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bjobotts's Journal
Posted by bjobotts in General Discussion
Fri May 20th 2011, 12:07 AM
creating bubbles which have been bursting since Reagan reducing the middle class to the working poor with supply side economics and virtual slave labor.
Demand creates jobs and having money to spend creates demand etc.. Capitalism is based on having capital and making money from capital so only the wealthy were thriving while the rest of us were reduced to being unable to support our previous lifestyles because wages kept going down. Now these same republicans are attacking the social safety net which WE created for just such a predicament. Only a change in the laws can get us out of this mess...make it just as expensive to make a product or supply a service offshore as it would be if it were made or provided here in America through tax cuts/incentives/penalties...close corporate tax cuts and roll back the Reagan tax cuts and watch by God...American middle class will return and prosper.

You blame the victims in your comment and this op-ed is just another example of an American waking up...He just doesn't believe a majority of people are seeing the same thing he sees but they do. Exposing these republicans daily as the enemy to our democracy they have proven themselves to be is, out of necessity getting the majority awake and involved. NO TAX CUTS EVER CREATED JOBS...JOBS ARE CREATED BY DEMAND NOT CHARITY.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Sat May 07th 2011, 11:31 PM

Beware as this debate has evil lurking under its guise. It causes the focus to be on spending rather than on revenue. 2 wars and a give away to big pharma with this prescription drug plan all put on the credit card while at the same time cutting taxes on the wealthy and the corporate tax loopholes has drained the treasury increasing the debt lowering our ability to pay it down.

Putting conditions on the debt ceiling stops us from investing in our economy which will improve the economy so we can pay down our debt. We get paybacks from our investments in health care which will lower the debt in the future and this is but one area.

This debate about raising the debt ceiling focuses only on spending cuts when it should focus on revenue collecting. Most don't know that $34 billion is currently owed the IRS but repubs voted unanimously to cut the IRS budget making it nearly impossible to collect.(focusing only on spending again)

This new "Depression Maker" bill, the Corker-McCaskill bill called Commitment to American Prosperity Act is where the demons lie because it doesn't mention any programs for cutting spending but merely places a ceiling on spending. So even if there is money in the treasury to cover emergency spending like disasters or war it cannot be used for that purpose because that might take us over the debt or spending ceiling. Therefore we'd have to cut programs we currently are spending money on like Medicare and Medicaid and SS or education or defense to put us below the spending level of the debt ceiling. It does not even mention raising revenue like rolling back the Bush tax cuts or closing corporate loopholes to raise revenue to the levels we had in our treasury before this trickle down nonsense began.

McCaskill claims we just have to get a super 2/3rds majority to change the ceiling in an emergency...hello?...the stimulus bill was an emergency to keep us from going into another republican great depression...and look what it took to get that so forget about super majorities because the wealthy want to end Medicare and privatize SS anyway...McCaskill is trying to make a name for herself but is keeping the wrong company like Lieberman and Feinstein...she forgets who elected her. Her bill is insane..a real depression maker. The American Prospect has and article pointing out its insanity called "A Spending Cut By Any Other Name". Well worth reading for anyone wanting info on this debt ceiling debate and this insane bill.

This guy uses Geitner's name to scare us but no matter what we do know that putting conditions on the debt ceiling at this time will result in cutting Medicare and Medicaid, education and SS. The president asks for a clean bill for a reason...putting conditions on raising the debt ceiling is not the way to reduce our debt or deal with the problem. It will make dealing with the economic emergency we now face a depression much worse than the last one. I support the president on this one and urge you to do the same. We need another, larger spending stimulus package to get the economy moving again so people have money in their pockets to spend.
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Posted by bjobotts in Editorials & Other Articles
Thu May 05th 2011, 05:36 PM
There is a shifty proposal Democrats are signing onto that would end Medicare and Medicaid and SS as we know it which is going to be added to the "Raising the Debt Ceiling" proposal. A spending cap proposal called the Corker-McCaskill "Commitment to American Prosperity Act" which caps government spending to a percentage of GDP, which makes it sound harmless as it mentions no specific programs to be cut yet it is much worse than the Ryan Budget for ending these popular and voter supported programs.

