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Cheese Cuts (or "Who Cut the Cheese?")
this was my response to a GD post (no, not that G.D.!), and I thought it could bring some lively, polite discussion to our group.

Can Imus be forgiven? Of course he can. But that depends on who is doing the forgiving. Even though I was offended at his remarks, they were not directed at me. I don't enter into the equation. Whether or not I choose to forgive him is irrelevant, as far as the bigger picture is concerned.

Forgiveness does not imply "wipe the slate clean," as if it never happened.
Forgiveness is actually something which is done by the wronged person(s)... and it is done so that they don't destroy their own lives. They in effect say, "I choose not to carry this anger with me."

Forgiveness rarely happens instantaneously. It takes time, intentional effort, patience, and even more time. It is, literally, "hard work."

Redemption, OTOH, is the work done by the sinner, to make right what they did or said. That's usually where restitution comes in. The question becomes "what can I do to make right, as best I can, what I did wrong?" Acceptance of the terms is again dependent on the person(s) injured. This is often called "Restorative Justice."

For Christians, we add a whole new dimension to the package, in believing that the Redemption has already been paid in full. But Jesus still insists that we practice forgiveness - even with our enemies.

So, for me - speaking as a Christian pastor - I can find it within my heart to forgive Mr. Imus. But I also fully expect that there are, and should be, consequences to his actions.

I think the ultimate question is one of Judgment...and that ain't my place.
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