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Posted by WillTheGoober in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed Feb 13th 2008, 02:03 PM

I just want you to know that I believe in you.

I want you to understand that I absolutely know that you will rise above and beyond all of this.

I know the media -- the world of talking heads run by powerful men and unconscionable "neo-Conic" demagogues -- is against you now. I know that the polls look down and the challenges are stacking up for our campaign.

But I see your Calling -- from my mother who cries at your speeches because she is debilitated by chronic pain from slipped disks she can't get repaired because this country has lost its way and abandoned its sick and poor; to the down and out, sick, and addicted Americans behind my apartment building here in Baltimore City -- individuals without the resources or the education to do anything but steal, sell drugs, and risk their lives -- their American lives -- further spiraling, with the entirety of their community, into more systemic human injustices day after day.

You have talked to me. For once in my short life of 22 years, I can see in you a leader that has everything necessary to get us out of this terrible, depressing time in American History.

I believe with all of me that you care for this country. You have cried for this country -- you have toiled over the welfare of the American people -- and you have devoted your life to helping this country be the great America that we all want to believe in again; or for the first time ever.

Granted -- I am just some snot nosed city kid. I'm white and I'm really rather boring. But I love my mom -- and I love women. Women have protected me through the thick and the thin. Without women, I would not be the person I am today. Your election to the seat of Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation in the world is going to be Revolutionary. Something like 80% of this world's refugees are women. You are symbolic, which is far more important and powerful than historic; it transcends and includes history. Our current and future life on this warming, scarred planet of ours will be impacted by your Presidency, Mrs. Clinton.

I feel comfortable putting all of this onto your shoulders. I have always understood that women carry the world.

I don't have much money these days. I'm sorry for that. I'm getting hit with more overdraft fees than I can count -- my job is cutting my pay by a day per week just to stay afloat in this depressing economy ... so all I can offer to you, Mrs. President, is my Energy -- my hope -- my positive thoughts and feelings for our future.

Please accept this -- my Energy -- and take it all the way to the White House -- take it to every single American -- take it to every Woman and thank her for everything she has done to make this country compassionate and caring through this time of hatefulness and deceit; Take this Energy and rise, Mrs. President.

I support you.


William of Baltimore City, Maryland
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