Imagine having a cap on government spending and another war or disaster breaks out calling for emergency funds that exceed the spending cap. Now imagine that our treasury is loaded with cash from revenues which could easily cover the emergency. With the spending cap in place we could not use the treasury funds but would instead have to take the money to cover the emergency from other spending programs like Medicare, Medicaid or SS. Ding ding got it. It's an insane idea which would mean the end of any progressive policies we might wish to enact in the future. It is in fact A DEPRESSION MAKER. I refer you to this article:

A Spending Cut by Any Other Name

Conservative Dems shouldn't be fooled: The "CAP" Act would mandate huge cuts to popular domestic programs -- even when there's a budget surplus.
Heather McGhee | May 2, 2011 |

(here is a brief excert) The cap would also mean major cuts to the entitlement programs that three out of every four Americans want left alone. Here's some context for that 20.6 figure: Under Ronald Reagan, spending on health care and senior citizens was more than a third lower as a share of GDP, and total spending still averaged only 22 percent of GDP. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the proposed cap would lead to cuts of $1.3 trillion from Social Security, $856 billion from Medicare, and $547 billion from Medicaid over the first eight years of its operation. Recall how Republicans' midterm campaign ads about the Affordable Care Act's $400 billion Medicare cuts turned seniors against the party of Medicare? Now Republicans are luring Democrats into endorsing a cap that would cut entitlements even further (and into justifying tax breaks, not expanded health care).

Legislators may assume that the average voter won't grasp how capping spending at our historical average will actually diminish health and retirement benefits. If you're used to thinking about debt in terms of a monthly credit-card bill, capping the credit limit seems reasonable. But if your bills keep growing -- because, for example, you start supporting aging relatives -- capping it will mean you and your family will just have to go without. Sen. Manchin, from a state where one out of every six residents is a senior citizen, tried to have it both ways, endorsing the entitlement-cutting cap while paying lip service to "keep ... our promises to seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare." But make no mistake, a vote for a global spending cap is a vote to cut Social Security and Medicare, and soon.

Manchin can contradict himself with such ease because a GDP spending cap makes the components of the federal budget even more invisible than they are now. ..." Please follow the link below and read the entire article as this is even more serious than the Ryan budget proposal that passed the House.

This is extremely serious and unless the people attending town halls are well informed this will sound like a good idea so it is up to us to get the word out as many complacent democrats are signing on to this bill and it must be stopped if we are to have a middle class in the future as well as an elderly class. Please read this article as it details the horror of this proposal which some senators will attempt to force onto Obama in order to raise the debt ceiling. Here's the link:

It is called an insane depression maker yet senators are signing onto it daily...without knowing the consequences. Make it known.
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Posted by bjobotts in General Discussion
Fri Apr 08th 2011, 12:15 AM
corporate welfare for Exxon-Mobile who made $19 billion in profits, got $150 million back from the IRS and pad not one single dime in taxes,l along with Goldman Sachs, GE...hell, the list runs into the hundreds for corporations making billions in profits and paying no taxes. It's a revenue problem, not a spending problem...except for the military budget in which the USA pays TWICE on our defense budget what all other nations on the planet pay COMBINED...COMBINED. This is the agenda of the wealthy and their trans national corporations which these so called spending cuts are to pay for. Geez tea party republicans...get a clue...You are being used and they are feeding on your anger while completely misinforming you. least unions stand for the good of their members, the people...corps don't even consider "people"...only pocket books. Government is the only thing big enough to regulate them and keep them from destroying the planet....and the government is us.
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Posted by bjobotts in General Discussion
Thu Jan 27th 2011, 07:02 PM
The president is not KING. He needs to make it just as costly to make or produce or provide services off shore as it would be to just do or make it or provide it in the USA. He 'needs' to make sure these corporations pay taxes from offshoring to the treasury of the USA.

Dems tried to close a tax incentive to offshore and it was filibustered in the senate. DUH! and yet senate dems refuse to limit or change filibuster rules so they actually have to do it and the American public can see how pathetic their obstructionism really is.

The right wing members of the SC should be impeached and should have recused themselves from Citizens United case. Thomas lied on his taxes for was no "mistake". He knew his wife was getting income and just lied about it.

