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SargeUNN's Journal
Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Oct 14th 2010, 10:35 AM
A few months after Katrina when housing was almost impossible for everyone but especially the lower income, WLOX-TV aired a report about 2 section eight housing complexes, one in Gulfport, the other in Pascagoula, getting 30 day eviction notices from section 8. I had a website called UnreportedNews.Net that was well visited and some people contacted me asking me to look into this situation. I did.

I first called the Governor's office and talked to then press sec. Pete Smith who told me the Governor had no involvement in the situation, and wasn't even aware of it. I called several places like the White House, Senators, and congressmen but nobody would get involved, until I was able to get a man at HUD to pay attention. He said he would look into it and get back to me in a couple days or so, and as you can expect, I doubted any return call. He did call back and told me that Haley Barbour had ordered the evictions because several corporations wanted the land for commerical devolpment and that he was getting kickbacks from them. The man explained to me Barbour was misusing a provision of HUD policy which was designed to upgrade properties but there was 2 things being ignored in the policy by Barbour. One thing it stated that the provision did NOT apply to the Katrina Area since housing was at a premium, and the other that anyone moved out had to be given a place of equal status to move to during the reconstruction work.

I was asked to lodge a complaint that would stop the evictions and I did so. Barbour was given the choice of rescending the evictions or get indicted so he vacated the evictions and suddenly I found myself getting death threats, people I knew all my life scared to be around me, and finally thanks to Mike Malloy, Jeff Farias, and their listeners I was relocated to Phoenix and given a radio show on Nova M. One day I was talking to a man involved in one of the many sorted Katrina issues, and we were talking about any area you got into about Katrina it was soon you found your life in danger, and when I mentioned the housing thing I was involved in he recalled it and knew the man who had gone after me. The man owned a construction company and had pumped lots of money to Barbour on that project and when it was stopped he was angry and had a reputation of not letting any act of revenge be too low. I happen to know the man since he was in my hometown so I knew why I would have been dead within a month had I stayed in Mississippi.

So there is Haley Barbour. Wouldn't he be a great President?
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Sep 23rd 2010, 10:52 AM
I marvel at how we ignore some of the most important topics, how we allow people to fall into horrible situations and yet we can only focus on things we can do little about. I have begged people to pay attention to the plight of veterans and yet I feel my efforts are wasted and ignored by too many. I wonder if we realize how this issue not only speaks to the sickness of our nation, but also shows how we have lost too much of our soul. I will break it down to a personal level and give you my reaction even though I know some will have some remark to bolster this sickness probably.

I have lost almost all use of my right arm and shoulder which seems to be a combination of at least one pinched nerve in my neck as well as degenerative joint disease in several of the joints in that area. I called the VA on July 26 and an appointment was made for Sept. 27th, which now has been changed, first to Oct. 16, then to Nov. 23 for my FIRST contact with a doctor. I went to the emergency room at the VA in Phoenix and they gave me one month's medicine and when I talked to them they told me that because I hadn't been assigned a primary care provider that nobody could act on my need to more pain management or even to see a social worker. Therefore, my Oct. 16 appointment was changed to Nov. 23 so one could be assigned and an appointment to a social worker and pain management could be made, and tomorrow I actually get to see a social worker. The reason for this is due to all the budget cuts the VA has undergone in the past several years which is from the Bush admin., and while there is some increases under Obama the cuts were so deep it will take a long time to get things back to a decent level. Meanwhile veterans just have to suffer from the broken promises as the people ignore for the most part our plights.

