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Toward the One
This is an article by Sam Waterston. I have met him, and he is, indeed, a very spiritual person.

Complete article here:

Some interesting parts:

At the center of faith is a mystery beyond understanding, which is to say, beyond expression. Mystics worldwide and all across time recommend silence as the best route to that mystery. ďBe still and know that I am God.Ē I believe that: meditation, even by an amateur like me, is immeasurably helpful there, as well as yielding all kinds of side-benefits, like better blood pressure and clearer thinking. However, communicating in words about what is revealed in silence is the province of poets and prophets.

But I can point. So, with apologies for their lack of grand sweep:

1. Faith is in our nature, like an appetite, or an instinct. You may be able to live without religion, but faith, you canít choose to do without. Faith in the day gets us up in the morning. It's that basic.

2. Religious faith helps me, and I especially recommend meditation and prayer, which sometimes seem, at least in the West, to be poor cousins to preaching and ritual... or maybe itís just that they make less noise.

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If you are interested in the world family, especially those in most need, I would strongly recommend you visit Refugees International on the web at or at their headquarters in Washington DC. This organization is composed of some rather remarkable people, including folks who have been in government in the US and national and international celebrities.

Why RI? For one thing, there aren't that many folks involved, they work on a shoestring, and they are grateful for any help they get. You won't see money you donate go for expensive airplane trips abroad-the Board of Directors each buy their own plane ticket when they go overseas-and they don't just stay behind in a luxury hotel-they go to the killing fields, the refugee camps, and places where refugees are building new lives. They are folks who know other folks and can, with a word or two, get organizations in place to help with a new refugee crisis or remind countries of the continuing trauma left after wars and genocides are long past.

The folks at RI are true heros to me--and some have even lost their lives trying to bring aid and comfort to refugees. If you'd like to know more about these heros, please go to this webpage I made in honor of them:
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