Imagine the corporate plutocracy has already taken over the government except for a small band who refuse them and are still working in the interests of the American people. Now imagine the biggest catastrophic collapse is happening which does not affect the wealthy and One man is elected to combat and straighten it out against tremendous odds. How much do you think he will be able to even address, much less fix? Yet Obama has managed to pull us back from another republican great depression, get some kind of health care and financial regulations in place while trying to make sure the people don't suffer anymore than they have to...while being called names from both sides.


We don't just need to be bigger than republicans but bigger than corporations also to back our elected leader or we really will have a stooge on a leash like Palin, McCain, Bachman etc...hell they're all the same in getting orders from lobbyists and not understanding how a Democracy works.'s not a mandate forced on you anymore than you're 'forced' to have children to get the child tax credit or forced to buy instead of rent to get the mortgage tax credit. If you don't have ins. coverage then you don't get the tax credit. No one is going to come after you but an emergency room visit will be very costly. When you file if you don't have the income then the gov. will buy the health ins for you. Now 80% of funds received by private ins. must go to actual medical care...not the pockets of its CEO. Wow. Medicare operates at a 3% overhead but imagine if it covered everybody...then we could "vote" to have it cover dental as well as medical (would not have that choice with private ins.)

Teabaggers calling in to see if they can still get the child tax credit if their child is not 100% human needs to be worked out with Bachman.
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Posted by bjobotts in Latest Breaking News
Sun Dec 26th 2010, 09:35 PM
We all wanted more but we didn't want that 'more' coming from other countries and economies simply so the top 2% could engorge themselves on profits at our economy's expense using our resources without paying taxes to rebuild our infrastructure economically and socially. Government is the only thing still capable of protecting us from massive corporate take over and destruction yet even it is slowly being bought off.

How many times now has Obama been threatened by wall street bankers and the fed as well as monopolistic corporations that they will shut down the entire loans...high interests...and no employment because an economic collapse will not affect the very wealthy...just the millions of the rest of us scrounging for food, water,shelter...and safety. If collapse comes as expected it will mean people like Karl Rove for example will have his throat cut by those closest to him. This is history.

Billionaires bitching about losing a million dollars/yr in taxes is just sick and demonstrates the impossibility of people being capable of regulating their own greed. These republicans are too stupid to see how a collapse they cause will bring about their own demise...Too dumb to see that their electoral wins were really just a threat to the dem party to get on the ball and actually do what the people elected them to do...not to be partisan but to be progressive.
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Posted by bjobotts in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Dec 02nd 2010, 10:19 PM
COLLAPSE. These multinational corporations and their wealthy owners must face the fact that you cannot have sustained growth with finite resources.
They've poisoned the oceans; are destroying the ozone layer; polluted the air; poisoned our drinking water; destroyed our top soil so seeds can only grow in chemicals with dirt thrown on top and caused massive climate change leading to global warming...all in the name of greed and profit.

We are in the "fourth turning" where we all will undergo massive change and upheaval...either having it forced on us, or willingly being bold enough to make the changes ourselves.

In the future it will be the "United Islands of America" or maybe the wastelands of death as united communities spring up just for people to survive. The wealthy will all be targets as money has no real meaning to such communities. Most will be dead anyway if we become emboldened and realize that "Democratic Socialism" is the only form of government that both ensures our Freedom and our Survival.

Destroying Wall street and hedge fund managers is the first step to bringing our democracy back. Medicare for all and increasing Social Security and getting rid of terms like "portfolio" will enlarge communal thinking.

Most of us believe what we believe because we are afraid not to even though we have absolutely no subjective experience of those beliefs. Fear underlies so much of our lives and will even cause us to give up trying. If you're gonna give up completely then do the world a favor and shoot some self centered greedy bastard before you go which usually = a republican.

Don't give up and get depressed. Remember "THIS TOO WILL PASS". In the meantime get as prepared as you can, hopefully with a community for support, knowing that democracy is being held hostage by a class war...the wealthy have most of the money but we have the numbers...making Democratic Socialism THE tool for freedom AND survival. It's the American way.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Sun Nov 21st 2010, 10:42 PM

usa...lied us into a war...usa...tortured innocent civilians...usa...killed, maimed and displaced millions of innocents including women and children...usa...disaster capitalism threw us into a depression...usa...wall street banksters and private health ins raping oujr economy...usa usa usa...just keeps it loud enough so you don't have to put your fingers in your ears to block out truth and accountability for admitted war criminals "appointed" to the WH and never truly elected by the people.