I hear and read those who say don't try to scare me about republicans getting back into control, well to those I say don't kill us just to try and show how they don't scare you. I have been through too much from the Vietnam draft to Katrina, to my current problems to have much sympathy for those folks. I know fear and have dealt with it and to see people say they aren't afraid of the Republican's getting back in power, I have to wonder if they know how dangerous their thoughts are. I saw what they did to us in Katrina, to the VA, to our nation and if those facts alone don't tell you that the Republicans will kill what progress we have made since Bush left office are enough to be afraid of then I would like to leave you a personal message. If they get back in power, I probably will become one of their murders and I have to say to you my blood will be on your hands.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Aug 31st 2010, 01:42 PM
Attorney General Terry Goddard squares off with Governor Jan Brewer on Wednesday night in what may prove to be the only debate between the two gubernatorial candidates for this election. That is, unless Brewer finally agrees to Goddard's call for six additional debates around the state on topics important to Arizonans such as jobs, the economy, education and public safety. As of now, she's ducking from a serious discussion of these issues.
Please join us at one of our debate watch parties to cheer on our candidate, scrutinize Brewer's claims, and enjoy the company of fellow voters. If you know of other debate parties that we've missed here, please post them in the Events section of the Arizona Democratic Party homepage ( ).
All debate parties run from 6:30 – 8:30pm
Majerle’s Sports Grill
24 N. Second St. (Corner of 2nd St. and Washington)
Parking in available in nearby garages, guests also encouraged to take the light rail. There is a stop just two blocks away at 3rd Street and Washington.
RSVP to Jonathon Cagle at

Pima County HQ Office
4639 E. First St.
RSVP to Caitlyn Brady:

East Valley
7153 E. Main St., Mesa
RSVP to Mike Stevens:

Home of Corey Harbison
10944 E Bella Via, Mesa
RSVP to Mike Stevens:

Yuma County HQ Office
2450 S 4th Suite 115
RSVP to Shaun Cassidy:

La Padella de Nicola
554 N Morely Ave
RSVP to Alex Guzman:
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Jul 13th 2010, 07:21 PM
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Posted by SargeUNN in Arizona
Sun Jul 11th 2010, 01:36 PM
I got up this morning looked out my window. I saw headless bodies, heard gun shots all around and I worried because I needed to go to the store and buy food. I put on my flak vest, combat helmet, grabbed my rifle with some grenades. Dang, I thought, wish I had a tank. I unlocked the 57 locks and slide back the bolts, opened the cast iron gate that I had installed to keep out the enemy. Slowly I emerged into the soup. I looked toward the pool and saw the headless bodies floating, but then I realized the bodies were headless because the trees were blocking my view, and they were actually swimming and having fun. I walked down the street, fully armed and equipped as passer-bys looked at me as if I were a nut. Surprisingly, not once was I shot at. I got to the store and the clerk laughed at me as I walked in, one girl looked at me and told her mom, "Is he an escapee from the mental ward?"

I got back home without a single shot, although some did yell out their car windows making fun of me. I then locked all the locks, and realized I had forgotten to turn off the war movie I had been watching. Suddenly it dawned on me those were the shots I had heard earlier, and I started to feel rather foolish about calling my family members warning them not to come visit me here in Arizona because they were most likely to be killed and/or kidnapped. I wish I had never never believed those reports from Jan Brewer, now my family is too scared to come here and begging me to leave Arizona.

Well, thanks Jan for making my life isolated, and now you want my vote? Don't think so moron.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jul 07th 2010, 12:42 PM
I have tried to get out the message on this horrid law but with little help. Here are the problems with this law:

1. The track record of such a law is 100% failure where it has been tried (see 9500 Liberty at YouTube). It has been tried several times in each case creating more profiling, economic problems, and loss of population.

2. You can be on vacation from anywhere and a cop can pull you over for anything they consider you are doing wrong, ask for your citizenship proof (remember Arizona is a state that doesn't believe Obama was born in Hawaii and his birth certificate is a fraud) which if they decide it isn't real they will ask for more and detain you for up to 6 months and in the process you might even be deported.

3. Joe Arpaio has been working on this method for years and it has caused the DoJ to investigate him for profiling. He has abused prisoners, harrassed people that shouldn't have been.

