrorists at the flight schools. Sure there will be abuses but I trust the line agents more than I trust the idiots at the top who hinder investigations. But certainly I don't trust the present administration granting this power. I want to see latitude given to line agents but still the edict to obey the constitution under an Obama administration. Some of the relaxation I don't like - I'd like them to be very careful in what type of groups they allow them to infiltrate. Too much abuse occurs now and certainly occured in the 60's.

Colleen Rowley:

Dear Director Mueller:

I feel at this point that I have to put my concerns in writing concerning the important topic of the FBI's response to evidence of terrorist activity in the United States prior to September 11th. The issues are fundamentally ones of INTEGRITY and go to the heart of the FBI's law enforcement mission and mandate. Moreover, at this critical juncture in fashioning future policy to promote the most effective handling of ongoing and future threats to United States citizens' security, it is of absolute importance that an unbiased, completely accurate picture emerge of the FBI's current investigative and management strengths and failures.

To get to the point, I have deep concerns that a delicate and subtle shading/skewing of facts by you and others at the highest levels of FBI management has occurred and is occurring. The term "cover up" would be too strong a characterization which is why I am attempting to carefully (and perhaps over laboriously) choose my words here. I base my concerns on my relatively small, peripheral but unique role in the Moussaoui investigation in the Minneapolis Division prior to, during and after September 11th and my analysis of the comments I have heard both inside the FBI (originating, I believe, from you and other high levels of management) as well as your Congressional testimony and public comments.

I feel that certain facts, including the following, have, up to now, been omitted, downplayed, glossed over and/or mis-characterized in an effort to avoid or minimize personal and/or institutional embarrassment on the part of the FBI and/or perhaps even for improper political reasons:

1) The Minneapolis agents who responded to the call about Moussaoui's flight training identified him as a terrorist threat from a very early point. The decision to take him into custody on August 15, 2001, on the INS "overstay" charge was a deliberate one to counter that threat and was based on the agents' reasonable suspicions. While it can be said that Moussaoui's overstay status was fortuitous, because it allowed for him to be taken into immediate custody and prevented him receiving any more flight training, it was certainly not something the INS coincidentally undertook of their own volition. I base this on the conversation I had when the agents called me at home late on the evening Moussaoui was taken into custody to confer and ask for legal advice about their next course of action. The INS agent was assigned to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and was therefore working in tandem with FBI agents.

2) As the Minneapolis agents' reasonable suspicions quickly ripened into probable cause, which, at the latest, occurred within days of Moussaoui's arrest when the French Intelligence Service confirmed his affiliations with radical fundamentalist Islamic groups and activities connected to Osama Bin Laden, they became desperate to search the computer lap top that had been taken from Moussaoui as well as conduct a more thorough search of his personal effects. The agents in particular believed that Moussaoui signaled he had something to hide in the way he refused to allow them to search his computer.

Agent Williams Phoenix:

What is the Phoenix Memo?
On July 10, 2001, an FBI agent in Phoenix sent a memorandum to FBI headquarters in New York listing evidence that Osama bin Laden was helping his operatives in the U.S. attend flight training schools. That memo, now known as the "Phoenix Memo" was ignored, according to congressional investigators.

Who's investigating the Phoenix Memo?
The House and Senate Joint Select Committee On Intelligence, chaired by Sen. Bob Graham (D-Florida), has been holding public and private hearings to investigate events surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States. The committee is trying to discover what information federal intelligence, law enforcement and military officials had prior to the attacks and what was done -- or not done -- with that information.

What did the Phoenix Memo say?
In her testimony, Eleanor Hill, staff director of the joint inquiry, stated that FBI Agent Williams, whose testimony was not made public wrote in his memo that "there were an 'inordinate number of individuals of investigative interest' attending this type of training in Arizona and speculated that this was part of an effort to establish a cadre of individuals in civil aviation, who would be in a position to conduct terrorist activity in the future."

However, stated Hill, the memo failed to "raise any alarms" and that FBI officials, finding the information "speculative and not particularly significant," decided not to follow up on it.

