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Waiting For Everyman's Journal
Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Thu Sep 08th 2011, 08:20 AM
Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York are getting hit hard by flooding, and more rain is expected for several days. At least though, it isn't windy. The ground is so wet though, that trees are falling over as it is anyway. Towns in various places are being evacuated.

Updated: September 8, 2011 7:20 am ET
The remnant moisture from what once was Tropical Storm Lee has left a drenching legacy from the Deep South into the Northeast that is shattering previous rainfall and flooding records. In parts of Pennsylvania and New York, this flood event could rival or top those from June 2006 and the Agnes 1972 flood!

More info and pics at link.

Video of flood in Ellicott City, MD today:

What's additionally weird about that video is that the water is rushing down the street from HIGH ground above. At the bottom of the street is the Patapsco RIVER, i.e. a LOT MORE WATER. The lower end of of the street, next to the river, is where floods there usually originate from, of course. This is bizarre. I can't even imagine where that much water is coming from up above town. There are no sizable creeks or anything to feed it. That's just pure runoff.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Tue Sep 06th 2011, 01:43 PM
The RW's deliberate lies about this is the issue, not Hoffa's wording.

Hoffa's words were verbal, not written. He deserves some leeway about how perfectly his words were said. Besides, it's a failure of comprehension on the RW's part. (And as for the SOB comment, politics is not church, it's good to keep that clear too.)

But in contrast to that, the RW premeditated and deliberately created a public smear of a guy by altering his words and passing it off as genuine - a deliberate deception of the public... for the sole purpose of whipping up an ACTUAL frenzy against him - the very thing they're complaining about. It's the classic "make the victim the bad guy" move.

THAT, is a big deal. Hoffa's is a little deal, if anything at all. Until we (the public) can tell the difference and put the outrage where it belongs, we are not going to make any progress at all.

The media wind-up dolls are not innocent in this. They're just as guilty as the RW liars, for participating in promoting the lie. Both the RW and the media, and any who give them any sympathy, are morally disgusting and cowardly. Those two camps should be fearing the public's opinion on this, not the man who speaks the truth.

A big, fat, public lie trumps a word-choice any day of the week.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Wed Aug 31st 2011, 04:25 AM
Dedicated to all those who have been without power during the hurricane. From

'Oh no! My Internet is down', by James Kindall


I've got so much time on my hands, in fact, that I wrote a doggerel about life in Irene's wake for those lucky ones among us who, like me, have lost only electricity.

Personally, this has been an epiphany. At last, I see the bigger picture: Life is more than YouTube -- it is an endless session of Skype, only bigger:

We lost it when Irene blew through
Wi-Fi, laptop, iPad, too
On my Kindle, no bars found
Oh lord, the Internet is down

My Facebook friends no longer poke
I cannot tweet a single joke
My iTunes offer not a sound
Now the Internet is down

I finally fix that yellow chair
Clean my office, wash my hair
Then I wander all around
Now the Internet is down

The library's packed. And Starbucks, too
I need my fix. Can I sit here too?
Is Wi-Fi in another town?
Now the Internet is down

You know, this thing could change my life
That woman there? Seems she's my wife
I wondered why she hung around
Now the Internet is down

I have a daughter! Son! It's true!
A family. Job. Good grief, who knew?
I feel better. My mind is sound
Now the Internet is down

I'll search the house and find a nook
To finally read that Hawking book
My thoughts are clear, my soul unbound
Now the Internet is down

I'll study Zen. Take up guitar
I'll search for wisdom near and far
To Internet's death, I raise my cup
Wait. Never mind. It came back up

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Tue Aug 30th 2011, 10:21 PM

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said he can empathize, in a small way, with the victims of Hurricane Irene. Christie tells the story of how he and his wife lost all their belongings during Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

(short video)


Nothing of high import, just an interesting little human interest angle.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Tue Aug 30th 2011, 08:04 AM
upper Atlantic hurricanes. They *think* they do, but they don't. The authorities know about the "Isabel effect" (my term for it). That's what they were worried about all along, and they were right. And that's what would have made Irene much worse (hence the hype) except for luck. What they were expecting and were right to expect unfortunately came down worst of all in Vermont. The Midatlantic was (relatively) lucky, the Northeast was unlucky this time.

What happened in hurricane Isabel is that water got shoved up into the Chesapeake Bay at high tide. So there was high tide, plus wind-driven surge, plus high waves. Then, the rain water runoff flooded the rivers in the opposite direction, running downstream - all of it converging at the mouth of the rivers, forwards and backwards so to speak. Entire areas near the rivers were devastated, and didn't even get close to back to normal for three years.

Chesapeake Bay got very lucky this time, and due to the wind blowing from the westward bands at the time Irene passed over, water was shoved *out* of the Bay, not in. Delaware Bay and Hudson Bay also were pretty lucky. But the heavy rain and the downriver effect remained, and there was still a moderate amount of surge and wave. Any more than we got, and it would've been bad - at the Chesapeake, the Delaware, and the Hudson (any of the big coastal rivers). But the northeast with it's steeper rivers and starting off saturated, still got the flash floods worst of all.

