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Posted by WesDem in General Discussion: Presidency
Fri Jan 08th 2010, 04:01 PM
Yesterday, a Friend of Politijab called Rep. Deal’s office and spoke with his Chief of Staff, Todd Smith, about Deal’s letter to the President of the United States, apparently asking to see his birth certificate or other documents. I think Deal should be censured for this and I hope DUers who agree will write or call their Representatives and suggest it.

1. I asked Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal was going to release the letter he had sent to President Obama and he stated, “not at this time.” I asked Mr. Smith what the letter had requested from President Obama and he stated, “proof of President Obama’s citizenship and natural born citizen status so they could put this issue to rest.” I asked Mr. Smith if he was aware that President Obama had released his birth certificate online to factcheck and that the State of Hawaii had confirmed that President Obama was born in Hawaii. Mr. Smith said, “yes, but someone had told him that something on the back of the birth certificate was not right.” I asked Mr. Smith where he obtained this info and he would not tell me. Basically, Mr. Smith stated that they are waiting for the President to respond to their letter. Mr. Smith claims Congressman Deal has not done a press release on this and are not after publicity but are doing this because of his constituents concerns. Then I asked him if Mr. Smith was aware that release of the birth certificate (again) would not put this matter to rest as he claims Congressman Deal wants because of the nbc = 2 citizen parents BS. Mr. Smith states there are no other congressmen involved at the present time; however, they have discussed this issue with some other congressmen but would not say who. I asked if I could send Mr. Smith some information regarding this issue and he stated, “no, that he had all the information he needed.”

2. I asked Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal believed that to be a nbc = 2 citizen parents and he stated that he wasn’t sure what Congressman Deal believed but their constituents felt their was some questions regarding this issue (natural born citizen) that had merit. My response was of course, that in my opinion, this was well settled law. I asked to send him some info regarding this and he refused to accept any info.

3. I asked Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal supported the CGJ/AGJ and he did not answer my question one way or the other. So, not sure. I pointed out to Mr. Smith that these groups had already tried, convicted and sentenced President Obama in their online grand juries.

4. I asked Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal was aware that President Obama had been threatened. Mr. Smith was aware of those threats. I asked Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal was aware that judges who had rendered decisions in the eligibility lawsuits had been threatened, accused of treason, etc., etc. Mr. Smith stated, “that he was not aware of this.” I asked Mr. Smith if he wanted some information regarding this and he stated, “no”.

5. Mr. Smith asked me if I had contacted my representatives regarding this issue.(Deal letter) My reply was, “no, because none of my representatives had signed the letter to President Obama.” However, that I had spoken to some Congressmen’s (staffers) regarding this issue in the past. Mr. Smith asked who my reps were and I told him.

6. I was about to ask Mr. Smith if Congressman Deal had read the judges decisions in these eligibility lawsuits but Mr. Smith asked what my stance was regarding this issue. I told him that President Obama was eligible to be POTUS (had released his BC and Hawaii confirmed) and that if you were born in America, you were a natural born citizen–end of story. Mr. Smith stated, “this conversation is over” and would not answer any more of my questions, but asked for my name, which I gave him, again. (I identified myself and my State at the beginning of our conversation.) I stated, “fine, thank you”, and hung up the phone.

Note to mods: I post the entire report of the phone call with permission.
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