John O' Neill: Remember they made it so miserable for him he retired and took over security at the WTC in Sept 2001

In death, John O'Neill has become something bigger than he was in life -- a human embodiment of unheeded warnings. Here was a man who had studied and understood bin Laden, the cycles of his attacks, the escalation of the deaths, but whose arguments weren't followed up by government action. This had much to do with bureaucratic inertia, but it also, undoubtedly, had something to do with O'Neill -- his aggressiveness, his charisma, the fact that he didn't fit the mold of the standard-issue FBI agent.

For him, the real job started after five; his friends were his contacts, his contacts his friends. He was the only agent who could be found smoking Dominican cigars with De Niro on Tommy Mottola's yacht one night and introducing Scotland Yard spooks to the China Club's VIP level the next. He'd invariably be dressed in dark-blue pin-striped Burberry suits with white shirts and ties, his jet-black hair slicked back, his feet in size 91/2 Bruno Magli shoes, his ear to his cell phone, his hands fiddling with a BlackBerry with intelligence contacts organized by country -- Saudi Arabia, Yemen, England, Spain, France -- many of whom he'd escort to Elaine's when they came to town.

Those friends brought him intelligence that no one else in the Bureau could nail down. "You could see that come home to roost in the investigations," says U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White, whose summary arguments in the embassy-bombings case against bin Laden and others are packed with evidence that O'Neill unearthed. "John went at it comprehensively, yielding things from people in London or people in Yemen we never otherwise would have gotten."

His expertise on bin Laden was unquestioned. He took that expertise personally, and had no trouble correcting anyone, above or below him. "He was the paramount, most knowledgeable agent we had in the FBI, probably in the government, with respect to counterintelligence matters," says Louis Freeh.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Dec 19th 2007, 11:55 PM
MSNBC is getting ahead of the holiday madness by releasing its 2007 ratings story early. With two weeks to go, the network's Monday-Friday prime time lineup (8pm-11pmET) is the "fastest growing" of all channels that have 60M+ subscribers. (The details are in the press release after the jump.)

Additionally, MSNBC is touting a Keith Olbermann win over CNN for the 8pmET time period in both total viewers and the A25-54 demo. MSNBC is up 55% in total viewers (743,000 vs. 479,000) and up 39% in A25-54 (260,000 vs. 187,000) at 8pm. CNN is down 2% (642,000 vs. 656,000) and up 9% in A25-54 (209,000 vs. 192,000) at 8pmET (Live+SD). /


NEW YORK-December 19, 2007-MSNBC is the only channel to show significant growth in 2007, while the other cable news networks have spent the year treading water according to Nielsen Media Research data. For the year, MSNBC's primetime lineup (8-11 p.m. ET, M-F) is the fastest growing of any top-50 cable channel (all channels with 60 million-plus subscribers). During this time period, MSNBC's viewership has increased by 38% over 2006 (552,000 vs. 401,000). CNN and Fox News are basically flat: CNN is up just 2%, ranking 28th in growth (864,000 vs. 847,000), while Fox is up 3% (1,725,000 vs. 1,670,000), ranking 25th in growth.

With two weeks to go in 2007, MSNBC is posting its greatest share of the cable news audience in the target 25-54 demographic (20%) since 2001. The channel is up 18% in P2+ over 2006 for total day (310,000 vs. 263,000) and 16% in A25-54 (129,000 vs. 111,000). CNN limps to the finish line, up just 2% in P2+ (485,000 vs. 477,000) and 3% in A25-54 (170,000 vs. 165,000). Fox News Channel's growth has stalled this year, ending the year with no growth in total viewers (823,000 vs. 824,000) and down 2% in A25-54 (241,000 vs. 246,000). (All data is Live + Same Day, year-to-date through December 16)

In primetime (8-11 p.m. ET, M-S), MSNBC is up a very strong 32% in total viewers (508,000 vs. 385,000) and 27% in A25-54 (202,000 vs. 159,000). CNN finishes the year up just 2% in P2+ (771,000 vs. 753,000) and up 9% in A25-54 (245,000 vs. 225,000). Fox News is up 4% in P2+ (1,475,000 vs. 1,412,000) and up 2% in A25-54 (354,000 vs. 347,000).

