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bridgit's Journal
Posted by bridgit in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Feb 01st 2010, 06:58 AM
'the respondent mind' drives the pace of that acceleration and in certain cases it's deceleration. But if the mind does not respond, others with...maybe even corrosive agendas will simply interpret that as apathy. It is into that breach any as such Byzantine intrigues perceived as "takeover" are sown and begin to grow. So that like defensive driving: vigilance remains key. Though 'vigilance with respect to what?' I hear you asking

With defensive driving as a preliminary baseline we know what that is. There's no more call to expend whole spans of time to reckon it, pattern it, turn it in 3-D space, fit that piece into a puzzle (that I hope we've been gluing down as we go) cause it's *that guy*, the guy that races right round from behind us in grid-lock up the shoulder spitting gravel on the Hwy at 80mph just to get 3 cars ahead - that guy, that guy is assuredly accelerating the process. Hm, odd however...

To be paraphrasing a known republican word-chopper like Rumsfeld but crazy drivers being out there is 'a known known'. And that's how they do it. They exude 'knowing' whether they *know it* or not. Certainty, certitude. They extrude shit onto the podium in public; then accuse others of taking that crap until people actually believe it

With respect to vigilant freedoms - however - too many Americans were never concerned till they seen someone else pack them up and take a step toward the door

I used to perform longitudinal data recovery. A process where policy/legislative/social science researchers ask for verbatim, nuanced, detailed follow-up and so I'd call back into the homes of folks and ask if they'd be interested in providing any detailed verbatim expansion to a specific sample question either skipped, left open-ended, smudged whatever - just to make it right

The question researchers were keyed on in the sample dealt with 'personal privacy', and this was maybe 5 years ago

Spoke with an elderly WWII veteran American boy - his voice and playful country gruff-ness reminded me of my Dad - and spoke with a naturalized Russian emigre now living in the states: Sergei - 5 Masters Degrees - Poli Sci, Econ, Philosophy, Russian Lit all thickly accented heavy stuff

The ole American boy agreed and we talked for a time about this & that but soon I had to work it back around to the verbatim, "Why do they need to know that?" "Those people get paid too much money!" And that is when I maintain collegiality but 'go flat' for the sake of the sample - it was my going flat that accelerated his response, "You just tell those people that I have a right to not have my mailbox rifled by these kids on their bikes all day anytime they want to. You tell them that. You tell them that's what 'personal privacy' means to me." "Yes, Sir, thank you for your participation. Policy researchers will..." "Yeah, yeah, yeah." "And thank you for time as well, Sir. Goodbye." And that was it 'personal privacy' - American Style

Sergei had more than an opinion, Sergei had a pop-treatise on the matter ~

"'personal privacy' is entitlement provided by state or society to citizen..." And off we went. I felt like I was walking through The Hermitage. Before standing with Sergei in the chill of Stalingrad's falling snow. Maybe I'm too high strung and write, read, and pattern too fast which was good cause Sergei had me filling the back of the screen and upside down into the margins

It's sometimes more than asking two people to describe the same rose garden. As these exchanges left me with the clear impression that freedoms are viewed completely differently by people that have presumed their existence and inalienable viability all along; and people that have had little or no access to them. Quite beyond apples & oranges. It can be red roses...and blood red roses

So if they think that convicted, murderous sociopaths are the drivers for their "takeover" then everyone that has supported them is an accomplice to that perversion. And republicans know it. That's why, and especially after asking Obama to come on over and spank them for being so stupid; they have fallen so blissfully silent for a time as they are stunned by this murderous, ill-fruit they have sown. Their smack talking ill-fruit has made republicans less certain

Maybe they're re-tooling after their coo-coo boy went down so hard cause you know they were acting like he was a canonized saint about to get probation, community service and an ankle monitor...but that didn't happen - or looking for Luntz to attach an even *happier smiley face* applique onto that stale, tired-ass old "takeover" of theirs but I'll tell you this,

Americans will not have to endure any more "takeover" than they haven't already signed off on by way of their acquiescence to 'the respondent mind' searching for ways to make freedoms more expeditious, concise and personalized, oh yeah. It's accelerating and not all for the good nor in ways yet labeled
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