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Strawman's Journal
Posted by Strawman in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Thu Nov 02nd 2006, 10:50 AM
He's not the one who thinks that all the dirty work should be left to working class people. He didn't think he was too good to die in Vietnam like George Bush did. JK actually worries his "beautiful mind" about the people we're throwing into that mess while the president and his snobby mother can't be bothered.

Nope. Sorry. The BUSH FAMILY, THEY ARE THE GODDAMN SNOBS! they are the ones who think that poor and middle class people shouldn't expect much. They are the ones who have the unmitigated gall to walk into the Astrodome and think that being packed into there wasn't a bad deal for all those poor blacks. They're the same people who think it's not a bad deal for the same people to take their chances in Iraq in the hope of learning some skill because all other avenues to a better life seem to be closed. They have no fucking problem with that state of affairs. None. In the Bushes view, those kinds of people aren't ENTITLED to any better options. The kind of options they have enjoyed by the mere accident of birth.

John Kerry put goddamn his life on the line to affirm the basic idea that even though he was well-to-do, he was no better than anyone else and was not entitled to the privilige of not serving his country. That deserves repeating. JOHN KERRY PUT HIS GODDAMN LIFE ON THE LINE TO AFFRIM THE PRINCIPLE THAT HE WAS NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Same with Al Gore. They didn't get put into a champagne unit and never show up. They didn't cry about how they couldn't be expected to go because of an ANAL CYST! That speaks for itself no matter how much utter bullshit the Bushies try to throw in our faces. And that's what it is just completely audacious bullshit. It is mind boggling that the people with absolutely ZERO moral authority on this issue can assert that they have the high ground. This is insane!

George Bush has a helluva nerve. A helluva nerve. To pull this shit? To dress up like a pilot and war hero and claim Mission Accomplished, like HE had just won the war. It's just honestly fucking beyond belief. You couldn't make these people feel bad about any statement they ever made that betrayed their deep-seated elitism, while a guy like JK is really bothered that something he said might have been taken the wrong way as a put down to a group of people that he deeply respects. It's just completely fucked up.

And it's waaay way beyond disappointing that people like Harold Ford and others would not say exactly what I've just said. Disgusting. Ford is lucky that he is useful to the goal of unseating the Republicans or I would say fuck him too. I still say it. Fuck that guy... but be sure and vote for him next Tuesday. Ugh.
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Posted by Strawman in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Fri Jun 16th 2006, 11:29 AM
If Schumer and the DSCC support an independent Lieberman candidacy, progressive, grassroots Dems MUST retaliate in some way or else they will continue to be exploited by the leadership when it suits their purposes. I'm sorry, but it's true. I'm all for cooperation within the party, but this would cross the line into exploitation of one faction by another. It would DEMAND retaliation.

If Lamont wins the primary, he is the Democratic candidate and deserves party support. This is a viable candidate who will have defeated Lieberman in a primary. If Lieberman wins the primary, progressives should not defect either.

A tit for tat relationship between the party leadership and progressive grassroots Dems can either be a boon to cooperation and activism for the party, or a destructive spiral of retaliation. I prefer the first option. Which will it be Senator Schumer? Do you really want to be the first one to defect?
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Posted by Strawman in The DU Lounge
Fri Jun 16th 2006, 09:51 AM
Here's my take on it: It was a great show. The performance got stronger as the night went along and (maybe I'm projecting here) also as I think people accepted the fact that Frank Zappa was not going to be magically appearing on the stage and appreciated the show for what it was: great musicians playing great, fun music with incredible skill. You aren't going to get the same kind of humor, the caustic wit, political satire, and the incredible power of Frank's personality from this show and that's disappointing even though it's an absurd expectation.

The show starts with some video footage of Frank and the band from the early 1970's. Then Dweezil, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the new musicians Dweezil brought on board came out and played for about an hour. Songs I remember them playing include: Floretine Pogen, The Idiot Bastard Son, King Kong, Inca Roads, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast.

Then Terry Bozzio came out and Napoleon Murphy Brock and the other drummer (sorry I don't know his name) took a break. I thought Terry re-energized the show when he came out. He started with I'm So Cute (Dweezil's level was a little too low on that one), then Trying to Grow a Chin, then Napoleon Murphy Brock came back out and the band performed City of Tiny Lights with Napoleon and Terry which was really good. Somewhere in there they also played Punky Whips which provided the only PG-13 moment in a show that otherwise Tipper Gore would probably have had no problem taking her kids to circa 1985.

Next, Steve Vai came out and the other drummer came back and the band performed The Black Page which was cool. Terry took a break for awhile, but Steve Vai kept the energy level high. They played an awesome version of Montana (I thought that was the highlight), Village of the Sun and before the encore played Zomby Woof. Dweezil also played a guitar piece (sorry I didn't recognize it, but it was very good) along with Frank up on a video screen. The encore (which they didn't have time to leave stage for) was a version of More Trouble Everyday that sounded like the one on The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life. Dweezil, Napoleon, Steve and Terry and the rest of the band all performed this together and it was excellent.

They played right up to curfew (11PM at Meadowbrook). I think could have sat there and listened to them play for another day. The only mild criticism I have is that I think the show could have benefited from having Napoleon, Steve and Terry on the stage together more along with Dweezil and the other musicians. There seemed to be a rule about only having two members of Frank's bands on stage together at the same time until the very end of the show. I understand the idea of highlighting the new musicians and the desire to see a new generation of musicians playing Frank's music and a new generation of younger fans getting into Frank's music. But there's a certain intangible showmanship (for lack of a better word) quality that those younger musicians seemed to lack which probably involved being professionally socialized in Frank's bands. They could play all the notes with skill, but something was missing. Put the old guys on stage together more with the new musicians, and I think those intangibles are more likely to rub off on them. And the better the performance, I think the more likely it is to connect with fans of any age.

At any rate, it is a fantastic show and if you live in a city on the tour schedule ( /), I highly recommend going. I think Dweezil is doing a great thing by putting it on and doing such a good job with it. I'd really like to see an all day festival of music like this. Get a bunch of the Zappa alum bands together (like Project Object and Jimmy Carl Black), pick some young musicians, composers, and bands and make it an all day thing. If they can organize a traveling music festival for Ozzy Osbourne, why not do it for someone whose music actually warrants a festival like Frank Zappa?
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