"Countdown with Keith Olbermann" continues to grow at an amazing rate in 2007, beating CNN for the year in both total viewers and the 25-54 demographic. At 8 p.m. ET, MSNBC is up 55% in total viewers (743,000 vs. 479,000) and 39% in A25-54 (260,000 vs. 187,000). CNN ends the year with 100,000 fewer total viewers in the time period than MSNBC, down 2% (642,000 vs. 656,000) and up 9% in A25-54 (209,000 vs. 192,000). Fox News is up 7% for the year in P2+ (2,263,000 vs. 2,118,000) and up 4% in A25-54 (470,000 vs. 450,000).
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Sep 07th 2007, 04:12 PM
The 8pm Cable Picture Comes Into Focus
Last night, Countdown with Keith Olbermann came within 19,000 viewers of The O'Reilly Factor in the 25-54 demo. Countdown beat The Factor in the first two quarter hours. Countdown had 408,000 demo viewers from 8-8:30, The Factor had 373,000 (live+ same-day DVR).

In total viewers last night, O'Reilly still more than doubled Olbermann's audience.

Meanwhile, CNN is planning to launch former NBCer Campbell Brown into its 8pm slot in November. /

Hello MSNBC - drop the E! Channel crap in the 2nd half hour and watch KO beat Billo's butt - just retain the worst person segment!

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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Sep 06th 2007, 06:20 PM
i.e. total audience Wed it was KO 869 to Billo's 2374, Tues KO 814 to Billo's 2384. But the advertisers don't covet the old fart audience.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jan 31st 2007, 08:34 PM /

I found this little nugget at the end of Variety's ratings recap:

"MSNBC's little-noticed morning host Don Imus grew 47% in total viewers, edging CNN's American Morning 356,000 to 355,000."

Is CNN's morning news emphasis working?

> Also: Fox & Friends was down significantly year-over-year. In Jan. 2006, the show averaged 950,000 total viewers with 347,000 in the demo; in Jan. 2007, it averaged 760,000 with 297,000 in the demo...

> Update: American Morning is down 22 percent in total viewers and down 10 percent in the demo versus last year. AM is 380,000 viewers behind F&F...
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Sat Dec 23rd 2006, 12:17 AM

What a month it has been for the right wing religious conservative cabal attempting to subvert the very meaning of America. First voters overwhelmingly reject their God-anointed leader Pres. George W(orst) Bush. Then The Nativity Story is rejected not only by pagans, Jews and Muslims but most Christians. Now comes word that not only has their beloved mouthpiece of fair and balanced news reporting-Fox News-dropped out of the top ten most watched cable channels but, oh horror of horror, Keith Olbermann's nightly reminder that Bush was anointed by the Supreme Court and not God is single-handedly responsible for increasing the viewership of MSNBC 25% over this time a year ago.


Keith Olbermann has filled a deep chasm in America; a chasm the existence of which allowed a madman to lie and swindle his way to the mass murder of far more people than Osama Bin-Laden was responsible for killing on 9/11. Had there been just a handful of Edward R. Murrow five years ago, maybe some tough questions would have been demanded of Bush. Maybe instead of joyously "embedding" themselves in tanks, speaking as mouthpieces for the Pentagon, those reporters might have asked to see some actual physical evidence of those WMDs that Donald Rumsfailed and Dick Cheney-fact: The Vice President of the United States shot a man in the face, fact!---were so fond of telling Americans existed.

Well, better late than never. If there is one thing we can rely upon, it's the desire of American television network heads to copy whatever is popular at the time. Therefore, since Keith Olbermann is clearly on a roll, can we perhaps look forward to other networks-Fox exempted, of course, since their CEO is also the President of the United States, apparently-copying MSNBC's success? CNN already has Jack Cafferty daily stinging the White House on the Situation Room; why not replace Glen "Islam is the only religion that endorses violence" Beck with Cafferty. (And while we're at it, give Cafferty an extra hour and remove the excessively shrill Nancy Grace from the airwaves forever.)

