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Bolo Boffin's journal
Posted by boloboffin in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Sat Aug 16th 2008, 09:30 AM
...than the Hebrew Scriptures are anti-Semitic.

Jerome Corsi has fully exposed his racist core beliefs on Washington Journal. Again and again, he stated that the core of black liberation theology was hatred of America. This is a foul lie.

In an interview with Terry Gross, Cone explains the movement, which has roots in 1960s civil-rights activism and draws inspiration from both the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, as "mainly a theology that sees God as concerned with the poor and the weak."

...Cone explains that at the core of black liberation theology is an effort in a white-dominated society, in which black has been defined as evil to make the gospel relevant to the life and struggles of American blacks, and to help black people learn to love themselves. It's an attempt, he says "to teach people how to be both unapologetically black and Christian at the same time."


Dwight Hopkins, a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School, says black liberation theology often portrays Jesus as a brown-skinned revolutionary. He cites the words of Mary in the Magnificat also known as the "Song of Mary" in which she says God intends to bring down the mighty and raise the lowly. Hopkins also notes that in the book of Matthew, Jesus says the path to heaven is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the prisoners. And the central text for black liberation theology can be found in Chapter 4 of Luke's gospel, where Jesus outlines the purpose of his ministry.

"Jesus says my mission is to eradicate poverty and to bring about freedom and liberation for the oppressed," Hopkins says. "And most Christian pastors in America skip over that part of the book."

Hopkins attends Trinity United Church of Christ, where Rev. Wright just retired as pastor. In the now-famous sermon from 2003, Wright said black people's troubles are a result of racism that still exists in America, crying out, "No, no, no, not God bless America! God damn America that's in the Bible for killing innocent people."

According to Hopkins, that was theological wordplay because the word "damn" is straight out of the Bible and has a specific meaning in the original Hebrew.

"It means a sacred condemnation by God to a wayward nation who has strayed from issues of justice, strayed from issues of peace, strayed from issues of reconciliation," Hopkins says.

You don't call a nation back to justice that you hate. You don't call a nation back to peace that you despise. You don't call a nation back to reconciliation with God when at your core you wish to see it burn in hell.

This point is made most specifically in the book of Jonah, where the prophet was called to preach to a nation he did hate and despise. Jonah tried to flee, but God sent a storm and a fish and got him back on track. Then Jonah went and preached condemnation but not reconciliation, and the people of Ninevah repented anyway and were reconciled. Then God chastised Jonah for the hate in his heart with the incident of the gourd.

God has ALWAYS taken the side of the oppressed over the oppressors. God has ALWAYS done this. The apostles of hate, the servants of the principalities and powers of this earth like Jerome Corsi will lie and denigrate and cast their aspirations, but God will not be fooled, God's people will not be fooled, and those interested in hearing the truth will not be fooled.

THAT is what Black Liberation Theology is all about.

Judge it by its fruits! Look at Trinity United Church of Christ. How do they express this radical identification with the poor and the oppressed as seen in the Bible? 71 community outreach programs, helping people to stand up, to be proud of who they are, to build a society of justice and peace. You don't see terrorists flinging bombs coming out of there. You see people following Christ, who tend to the sick, who help the unfortunate, who visit those in prison. I am no Christian, I'm an atheist, but I tell you here and now, I'd rather be a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ standing before the Lord of Hosts in judgment than a smug hypocrite like Jerome Corsi.

God Damn Jerome Corsi's America.

eta: link to second quote
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