4. It creates even more distrust in the community. The breakdown of the "illegal immigrant" is ignored but some came here legally but due to red tape, lawyer fees, and sometime just a lazy worker in the system, their visa expired. Another type is those who come here, use no social services, maybe brought in by a corporation coyote. They usually just try to stay out of sight and are more law abiding than most citizens. Another are those who came here as infants and have made good grades, stayed out of trouble with the law and made impressive strides in education. Then there are those who come here to create trouble (usually cartel people) and usually come in such a manner they aren't caught in sweeps like Arpaio does. The other groups of course might be aware of them but because they would be caught and deported they won't turn in these who are the real problem. This law just adds to providing cover for the real criminals by putting more work on the cops and not allowing more time to go after the real problem, cost the taxpayer more for less results.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jul 07th 2010, 11:34 AM
seems people aren't understanding the difference. I have coached teams that were at the bottom of the barrel who looked hopeless and when I took over the team there were those who suddenly expected a championship the first season which was unrealistic, but they expected it. When the team lost their first few games people started saying I didn't know how to coach, that I would never produce a winner, went to other key people to try and get me removed, attacked me even when signs of improvement were surfacing. Suddenly one day the team hit their stride and started to win (in fact never lost another game during that season) and by the end of the season they tied for first place and won the championship game. The ones so against me during the beginning suddenly wanted to claim credit and be important to the program, but I wasn't going to include them on that level because they had actually retarded the work. I would have welcomed their constructive input but instead they chose to be destructive and instead of approaching me and having a discussion in a decent way they attacked me behind my back viciously.

Today we have those who refuse any credit to Obama, and instead of constructive critism they use vicious attacks calling him names that the right wing use, refuse to acknowledge anything, and worse try to sell lies and half truths.

Sure I disagree with Obama on things, I have called and told the White House, I have stated on air that I thought he was wrong, but I also offered ideas, stated my support of him, and stated what he has done right. I had callers who would then call in and say I was a cheerleader, but truth is those didn't know what they were talking and don't even have the understanding to know that a cheerleader will state disagreement with a coach. We really need to just remember the real enemy is the right wing.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Jul 02nd 2010, 11:00 AM
isn't it about time some of you move the crying towels from your eyes and see things better? I am so tired of those who don't want to give Obama any credit at all and all they want to do is bash him even when they get news that shows success. These people are as bad as the teabaggers and just as out of touch with reality. What happened? We used to be the reality based society but now since Obama has been in a year and half and seeing some improvement in areas, we just wait to find the next thing to talk about what a piece of crap he is and God help anyone who tries to point out his success. I, for one, am tired of it and sick of the closed minded ones who can't find one success from Obama without finding a way to bash him. These people are scaring off those who want to stand up and take a risk for our efforts because they say what is the use? Those who have done so are thinking twice because too many "progressives" are now refusing to cover their backs and instead have replaced it with whining.

Obama came in with the worse mess than maybe any president, a nation that has been controlled for many years by the right and many thinks he should have fixed everything just right in 6 months. Forget the fact the senate is sitting on many bills and that many Democrats threaten or do jump ship with Obama if he doesn't push for the perfect bill.

I risked my life because I believed it was the right thing to do, I had to leave my home area because right wingers were trying to kill me and I was able to get to a place where a strong Progressive community was, but that community is scattered and divided and to count on them now is just begging for holes in your back. What has become of us? Why do we enjoy misery so much? Do we realize taking steps forward is good even when it is small or slow, but forward is better than standing still?

We could have McCain and then where would we be? I think we need to get back to being the reality based community and realize Obama isn't perfect, isn't a liberal and never was. I know I mentioned this many times on my radio show on Nova M during the elections, but the right wing kept tell us how liberal he was. In spite of Mike Malloy, Jeff Farias, and others telling this was garbage somehow when he won we thought it was true but when he didn't prove out to be a liberal we were shocked.