Forced elections of corrupt puppets of usa is not democracy. No democracy in the ME...just disaster capitalism.

usa, usa, usa 'cause we don't 'want' to know the truth... we just want to dominate the conversation.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Thu Nov 18th 2010, 06:57 PM

buying food products which only cost .20cents to make so pays wages to all those who got it to market who will in turn then have money to spend buying other products and services further stimulating the economy. The roofer's wife is a waitress who got tips from those with unemployment benefits who could afford to continue eat out with their families once a week so she doesn't lose her job and the restaurant stays in business as she brings home more earnings the restaurant owner can finally pay for a new roof and pays the waitress' husband to roof now with the earnings from both waitress and roofer husband they can afford to buy a new truck bringing funds to the truck salesman who can now also afford to eat out and tip the waitress and keep the restaurant owner in business so he can pay for his new roof...etc., etc., etc.

Republicans still too slow to see that you grow an economy from the ground people have money to spend to buy goods and services keeping the cycle going. They want to eliminate food stamps and unemployment ins and then scratch their heads watching the economy fail for millions 'cause they already got theirs from being born to it or gaming tax payer dollars.

What self defeating idiots these tea partiers be, shooting themselves in the feet because they were told "You don't want the government telling you what shoes to buy." They learn nothing from history and find it difficult to feel empathy for another human being. Believing propaganda TV because it gives them someone to blame and hate, truth be damned. They are causing the very collapse that will soon engulf them choosing THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN OVER THE MOST THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED AT PRESENT... as they try to burn their 'Bushie' uniforms and pretend it wasn't them.

Republicans would rather start a war than loose an election. Cause the economy to fall into disaster than have people with solutions show them up...or shred the Constitution rather than lose power. To not know they are destroying our democracy is to not WANT to know.
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Posted by bjobotts in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun May 30th 2010, 07:28 PM
Cutting down the rain forest, destroying the ozone and the atmosphere, poisoning our drinking water, removing the top soil and now poisoning the oceans all in the name of greed. The people must be free to elect protectors of our planet and life functions....some things are common to us all and cannot be destroyed to enrich a greedy few. We are at the tipping point.

Nationalize over privatize. Privatization has never worked...except to enrich the greedy few. Single payer national healthcare...National energy policy...ending monopolies....breaking up too big to fail banks...regulating wall street...federalizing the FED...through tariffs and tax penalties/incentives make it just as costly to outsource our jobs, services and manufacturing as it would be to do it here at home. The people are for it, the corporatists are against it...but look how deregulation is destroying our nation and our planet as we become enslaved by the wealthy.

Let me say it again people...Democratic Socialism is the only form of government that will ensure both our freedom AND our survival. Only the greedy wealthiest people will try to stop us...but greed cannot be self regulated...we the people must do it to protect ourselves from tyranny.

Freedom to choose...but ensuring we all share what we need and must have to survive.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Thu May 13th 2010, 11:55 PM

How about "No Fat Girls Allowed" even with ghost writing editors to the Palin Political Beauty Pageant so a "Queen" can be elected like they do in England, where they rule with the literal version of the Bible like Leviticus, so she can stone to death her daughter and Trig both... and all those who used her 'witch doctor"...including that doctor of hypocrisy -- John McCain.

Two ways to ruin a nation...McCain/Palin and the resulting congressional soap opera. Oh the gratitude of defeat. And to think here are those with such short memories they are ready to elect those from the unchanged party that nearly destroyed us simply because they now have more money with which to convince them. No matter what you believe those republicans are proven low-lives who don't understand policy or have the ability to do anything but what their lobbyists demand of them. It's "Mr. Christ" to them...and yes we have guns too especially after watching your insanity rethugs. When have repubs ever reached out, compromised, or did anything but insult and intimidate. Hell, the last administration belongs in prison so why would anyone want to elect more of them?

"We are all Georgians now"...(but certainly not all Afghans or Iraqis huh.).
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Tue May 04th 2010, 10:38 PM

Americans who realize that if we don't come to balance with our finite resources and make major changes to business as usual we will not survive as a democracy. I am the ghost of Thomas Jefferson speaking out against the efforts to silence me and exclude me from American History by our nation's enemies posing as patriots.





