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Thav's Journal
Posted by Thav in General Discussion
Wed Aug 17th 2011, 08:22 AM
My inlaws and nephew were in a picture with the Queen of Insanity. They were holding GOP signs as well.

They're staunch republicans.

My question is, how do I tactfully disown them?

It's too bad too. I like my Inlaws.

I'm kidding really, but their support of republicans is really generational. "we've always been republican." Even though they're getting close to retirement and the current GOP wants to destroy the social safety net they'll have to depend on. They're family farmers, so if their GOP gets its way, their health insurance premiums will easily quadruple because they'll deregulate the health insurance industry. No medicare as well, that's too expensive. Social security will be a thing of the past so my Inlaws will have to work until they fall over dead in the field.

They'll say something about personal responsibility. I'll then ask about the responsibility that investment bankers and wall street have in creating this new depression. They let their rampant greed take control. They lobbied congress to remove all regulation on their new "investment tools" and created a massive profit juggernaut that fell over and blew up the economy. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they demanded congress pay for their mistakes. They privatized the profits, and socialized the bad debts. They then took a huge check from the government and put it right in their pockets, while destroying jobs and saying "it's for austerity." They step back and look at the economy and say, "Look at the mess everyone else is in" without even acknowledging THEY created the mess.

Where's the responsibility now?
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Posted by Thav in Education
Fri Mar 11th 2011, 09:10 AM
And it went very well, he's progressing along and has met a few of the goals this year. He had a big jump in progress in January, so that was nice to see.

While they were talking, I took a minute to look around the room at the teachers. There were four teachers, plus the principal in that room. I looked at the folders they had and the documentation they were presenting from. There were 15 pages of progress reports, individual education plans, and classroom notes they were using. There were many more papers they weren't using.

Then I thought about the 18 other kids in my son's head start class. They all have similar meetings with similar reports and documentation. These teachers are dedicated to helping these children become better, despite the current political environment that wants to demonize them as leeches and lazy people. I tell you, these teachers work harder than any wall street banker. I daresay that only a rare few could do the job teachers do.

I've seen my son's teacher's car in the parking lot of the school at 7pm some nights - class ends at 2:30 for her. I know many teachers, and they are not idle during the summer. Anyone who says teachers are lazy and have summers off and the same vacations as kids, needs to be pushed into a lake. Maybe if those people worked 75 hours a week, with no extra pay, are required to take continuing education on their own time or be fired, and have their bosses and their clients/customers continually badger them about how lazy they are, and how their job could be done by a retarded chimpanzee. On top of that, they need to have their pay cut, benefits cut and made more expensive, and have more expectations put on them. Maybe then they would understand how teachers feel.

For those teachers out there who may be reading this: Thank you. Thank you and God bless you.

"100 years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove or how much was in my bank account. All that will matter is that I made a difference in the life of a child."

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Posted by Thav in Iowa
Wed Jan 19th 2011, 10:49 PM
In this time of recession, they keep beating the drum of austerity. It's time for everyone to suck it up. The House Republicans voted to cut a ton of programs and end thousands of jobs, in the name of creating jobs?

Oh wait, they did create some jobs, at least one - A culinary chef for Branstad.

Really? Allowing my daughter to get the help she needs so she can speak well before entering kindergarten is no longer a state priority, but making sure the governor gets gourmet meals is? Funding for CORE EDUCATION takes a back seat to the governor's palate?

Oh, I forgot, austerity for thee, but not for me.

Less than a week in office and Branstad has shown he's out of touch with Iowans.
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Posted by Thav in The DU Lounge
Thu Nov 04th 2010, 09:14 AM
Republicans don't want "compromise." They want everyone to do what they want. That was proven the past two years, and most notably in the last year when all the Republicans said was "No." And not a civil "No," it was a 3 year old screaming tantrum, eyes shut, fingers in the ears yelling "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" "No". Now they've gotten control of the House, and while hiding the erections in their pants they're talking about "compromise."

Republicans have a different meaning of that word. They're saying "compromise" when they mean "capitulate." Their view of negotiation is laying out their demands, and pointing a rifle at the heads of the opposition.

Republicans suddenly want a "balanced budget" and "fiscal responsibility." They had that back in 2000, even had a budget surplus. Then the robber barons in power saw a way to bilk the American people and plunged that in to the largest deficit ever seen. But that was Obama's fault, no Republican had a hand in that. George W Bush? Never heard of him.

The Republicans want the Democrats to capitulate to the Republicans on their ideas of "fiscal responsibility." I heard a Republican say, "Today's deficit spending is tomorrow's tax hike." If they truly believed that, the budgets of the Bush era would have looked much different. Oh but they live in a different world, where tax cuts and increases in spending "don't matter." They're right, they don't matter. Because you can use the deficits and potential tax hikes as a weapon in an election to gain power, and then say "oh, we're not going to do anything about that because it doesn't matter." The Republican ideal of "fiscal responsibility" is enriching the rich on the backs of everyone else, while selling the country to China.

The Republicans are nothing but a party of nepotists and hedonists who are looting this country and passing the money to their rich and powerful friends, while telling the rest of us it's what we want, it's good for us, and we asked for it.

The Republicans are saying that the government hasn't been listening to the people. The Republicans are telling everyone what to say. Now the Republicans are telling the Democrats to "compromise."

I think the Democrats should "compromise" about as well as the Republicans did the past two years - that is not at all.

Stick by your ideals, Democrats.
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