All of this was expected, because the professionals working on preparedness KNOW about these conditions, and know about what happened in Isabel. It's isn't Florida, and it isn't Texas. It isn't your area shoved up north. It isn't even quite like NC. The "back bay" flooding that the outer banks got this time is a taste of one facet of it.

If the timing with the tides and positioning of the storm as it passed by had been just *slightly* different, max "Isabel effect" could have happened all the way up the coast even *without* the winds being any stronger than they were. And that would've been disastrous, especially in NYC. (The hype terms would've been pretty apropos.) All it would have taken to affect that timing, is if Irene had moved at a slower or faster SPEED. None of the forecasters or broadcasters, nobody, could have predicted that. That is still beyond our "powers".

So what I've learned is that people from other areas need to STFU about our hurricanes which they know nothing about. Fortunately, the pros do. And the pros give their information to the media, who in turn report it as accurately as it's going to get these days.

Florida and Gulf Coast, you have experience at your hurricanes but you are not experienced at ours. You don't know what you're talking about. (And you shouldn't even presume to think you do.) Ragging on people who frankly did a *great* job of protecting us is beyond ignorant, it is destructive. And that has no place from the sidelines, while you're not involved but we are still going through it. It's completely inappropriate.

That's what I learned.
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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Mon Aug 29th 2011, 03:06 PM
So I'll answer my own question. These "poor people" who had to go into hock to leave town because the media "terrified" them, did not instead go to the FREE SHELTERS because there, they would have to be closer than they wanted to be to... other poor people. Which means, these were Virginia racists. We're wasting our time here on bogus hype puff pieces based on that, WRONGFULLY slinging mud at the media and authorities who HELPED US. Nope, that won't fly with me.

Let me get out my tiny violin for them... these poor people (er racists) traumatized into hock by the big, bad, media.
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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Mon Aug 29th 2011, 05:34 AM
Irene leaves damaging and deadly floods, rushing waters


Numerous "swift-water" rescue teams were dispatched Sunday night around Vermont, where state emergency management spokesman Mark Bosma said some small towns were "entirely covered with water" and people, including a woman who was in labor, were stranded in schools and cars.

Vermont State Police Capt. Ray Keefe said Wilmington is "cut off," hundreds of roads had been closed, and some homes were washed off foundations and into lakes.

And "conditions continue to worsen dramatically" in Vermont's capital of Montpelier, city manager William Fraser said Sunday night, noting National Weather Service warnings of rising river waters that have spurred evacuations and will cause "major flooding" downtown early Monday morning.

"The conditions today have been awful," Bosma said. "Water is pretty much everywhere."


At least see the first video below, it's unbelievable.

Flooding at hydroelectric station in Quechee, VT

Whetstone Brook, Brattleboro VT

Raging river in Brattleboro VT (Whetstone Brook)

Kennedy Pond dam, Windsor VT

Grafton VT

Queche bridge, VT

It's just as bad in other areas too, especially NJ. These are just a random sample:

Hackettstown NJ

Ilion NY

Lowell MA


This is so serious, and it's NOT over. Twitter info at #VTirene, #VTresponse, #VTgov.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Wed Aug 24th 2011, 04:22 AM
and see if it was bad enough for you. I lived there for that one, now I live not too far from the one today. In 1971 I was asleep when it struck about 6 in the morning and got knocked out of bed. I looked out the window and nothing seemed damaged and it seemed to be over, so I went back to sleep. Later, on the news, I was shocked to hear that there was a lot of damage not far from me at all, and a lot of people killed and injured. And that was L.A., an area of mostly one-story buildings, which didn't have far to fall.

The point is, sometimes we people are lucky and sometimes we're not. This time we were lucky. It doesn't pay to take any earthquake for granted.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Tue Aug 23rd 2011, 04:54 AM
Just a few weeks ago I stood on a public platform and vigorously slammed proposals for Western military intervention in Libya.

The hasty scramble by the Americans, French and Britons lacked strategy and a clear goal.

To me it appeared to be yet another oil-fuelled, reckless act by gung-ho leaders who would end up being sucked in to a long military campaign as futile as the Bush-Blair adventures into Iraq and Afghanistan that we are still paying for in terms of wasted lives.

“Here we go again,” I said. “Another imperialistic adventure with the long-term aim of getting our grubby hands on other peoples’ oil.”

<continued at link> /


This writer was able to honestly reconsider her earlier position, and she tells why.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in Political Videos
Mon Aug 22nd 2011, 02:57 AM

Here's a UK Telegraph article about the video as well:

Libya: Sky News reporter Alex Crawford praised for dramatic Tripoli reporting

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Mon Aug 15th 2011, 04:09 AM
I tend to think Obama will be re-elected anyway. Why? Because he's doing what the PTB want just fine. And even if he doesn't get elected, either way, I don't think who the President is will make much difference. Obama is acting like the alternative, so why fear the alternative?