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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Sat Apr 17th 2010, 02:26 AM

Now that is dim. She gets paid to speak or she wouldn't even show up and is always wrong on everything she says but these closed minded goobers refuse to acknowledge the Palin reality. They are Paliens.

If these dim witted ignorant idiots think anarchy is patriotism or the nation would not turn into gang warfare everywhere rather than revolution while the ultra wealthy turn the nation into a plutocratic corporatocracy run like the military and they all (especially the elderly) would be the first to go then they have zero insight and are just stupid pawns being used so the wealthy greedy never have to pay taxes again. Chaos and disorder were well demonstrated by watching the Sunni and Shias devastate each other as America played Custer's last stand until they were smart enough to start "paying" the army they had just fired after the invasion.

"I'm not stupid...not like everybody says. I'm smart...I can do things"

Low level intelligence wanting recognition are the most easily manipulated...and you want them to carry guns?...and call for "desperate actions" from egos who think they know what's best for the rest of us? What part of stupid did you flunk?...must have been the "Id" part.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Sat Apr 17th 2010, 02:09 AM

The tea party received donations from only 4% of the people. The other 95% of us know we all got our taxes lowered to the lowest in 30 yrs while Exxon-Mobile and GE made billions in profits last year and paid not one dime in taxes to our federal government yet here are these ill informed goobers 'bitching' about paying taxes that cover our roads, schools, police, fire depts....the list goes on and on about all the great things our government does for the nation, but these anti-democratic Paliens can only bitch and criticize with no plans or workable policies and fear monger to get votes.

If the kind of violent christians these emotionally depraved fanatics represent demand christrian blood flow in the streets I for one would be willing to stand up and oblige them for they do not speak for my God. No one is killing "babies' since they aren't "babies" until they are born...they are fetuses...embryos...and just as many abortions were performed before R v W as after and just because they have the "chance" to become a baby doesn't make them a baby already...and if this preacher fanatic really thinks the deaths of 600,000 grown ups is equal to 600,000 fetuses or embryos (or the "unborn") then his thinking is pure insanity as he feasts on the emotional fears of his followers.

Hint: you are not a patriot if you do not believe in democracy or the will of the majority of the people and want to make your minority views dominate and are willing to kill those who believe in a democracy.

And btw...idiot...the civil war was not fought over slavery...that was secondary. As don't know what you're talking about.
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Posted by bjobotts in Political Videos
Sat Apr 10th 2010, 02:19 AM

Countries...any always gonna' have a misinformed/25% idiocy group who don't know anything about governing or the issues but who have huge egos that tell them they are the best drivers on the road. Hannity has absolutely no integrity, and is shameless in his pandering for dollars. In fact this "beauty pageant Mayberry government mentality" is so embarrassing. These goobers have no plans or policies only criticisms. Bachman telling constituents not to answer the census ends up getting her district's federal funding cut and would even decrease their representation in congress and Palin saying Obama knows nothing about nuclear proliferation when some of his finest work as a senator was working with Sen. Lugar (R) on this issue and he just brokered the best deal with Russia of any president so far and then to claim that Obama was not nice enough to Karzi (blame America first crowd of hypocrite republicans to side with a foreign leader threatening to side with the Taliban over our own president) and these dilbert uninformed goobers in the crowd cheer these "don't have a clue what they're talking about or doing quitters and blatant egotistical liars" shows just how clueless, careless and stupid they are. Thank god they are just a loud mouth minority who think they speak for the rest of America...they are the losers and always will be no matter how much Beck, Hannity, Palin, Backmman, and Rush try to cultivate their stupidity, anger and ignorance pushing them to be anti government and anti American just for ratings and money. Republicans are all losers in our democracy for they cannot accept or tolerate any opinions but their own. They want the country to be run like a military base with them as the generals telling everyone else what to do and punishing anyone who talks back. The authoritarian utopia. The majority of the nation can see they are quite insane, pitiful and pathetic. They should not be allowed any where near the levers of government. Palin does everything for money. That's why she quit her governorship leaving Alaska and Wasilla in huge debt. Such a manipulating lying hypocrite con and if you don't know this it's because you don't want to know for it is quite obvious.
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