I disagree with Obama on some things, agree with him on some things, but I still support him and I thank him for the progress he has gotten done, but to step out anymore, I don't think so. I got enough holes in my back now from too many backstabbing "progressives" and I am getting too old to be out on a limb with the right sawing off the limb from the right, and the left sawing it off from the left. I just hope we will get it together and support each other, credit Obama where he should be and disagree with constructive and helpful critism. Face it, we are seeing some progress and that is more than John McCain would have given us. We keep dividing our forces, the right will take over and we can go back to the "happy days" of another Bush.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Jun 18th 2010, 01:50 PM
I have done radio shows with experts on immigration, on the Dream Act, laws like 1070 that have gone in effect elsewhere and been changed or removed because of the horrible results. I have posted here, and other places about the real problems and broke down who these people are, shown the comparisons between Jim Crow and this Juan Crow Law, but with limited reactions, with little of the facts being used. I have noticed there is little listening to this issue anymore, little interest in getting in depth on solving it, but instead one side yells racism, the other side yelling they should become citizens, but when the facts are introduced both sides seems to mostly run for cover.

I am reairing a show tomorrow that I did back in May with someone involved with the Dream Act, Immigration here in Arizona, and one who admits she and her husband both will have their rights limited by this law. She also tells how the law had already started to affect Hispanic Americans and also the State as a whole economically. The loss of the Hispanic Community spending in this state alone has already started to hurt businesses and will continue to do so more than the boycotts and yet even with such evidence as 9500 Liberty at YouTube and now Liberty Arizona, seems our efforts to get out real facts are doomed. This show tomorrow is my last show. We are shutting down due to the fact we are listener supported and frankly we just aren't getting the help from our progressive friends to offset the cost. It is with regret that I end my work because the Progressive community can't in some cases, and won't in others support Progressive radio. I do take some comfort in the fact that like us, other progressive shows and networks are in the same boat and will be forced to shut down so it isn't just us. I wish we could support our own better and if we can stop fighting each other long enough to work as a team, we could get some of our dreams to become reality, but sadly I will not be able to take to the airwaves to get that done.

I will continue to post here (at least for awhile) and do what I can to stop this 1070, but it will be harder now since our network will fall silent, not from the right wing, but because of lack of support from Progessives. I have to honestly say, I wonder really how much we want our dreams to become reality, how much do we like the right wing domination of the airwaves since we fail to support our own voices.

For those who want to hear the final show here is the link
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri May 28th 2010, 03:02 PM
Jeff Farias Progressive Talk Show host and an activist in Phoenix Arizona is running for Justice of the Peace. It isn't an office that draws national attention or that nationwide we can vote on, however, it is Jeff's first attempt in running for an office. Considering the state of politics here in Arizona right now, and so many upset with Arizona, I thought I would let you know and maybe you would like to show support for Jeff. Here is his website
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Posted by SargeUNN in Latest Breaking News
Tue May 25th 2010, 04:18 PM
I have interviewed people who have spent decades in this, who are affected by this, and strangely enough they have some real workable answers but can't get them to be heard.

I have stated over and over the first step is to learn about the people affected. I have stated more than once the breakdown so I won't do so again, but knowing this helps formulate a workable plan. Sadly most have no clue of the people and are content with stereotyping and lumping all in the same group.

Secondly, to understand the problems of how immigration processes works now will shine light on the fact even those who came here on visas have had those visas expire while trying to work to get them renewed, and spending money to do so. It is a time consuming process and often goes beyond the date of expiration.

Thirdly, how about passing the Dream Act which would not only bring the law abiding and intelligent ones in the social stream, but would increase our progress as a society with their abilities and intelligence.

Fourthly, set up a process where an acceptable method of working toward citizenship for those law abiding people can stay here and work toward citizenship in a way that would be reasonable and would actually take away several problems law enforcement have to live with. Law Enforcement would be better able to communicate with these people and it would help them going after those who are here to commit crimes. It would also get rid of such grandstanding as Arpaio does. Also it would not harrass those who are Latino but born in this country or gained citizenship through legal paths.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu May 13th 2010, 03:32 PM
The situation here is Arizona is strange politically. Also the lack of real knowledge of the problems of the "illegal immigration" issues and the lack of looking beyond the sensationalism just adds to the problem. There is a real problem and real solutions but sadly just like in the South during Jim Crow nobody wants to get down and identify where the actual problem is. Arpaio, Pearce, and now Brewer just adds to the inciting of the hatred and fail to address the real answers.

