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TwilightZone's Journal
Posted by TwilightZone in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Oct 20th 2007, 09:02 AM
Some people around here use “Democrat” like it’s a curse word. A word worthy of contempt and derisiveness. An identity to be mocked.

Well, I got news for ya, folks. I am a Democrat, and I don’t care who knows it. And, GASP!, I even support Democrats for office! Oh, the humanity!

This election is not just about the presidency, it is about all levels of government. We need to get Democrats (yes, DEMOCRATS) elected at all levels – national, state, city, county, and local. We cannot hope to push for a more progressive agenda if we don't get elected in the first place.

The only realistic alternative to electing a Democrat, in the vast majority of races, is ending up with a Republican. I’m just not all that interested in that alternative, thanks.

So, Democrats it is.

Since I know that there will be objections to my proclamation, I’ll address some of them before the inevitable occurs.

“You’re just a blind party loyalist”

Well, at least I’m consistent. I guess that I could emulate others and wander from cause to cause, staying with my current “hero” only until I am dissatisfied by some minor quibble, then scamper off to find my next hero/victim. I could also lump all of the Democrats together in some oversimplified, silly assertion. The entire Democratic Party is right of center. All Democrats are spineless. All Democrats cave to Bush. All Democrats eat kittens. Blah, blah, blah.

I think I’ll stick with trying to get Democrats elected.

“This is a website for progressives only.”

Huh. It looks to me like the name of the website is, not…something else. The rules say something about supporting Democratic candidates for office. On Wow, I never would have made that connection. What a concept!

If that doesn't work for you, feel free to start Number of members: 1

Democrats come in all sizes and flavors. You can try to label all Democrats, but you will fail. Democrats aren’t all liberal. They’re not all progressive. They’re not all weasels.

Ok, Zell Miller is a weasel, but not all of them are.

Bad news, folks. If we’re going to win Congressional races in all parts of the country, we need nearly all of the Democrats, even the moderate and conservative ones, because what works in one region of the country doesn’t necessarily work anywhere else. There’s a reason why Ben Nelson has a 70+% approval rate in Nebraska, and it’s not because he’s a liberal. I disagree with him on many, many issues, but trust me…Pete Ricketts would have been significantly worse, hard as that may be to believe.

If we want to keep the majority in the land of (D), we’re going to have to realize that not everyone shares our opinions on every issue. And, horror of horrors, we might even need to appeal to a few Independents and Republicans.

“Loyalty oath! Loyalty oath! You're too demanding! Stop telling me what to doooooooooo!"

When a Democratic official actually knocks on your door and demands that you sign an oath on the dotted line while there is a gun pointed at your head, feel free to send me a copy. Otherwise, try out the phrase, “No, thanks.”

On a side note, does your knee hurt when it jerks like that? Loyalty oath – ow! DLC – ow! Hillary – ow, ow, ow!!! Stop that!

Er, where was I….

“If we nominate X and X becomes president, nothing will change”, aka “The Democrats are just like the Republicans”

Yes, I agree. I’m certain that a Democratic president will nominate someone just like John Roberts to the Supreme Court, will provide the rich with massive tax cuts, and will gut social programs. Then, they’ll privatize Social Security, push anti-choice legislation, and waive environmental regulations. And, that’s just the first week.

I’m just *positive* that will happen, right down to my bones. It’s the truth, simply because I believe it. Nothing else matters. Like facts, for example.

“Everybody I know hates X candidate, so we’re just going to lose, lose, looooooooose!!”

Well, I have some bad news. Your own personal worldview is not indicative of the voting public. Not even close.

Besides, your mom is just being supportive, and your dog doesn't get a vote.
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