I'll vote for him, but I won't give one minute of my time or one dollar. Que sera sera, what will be will be. My getting upset isn't going to change it. And I don't think any amount of effort and donations will change it. If we don't donate, the big money will chip in and see that who they want is elected - and that may very well be Obama. I wouldn't be at all surprised.

I'm interested in the local candidates, and a few progressive out of state candidates, and I will begin burrowing into the Dem party on a precinct level so that sometime in the future it might change. And I'll share whatever I learn about it with others who want to do that too.

Beyond that, it's like watching a slow-motion train wreck. I have opinions, but I'm done being upset about what happens. Even though I'm one who is on the desperate side of things.

No matter how much I may lose, I'm not going to let these jerks (politicians) and predators (corporations) make me crazy. I won't go there. I don't care about the predator-state's daily petty threats and their blackmail and their hostage-taking anymore. Shoot the hostages, I don't even care if it's me. They'll do it anyway, so why care or give them more on top of it?

Oh and yes, I'll show up if a movement coalesces. In answer to a newbie gen-xer's post I saw today - yes, there are still boomers around who remember how to do it. No, we're not all gone yet. All we need is to hear the right signal and we're ready to roll. And lots of us don't have much left to worry about anymore anyhow. It isn't time to give up hope, but it isn't time to freak out either. That won't help. As Churchill said, "We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy." (Amen to that. This is a long story we're playing out, 400+ years in my family, as with others here too.) Just pay attention and do what you can. But be ready for curve balls comin' atcha - they've thrown out the rule book, and they're wingin' it. So must you.

As Bob Dylan put it, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".
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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Wed Aug 10th 2011, 11:28 PM
You know the rest, remember what the Doormouse said.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Wed Aug 03rd 2011, 12:58 PM
that, by golly, you may be right. Everyman may be showing up at last. Who knew - I had to figure out how to show up, myself, first. LOL. Isn't that just typical?

libmom74 is responsible for turning on the light bulb in my head, by mentioning the OP info in another thread. Thanks to you, libmom74! (Thread below)

Honestly, I always thought that party positions were all appointed. I asked how to get in many times and never got an answer. I thought all I could do is be a member of the party, and the rest wasn't up to me. I had no idea that there was a "door handle", a way to get in without being a friend of a honcho who's already inside.

I feel like Homer Simpson (big D'OH! and facepalm). And I am not what's usually known as an "uninformed" person. So if I didn't know this, there are lots of others "out there" who don't know it too.

We gotta round up all us Everymans, get us briefed on the rules of the game, and get back in it.

At least I was right about this being the place to wait.

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Posted by Waiting For Everyman in General Discussion
Wed Aug 03rd 2011, 11:48 AM
as I undersand it, a precinct committeeman is elected on the day of the general election primary. Yes, there are vacancies that the chair can appoint, but the normal route to becoming a committeeman is to be elected on primary election day. To run, go to your county Board of Elections website and get one of their forms and file it (the time would be some weeks/months before your next primary, whenever that is, probably next Spring). Then you will be on the primary ballots printed for your precinct. (The info in the OP explains more about this - the handful of signatures you need to get from registered voters to file with the application, etc.)

The precinct is so small, it's basically your neighborhood. The election takes place at your polling place, and those are the people who can vote for you. So since you're canvassing anyway to get out the vote for the "ticket candidates" (those running for non-party offices, governor, senator, president, ect.), at the same time you can campaign for yourself for committeeman. You can do it on primary election day too, as people walk in to vote.

It usually doesn't take many votes to win for committeeman - a handful in most places, sometimes only one (your own). The county chair has nothing to say about that. So now you're on the committee. Next step, you might have to take over the committee or get rid of the chair, or both.

So if you can find other like-minded people in other precincts in your county who can do the same thing above, you and they will be in a position to elect the chair next time. Maybe a meetup group online or something like that could be started to find closeby local people who can get to know each other and do this in other precincts. Next time the county chairman will be elected from your group, if you network together enough precincts. It's totally possible that a month after the next primary, the county chairman could be you! Then you'll be appointing who you want to vacancies.

Two tools I learned about while checking out the OP and info for how to do it in my state:

1) There is such a thing as a "walking list" which is used in canvassing. It's a map of your neighborhood which shows how everybody is registered and how they voted previously. The party has it and should be giving it to you to GOTV. 2) My county has voters lists for sale, I'm sure most or all counties do. I'm kind of shocked that that is available, but nevertheless it exists so we may as well use it too. In my county, the entire list for the whole county was $50 which is also surprising to me that it is so cheap. (I'm not sure if those two are the same thing or different.)

I guess what you and others in that situation will have to do is take over the local party, one notch at a time. (All of us will have to do it at some level, to some degree - that's what we're talking about here.) If there's a bad apple, find out who can elect them, and get Progressives in those lower positions to vote them out. If you keep networking with others wider and wider as needed, the bad applies will be replaced with your own people.

That's just my untrained thought on it, as a "battle plan". Maybe others who are more experienced have some input to give you.

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