I had Dan Saban guest host my radio show while I was on KPHX/Nova M and he went into details on the issues and gave a reasonable solution to it even having an expert on the issue as a guest. This show brought Arpaio Thugs down on me and they tried to get my show sponsor to drop the show since I was so Unamerican. Fortunately after a tough fight we got them to stay on.

The issues will not be addressed properly until people start to settle down and learn what is really happening but with people like the above mentioned and J.D. Hayworth pushing McCain and Kyl even more to the dark side of this issue, it will only get worse.

I fear even we Liberals/Progressives aren't interested enough to learn the problems and just want to yell it is racism. Certainly it is here just looking at who the ones are that pushed this bill, but the sad fact is many who really aren't that racist are falling into support of the law just because they see the problems but don't understand the facts, and when attacked as racist without being given the real facts they turn a deaf ear where they normally would listen. I have changed a few minds on this issue just by explaining the thing in the details Saban laid out. What people don't understand about Arizona is many here haven't been here that long and really don't know nor are they willing or able to get a reasonable look at the issue, so they buy into the fact the problem is bigger than they think and fail to see that people like McCain are lying when they claim the crime committed by these people have increased even though the facts show that it has had a small decrease. They fail to know that Arpaio is lumping all undocumented and Latino in a group, harrassing the most vulnerable and the ones who aren't committing the crimes.

Here is some of the truth on this issue. There are at least 3 groups, the Latinos who are citizens, the undocumented who are here living in the shadows and obeying the law better than many born Americans that pay taxes and Social Security but get none of the benefits, and those who come here to purposely to commit crimes usually Cartel members. Arpaio's sweeps picks up undocuments who might have a tail light broken, or not turning on their headlights soon enough before dark, and they are normally the ones that live in the shadows and follow the law. Meanwhile the real criminals are well financed and are above Arpaio's sweeps which also turn up harrassing Latino Americans. When a crime is committed by these who intend trouble, it is generally reported as an illegal immigrant and not so much as a cartel member or one of those who are here to commit crimes. Meanwhile we have people lumping all together and even people like Fabian who was here legally trying to gain citizenship, decorated by President Clinton for saving his commander in Kosovo gets deported for a bounced check. The cartels really try to recruit these people and sometimes do. So you see not only is this racism but it is also a matter of making our country less secure.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun May 02nd 2010, 09:48 PM
The old Chinese proverb or really curse, "may you live in interesting times." has certainly been one constant in my life. I grew up in the Jim Crow South, went through Katrina in South Mississippi, and live now in Phoenix Az. where I have been for 3 years. Oddly it seems events just seem to happen around me and I get "treated" to a front row seat as it plays out, which honestly isn't a very wonderful thing, but very educational thing. I thought I would share with you my experiences and maybe it will be enlightening, or maybe not, but I think it is worth putting out if it helps anyone.

I have been investigating SB1070 and perceptions of what it is, how it will be enforced, and how to fight it. In my research I found out about what happened in Prince William County Virginia when a similar law was passed and went into effect there and was fortunate enough to meet and talk with the co-producer of 9500 Liberty and saw the movie on Saturday. I got to wondering about it and as I saw more and more of the same stuff here in Arizona, I recalled my Jim Crow experiences that I had to deal with in Mississippi and the period after it. I also started to seeing some of the same things happening on this issue as I did back in that day, and then to my surprise, I saw even a connection or two to Katrina which I also went through.