Yes, this past month can certainly be read as God's judgment on overarching conservatives who think they have exclusive rights to His grace. Somewhere Chris Wallace must be contemplating suicide. Please, I beg you, if you see him...don't try to convince him he has so much to live for.

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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Fri Nov 03rd 2006, 01:29 PM
but the damn ratings went up for those damn canned shows.

I personally don't see what NBC sees in Dan Abrams - this is a dumb time to move just when MSNBC is gathering steam. With the Dems probably taking one or both houses 07 will be hot politically as Dems investigate and spar with this lame-duck president. Iraq and possibly Iran and N. Korea will play in to the debate. Late summer/early fall the '08 race for the president will be hot, hot, hot for both Dems and Repukes. Stupid time to do a rebranding. Hell with Faux slipping there's a shot Olbermann could draw very close in key demo viewers to O' Lielly

MSNBC Catching Up To CNN In Prime Demo
The gap between CNN and MSNBC has been tightening lately, ahead of the midterm elections. Here's a look at the weekly ratings for the last six weeks:
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Tue Oct 31st 2006, 01:54 PM /

Oct. #'s: MSNBC Posts Big Gains With Hardball, Countdown, Scarborough
Fox News and CNN were mostly down in October primetime, compared to the same month a year ago. But MSNBC was mostly up, with Hardball enjoying a 27 percent gain in the demo and Scarborough Country recording a 13 percent increase. Countdown with Keith Olbermann beat CNN's Paula Zahn in the demo again, and came within 2,000 viewers of beating her in total viewers. Olbermann was up 61 percent in the demo versus last year. Here are the hourly numbers:

Keith is also up 67% in total viewers.

Here's the breakdown first 18-54 then Total
Shep Smith -6% -18%
O' Reilly -9% -22% (In 11PM rerun he's up 20% Key -7% Total but here we're only talking 385,000 from 321,000 viewers
H&C -2% -18%
Greta -12% -29%

No Katrina excuse - in fact with this being the mid-terms & Iraq going badly you'd expect viewership would be going up. Hah!

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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Oct 09th 2006, 04:32 PM
Gov. Jeb Bush (FL) is shown the closet by Pittsburgh Port Authority Police as he attempts to escape the boos and jeers of activists en route to a fundraiser for Senator Rick Santorum (PA).

On Friday, October 6, Gov. Jeb Bush (FL) was shown the closet by Pittsburgh Port Authority Police as he attempted to escape the boos and jeers of activists en route to a fundraiser for Senator Rick Santorum (PA). Bush was a scheduled speaker at the fundraiser.

The incident with Gov. Bush occurred during an impromptu march organized by several United Steelworkers staffers. As the march proceeded towards the Duquesne Club--the site for the fundraiser--Jeb Bush was spotted and a small group rushed across the street to confront him. The group yelled and chanted and got in his face. Bush was accompanied by one security guard and an aide.

After activists angrily dogged Bush for about a block, Bush's security guard escorted him into a nearby T-station. The group of about 15-20 trailed Bush and company down the escalator, where they were greeted by several port authority police. The police eventually spirited Bush into what appeared to be a utility closet. They tazed (using the stun gun setting) one person in the torso and another in the hand. There were no arrests.
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Posted by RamboLiberal in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Wed Oct 04th 2006, 03:15 PM / - scroll down

MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann enjoyed one of its highest-rated nights ever on Monday, averaging 834,000 total viewers from 8 to 9pm.

The broadcast topped CNN's Paula Zahn Now in the demo and total viewers last week, and the trend continued on Monday. But more importantly to MSNBC, Countdown averaged 333,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo -- just 65,000(my math I get 56,000) fewer than Bill O'Reilly's 389,000 demo delivery. MSNBC actually beat FNC in the demo between 8:15 and 8:30pm, according to a tipster.

It led an e-mailer ask: "Can anyone remember the last time an MSNBC show rated so high in a normal news period? The folks in Secaucus must be thrilled!"

But Olbermann couldn't build on the high ratings he earned on Monday; he was booked on the Late Show with David Letterman last night...
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