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bobbieinok's Journal
Posted by bobbieinok in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Nov 10th 2006, 06:57 AM
An early caller asked if he had any 2008 plans to run. Clark said he was not opposed to running.

His contacts with people in the pentagon gives him lots of info about the generals' attitudes. For example, he said that senior officers find it very difficult to work with Rumsfeld b/c in no way can they treat their subordinates in the way R treats them. In addition, a caller asked if there was much difference of opinion between junior and senior officers regarding the situation in Iraq. Clark answered very clearly and simply that the nature of combat ensures that there is; one jr officer will experience and report very good results with working with Iraqi people and troops; another will experience and report bad experiences. Neither is able to evaluate the entire picture; that is the duty of senior officers.

I attended Clarkk's rally/speech in Tulsa in 2004 b/c of what I had read at DU. I found him an impressive speaker.

One thing that really impressed me. He said that in the military by and large your ability and work takes you pretty much as far as you want to go (ie, not a lot of race prejudice); he felt that everyone should work to make this possible in civilian society as well. I got the very strong impression (he may have explicitly said this) that his years in the military had not prepared him for the types of barriers that are common in US society and that he would work very hard to eliminate them.

He struck me as someone who was on a very fast learning project and was appalled at what he was finding.

His statements, speeches, and support of democratic candidates in 2006 should permanently put to rest the fears that some at DU expressed in the 2004 campaign that 'Clark isn't really a democrat.'

BTW, I remember a long 'conversation' Savage had with a caller during the primary campaign. The caller asked if that guy Clark running in the democratic primary really had been in the military. Savage had to admit that he had been and indeed had a record of courage and bravery. And then they spent about 10 minutes ranting about 'how in the world can a military person be a DEMOCRAT????????'
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