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Ohio Politics and Beyond - VolcanoJen's Journal
Posted by VolcanoJen in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Oct 11th 2008, 11:56 AM
Sorry this report is a little late, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. And I hope it gets you FIRED UP and READY TO GO!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008 - Cincinnati, Ohio - Ault Park

On a beautiful October day in Cincinnati, Ohio, bathed in resplendent sunshine in gorgeous Ault Park, I saw for myself the Next President of the United States.

The day began on a bit of a sour note. At a Sunoco in Covington, Kentucky, picking up some coffee and wearing my Obama shirt, a man asked me if I was on my way to the Terrorist Rally. Now, I feel the best way to deal with these people is to use snarky humor, so I snapped back at him that yes, and in fact I was late to pick up Mohammar Qadaffi and didn't really have time for small talk. The clerk behind the counter laughed her ass off, and the man just walked away. Don't ever forget... these people are cowards. Hit 'em back and they'll run. While paying for my coffee, the clerk told me, "Be sure you don't wear that shirt into the polls when you vote, they might not let you vote and you need to have your vote counted!" I smiled and told her that I live in Ohio, and I already voted. She high-fived me.

So, off to pick up my friends and head to the rally! We wanted to get there as early as possible so we'd get a good view of Obama; the rally was scheduled to start at 3:00 with the "doors" to the park opening at 1:00. We arrived at 11:30, and walked right up to a perfect view!!

We took our spots on the gorgeous lawn and since we were so early, everyone just stretched out like felines and bathed in the abundant sunshine. We were surrounded by such lovely people. There was an adorable family picnicking in front of us, with kids in their Halloween costumes. The little boy wore an Obama Halloween mask and his mother lifted him up on her shoulders while hundreds of people snapped photos of him, laughing. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by joyous, positive people. Such a refreshing change from these awful McCain/Palin rallies we've been watching on our televisions nightly. We chatted while the hours passed; the most common topic was that nobody could remember the last time a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT stumped in CINCINNATI in OCTOBER. For those who do not know, the southwestern corner of my beloved state of Ohio is the reddest part of the state, and I will always believe that the 2004 election was taken from John Kerry here. It is incredibly encouraging that Barack Obama decided to fight for the voters of Cincinnati, so we showed up to allow ourselves be counted. The local media reported that 15,000 of us were gathered together to show our support!! You'd really have to be from here to understand how astounding that number is.

A few crowd shots to get you warmed up:

The rally started with Cincinnati Mayor Mallory getting us all fired up. We heard from our EXCELLENT candidate for Congress in the Ohio 1st Congressional District, Steve Driehaus, who is leading in the polls!! We received a beautiful invocation, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. And then, a surprise guest... our own Governor, Ted Strickland!!! We roared in approval when he was announced. Now, something pretty funny happened... he began his speech with "My Friends" and the entire crowd groaned! Governor Strickland did this on purpose, and when he broke into a huge smile, we all had a hearty laugh! He said that after we work hard on Election Day, we Ohioans will go home, tired, put up our feet and begin watching the returns. He said that, at about 11:57 pm, when the newscasters say "AND THE GREAT STATE OF OHIO HAS GONE TO BARACK OBAMA," we will know that we have won. The crowd erupted when he made his electoral prediction! GO TED!!! We love our Governor.

Next, we heard a heartwarming speech from a Mount Orab mom whose husband lost his job. We were all excited and happy until she spoke, because she really brought home the economic crisis to all of us. You could hear a pin drop in our crowd of 15,000 as she spoke.

Well... until she began the words "I introduce to you the next...."


"... President of the United States, Barack Obama!!"

I've just never seen anything like it. When that man walked onto the stage, we erupted in joy. Just pure, unadulterated happiness, I tell you. It was a sight to behold. I will never forget it and hope to carry that precious memory throughout my life.

Barack gave an excellent speech about the economic troubles we face. He had to have swayed any undecided voter in that crowd when he said, "Now, there's a lot of you here, Cincinnati. Can I have a show of hands? How many of you make over $250,000 a year?" Of course nobody raised their hands and we all looked around and laughed. One guy behind us yelled "I'M BROKE!!!" and Barack laughed. He talked about the greedy AIG executives. He talked about the ridiculous bankruptcy laws that won't allow you to write off the mortgage on your FIRST house, but you can write off your SECOND to your SEVENTH house. He talked about seven houses an awful lot and we all laughed every time he said it.

He spoke for 40 minutes and it felt like 5. He left the crowd wanting more, more, more. He left us SO fired up. I'm telling you, my dear sweet Democratic Underground friends who have carried me through these last seven years of misery, Ohio voters will walk across glass through a desert to vote for this man.

This is probably my favorite photo of the day... let it be known that when Barack Obama carries Ohio, that's the BALLGAME. Let it inspire you through the last weeks of this historic campaign:

Here's a crowd shot of the walk out of the park.... look at these people! They stretched beyond that for-eh-ver. It makes all of us wonder if the estimates of 15,000 weren't incredibly low.

And finally... as we walked back to the car, we walked through the wealthiest section of one of Cincinnati's suburbs, Hyde Park. The neighborhood was littered with McCain/Palin signs in every yard. But there was one woman we'll never forget, because she stood on her lawn berating the crowds as we walked past. And what was she doing? SHE WAS WALKING HER PONY. A pony! A miniature horse!!! And she had a tire swing in her lawn!! And a McCain sign! If you're a reader of Atrios' blog, you have to understand that we hit the motherlode... a pony, a tire swing, and a McCain sign! Literally thousands of people walked past this McCain supporter and she just kept givin' it to us. We had to capture the moment:

And so, that's my report. I realize it's long, but I hope you enjoyed it, I hope it inspires you, and I hope you know that we are fightin' here in Ohio and we will deliver to you THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, BARACK OBAMA!!!!

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