I called the guy who was on the anti-immigration side, and a key figure in getting the bill in Prince William County Virginia to hear his recollection of the story and his thoughts on Arizona's new law just to see how he would respond. He and I talked for about one hour and honestly I was shocked by several statements he made, and found he had tempered his views in the 2 years since. I was really surprised how stated that the law had created a fear in the Latino community that had harmed people who were not suppose to be harmed and how it had created a fear and distrust that never was meant to be there. My mind flashed back to Jim Crow and how decent and wonderful black people also were victimized by the laws, sometimes written, sometimes just implied, but still victimized. My mind went back to the distrust of anyone white among the blacks and how no matter how friendly and how much knowledge of each other we had, there was always that nagging level of suspecion that couldn't be overcome. The feeling of helplessness should the white person get angry and become hostile, since the law wouldn't protect them, they not only could be hurt, but in defending themselves they hurt the white person it could mean their lives. This was always a part of a their thoughts. As I listened, and hear of the Latinos in Prince William County having this fear, and reflecting back to a caller on my show that I have been friends with for awhile, that said, "I will have to be suspecious of anyone now." Greg went on to say that the law did scare these people and it was wrong that they were forced to be victimized even though the law was not meant to do that. Now I should add here that I am telling what he said about the law not being intended to do so, and I will not venture to decide if he was being honest or not.

I asked him about how the issue going to a political hot button issue had helped or hurt the situation and he said it had hurt it very much, causing many to work on emotions, believing false information, and throwing out any possible discussions in certain areas. I flashed back to Katrina which became political and people who were victims of a storm and didn't fit into the stereo-type throw out by some on radio and television, became victims of a political football, even used in political campaigns. I saw how people got hurt and in some cases died because they couldn't get the help stalled by political wrangling, a result that still hurts in the region to this day as yet another potential disaster is approaching. Even on that the attempt by some to turn it into a political issue scares me since I saw the harm it did in Katrina.

Clearly the SB1070 is a political reaction to what is a mixture of political and human rights. I mentioned that I grew up in Jim Crow to him which prompted the reply the two events were completely different, which I told him since I was now aware of both I could certainly see some of the same things in both and I certainly was knowledgable enough of both to spot it. I told how people in Jim Crow that were good caring people got forced to fall on racial positions and how the common ground disappeared. I see the same thing going on right here on this issue. He seemed to realize he was certainly not going to engage me in that without taking a beating so he moved on.

One area he and I did find in common was that emotional reaction and media reporting stirred up emotions to the level that a dividing wall grew and discussions became hard if not impossible. It also caused defensive entrenchment without regards to rational talks just furthering the people to dig in and fight for which ever side they favored. He told of panic sometimes real sometimes not, but he said after a couple of years of cooling off and reflection he sees mistakes made. After seeing videos at youtube of his speech and behavior at the time and talking with him today, I can see some of the same attitude, but I could also see a mellowing and some rational thought in how he views the issue today. I told him of Arpaio and Pearce as well as the influence on both by self admitted neo-nazi J.T. Ready and the political weapon it was. He asked if any of them had political aspirations, and when I told of Arpaio was said to be announcing his intentions of running for Governor he gave a heavy sigh and was distressed by it. I told him of my run in with Arpaio and other events of heavy handedness that Arpaio has pulled, and he seemed to feel this would just add to the problems. Back in Jim Crow I remember the more thoughtful people saying don't worry, in the long run this will be addressed in more reasonable and effective manner when all the hot heads and opportunist have discredited themselves, and to my surprise, I heard that same advice from Greg.

I don't know Greg personally and only spent an hour talking with him. I don't know how much he said to me was just words meant to moderate the image he has gotten, but regardless of that, he made some very sound and productive statements that I hope he means. He certainly is correct that the hot heads and opportunist will discredit themselves and hopefully a more rational and decent approach to resolving this issue will become the method used. I certainly hope so.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun May 02nd 2010, 12:46 AM
I have been reading and listening to all the reasons and the statements about SB1070 which affects the state I live in and have for 3 years. I have done Progressive Political Talk radio here for 3 years and have contacted many involved such as Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, and others from the pro side of it, as well as those against it, even going as far as to look at other places where this problem has happened years ago. I just Saturday night talked with the co-producer of 9500 Liberty Movie which is a movie about a law very much like what we had passed here, what it did to their community and how they got it changed. So while what I am going to say is my opinion and only my opinion, that is what it is based on and you can judge for yourself what you think. I guess I should also add since I will cite rascism as part of it, that I was born in New Orleans and grew up in South Mississippi during Jim Crow, remember the separate drinking fountains and such, played with Walter Payton in my backyard as a little boy, and being raised in a family that was racist that tried to make me one as well, I think I am pretty well qualified to know racism when I see it. So with that disclaimer I will give you the opinion of what is really behind it all and why.

The law as Rachel Maddow reported was written by F.A.I.R. as was the one in Prince William County Va. and here in Arizona it was introduced by Russell Pearce a former Cheif Deputy to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The story goes that Pearce's son was killed by "illegal immigrants" and he has made it his mission to rid the nation of such people, and along with his pals Joe Arpaio and J.T. Ready, as well as others, he has gained the influence to power through such stuff as this bill, and tried but not as of yet successfully to get the "Birther Bill" through. He got F.A.I.R. involved in writing this bill and of course Joe Arpaio was more than glad to add his support since many of Arpaio's voters thinks the number one threat to Arizona is "illegal immigrants" which makes a great political issue for them. The death of a rancher near Casa Grande was just the right event to trigger this issue, even though the death is still unresolved, the reporting on it strongly implied it was "illegal immigrants" who did the murder. Some are saying it might have been a drug deal gone bad and the rancher himself was involved, but the truth is it isn't known what happened, but truth be damned let's take action. This is the kind of story that F.A.I.R. loves to wait for and true or not they are more than glad to react. Naturally you can expect people like J.T. Ready a self proclaimed neo-nazi, to jump aboard. The voter suppression thing is likely part of the story but not a big part because it is really about racism. I heard many talk about how those "illegals" are clogging up the hospital emergency rooms, draining our social programs, stealing our jobs. I have heard those type stories back in my youth too. Now not so suddenly Arpaio is considering a run for Governor so think this is not about political posturing? When Dan Saban was running against Arpaio last time, he guest hosted my radio, then on KPHX/Nova M and spent the entire hour on the immigration problem and how he would handle it as sheriff. Shortly afterwards I caught the wrath of Arpaio supporters in threats to boycott my sponsor, and sometimes they would call in to disrupt the show. Once I was talking to a man in Mississippi about a Katrina Issue and one of them tried to hijack the show to talk about Arpaio. So if you want to know what is really behind it, it is racism and nazism. It is the end to the latino people in the state and if they could find a way they would just as soon kill them off just as Hitler tried to do with the Jews. With a group like F.A.I.R. to provide them with political tactics and author their hate legislation as well as how to work it with the propaganda avenues, they are using an event to sell this hatred. Recently a sheriff's deputy in Pima County was wounded by drug runners, and of course it is stated it was from Mexico. Pima County Sheriff Balbo is one of those who aspires to being the next Joe Arpaio although he doesn't say so in so many words, I have talked to him and heard him enough to know he is. That is what is the core issue of this bill as I see it.

The big question is where is it going to spread since Texas and at least 6 other states are considering similar legislature. Well, as long as we don't educate people on F.A.I.R. and the Pioneer Fund, it will spread. Maddow is right to focus on them and I agree they need to be exposed as the racist they are, because that help to reduce the KKK and it needs to be done with this bunch of vipers.
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Posted by SargeUNN in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Apr 28th 2010, 03:07 PM

After Gov. Jan Brewer's signature of SB1070, CADENA suggests young immigrants and citizens to

Know Your Rights

SB1070 will not take place but 90 days after 4/23/2010. Legal challenges are being prepared by organizations like MALDEF and others.

Remain calm and informed on the possible changes on the laws.

If you are a US citizen and realize that SB1070 affects you too and/or that is an injust law, please register to vote and add your name to the Permanent Early Voting List. Vote for candidates that support civil rights.

This was sent out to students whose family and themselves are the victims of this law. I also contacte MALDEF and found out that a press conference is being held at the Capital here in Phoenix tomorrow by them on their legal actions about the horrible law. The websites are good sites to use and I am trying to get someone from MALDEF on my show Saturday.

If you aren't familiar with the DREAM ACT please take a look. I have done shows on it and it is one law that we really need to pass to help stop the insanity of bills such as this one.
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