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dfgrbac's Journal
Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion
Sun Mar 06th 2011, 03:09 PM
The 20th Century saw the development of mass propaganda on a huge scale with catastrophic results for humanity, the Earth and its creatures. The people of Germany, Japan, Italy, and other nations followed blindly behind their leaders into war without real knowledge of the circumstances. After reading Gore Vidal, I can likely add the USA to the list. Control of the media within their respective countries is the key to public acceptance of their warmongering. Yes, Goebbels and the others knew how to control the general population. The methods of propaganda have now been finely tuned even more.

And look what has happened – check out this short 2 minute video.

It took more than the neocons to accomplish this, but they bluntly declared, “We are the new Rome!” Well, I am certainly not an admirer of ancient Rome. And I do not want to be a part of a new version. Their “citizens” were not treated very well in the long run. American citizens are not being treated very well today either. In fact, we are mostly referred to as “consumers” rather than citizens. This is what we are expected to do. We should shop, not be politically active. You may remember the original Story of Stuff video. It pretty much describes our society.

Now using the power of money, propaganda is king here at home. It is king because most Americans accept the misinformation presented in mass media without question, and without realizing that the media has been neutralized by massive media mergers into huge and very few media monopolies. Politics becomes controlled through monopolies, shutting out the voices of average folks and giving practically limitless political power to the mega-corporations. Check out the new video The Story of Citizens United, made by the Story of Stuff production team in cooperation with Public Citizen.

Years ago I did a series of articles on what I saw as “the failures of capitalism” on E-The People. One was on electronics which their Story of Electronics pretty much is in agreement.

Are you outraged by what these videos reveal? You should be!

What are we going to do to stop this abuse of humanity and the world? For me, I have the feeling that this will develop into a series also.
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion
Sat Feb 26th 2011, 01:21 PM
Stereotyping is a key tool of propaganda. Those who control media want us all to believe that groups are completely homogeneous in their ideas and beliefs. This helps them claim black and white differences between groups. It is my experience that in any group you will find much variety in the intensity of their agreement on any one issue. Thus the differences become gray rather than starkly black and white.

When you consider issues by themselves, the differences between groups often disappears. In other words, everyone wants freedom, a decent living, good food and shelter, a healthy environment, access to good health care, and so on. This defines the whole of humanity far more than the description of any group. It is issues like these that bring us all together once we remove the tyranny created on us by powerful ruling minorities that gain governmental power.

In fact group intelligence (especially of the "melting pot" variety) often shows a higher intelligence than any individual in the group - as this study reveals.

By the way, I do not advocate a wholesale changeover to direct democracy replacing our current government. Democracy is the only way for everyday people to access power. We need desperately to be able to place real issues on the national ballot, aside from the preselected characters we are forced to vote for. The National Initiative as designed by NI4D would create essentially a forth branch of government for the people without disturbing the current three branch structure otherwise.
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion
Fri Feb 25th 2011, 04:22 PM
The multi-cultural multi-ethnic structure of American society provides much variety in concepts and ideas. Rather than causing trouble between minorities (which admittedly does sometimes happen), it provides a richness to our society. It also helps us to understand the rest of the world. When our cultures mix in peaceful settings, a high level of interesting exchanges take place. The times when this fails is usually a result of groups that stubbornly refuse to listen to and respect the comments of others.

In watching world events over my lifetime (I am now retired), I see the same hopes and dreams in all peoples of the world. Our wishes and ideas are not all that different, no matter which country or peoples are the focus. Conflicts between nations happen due to actions of governments and their elite leaders, not actions of the people in general.

The fear of majority rule is something that has been (in my opinion) carefully instilled in us by a powerful minority that basically rules the world today. With the power they have controlling the media, they can convince us of anything - and they do. When they want to confuse an issue, they are experts in throwing out conflicting reports. So they have us well under their wing. Here is what I say about direct democracy; tyranny is imposed on the majority, not by it! The good people of the world (and that includes most everybody) would never create tyranny on anyone.

I believe a true democratic, multi-cultural society would advance far faster than anything the world has seen so far. The variety of ideas would help us find the best. You may have heard the phrase with quantity (of choices) you get quality!

Once we truly understand what the common good means (like ants do), we may have a real chance to survive.

Also, to understand what we are up against, check out this 2 minute video.
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion
Mon Jan 31st 2011, 02:04 PM
It seems Americans don't believe in the value of democracy anymore. I don't know what schools teach about democracy today, but when I went to school we were taught that it is the core basis of our political system. We were taught that when we grew up, we had a rather large responsibility as citizens of this great country to influence and guide its future, not only for our benefit but also our children's benefit. This concept seems to have been replaced with the idea that we are no longer citizens, but consumers who drive the American economy. Other than that, most of us take little responsibility for what is happening through the actions of our government.

Although our Constitution makes these actions illegal, our government has done the following:

1.Handed responsibility for monetary policy over to private banks – the Federal Reserve system – essentially surrendering the nation's wealth.
2.Attacked other nations unprovoked.
3.Ignored the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Constitutional Amendments) which were created to protect American citizens.
4.Installed non-verifiable voting machines making election results extremely questionable.
5.Undermined the functions of Congress to such an extent that almost nothing gets done, while relinquishing power to the Executive Branch.
6.The Supreme Court was to keep its hands off state elections, but it didn't.
7.And more – you could probably add some.

With all this going on, American citizens have been amazingly quiet. After what amounts to a slow coup d’etat, Americans mostly continue on with their own private lives – except for a relatively small vocal minority.

Frankly, I don't get it! How can we not do something as a patriotic nation about these abuses to our Constitution and to ourselves?

Some of us still try joining protest marches and writing letters or calling our representatives in Washington, but except for very small successes here and there, our efforts are ignored. The same can be said for electing new representatives, with little change in direction. The drift towards total corporate control of government (in other words, fascism) continues. This in spite of many knowledgeable authors and whistleblowers publishing books and articles warning about this trend. (If you're not up on this, I can supply references.) Even President Eisenhower (a Republican) warned us in his parting address to the nation half a century ago. Listening to him now – his insight was remarkable!

No, we Americans are not exercising our citizenship with any significant impact! And we seem to have forgotten that continued freedom requires democracy. Any ruling elite will not guarantee that!

If we study American history, it is obvious that electing new representatives will not change anything for long. The big money interests will always prevail. Check this and other related YouTube videos of Professor Richard Wolff.

So, if we cannot get democracy through representatives, how do we get it?

Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel has spent much of his life trying to empower American citizens against what President Eisenhower warned us about. After decades, Gravel's work (along with many others) has culminated in the National Initiative for Democracy. By enacting this legislation, we can protect ourselves against the approaching fascism. No one can protect us – except us!

But as I mentioned before, Americans seem to have forgotten the value and the necessity of democracy. The rising propaganda of the military-industrial complex and its media have been successful in changing our view of democracy.

Recent research, however, has shown that group collective intelligence often exceeds that of the individuals in the group. This is confirmation that democracy does have value for problem solving. And the good news is that our society has large resources of experts in all fields who already know the solutions we need. The problem is that they have no voice in our imperial controlled media and government. Gravel's National Initiative would end this roadblock to solutions. It would create open deliberations of proposed initiatives that would empower our experts while banning corporate influence on these initiative processes. These democratic processes would be implemented at all levels of government from local to national, while preserving the current structure.

I would appreciate a lively discussion by readers of this post on any and all comments.
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion
Wed Dec 29th 2010, 12:20 PM
Unless you are rich, you probably understand that our society is sick at its roots from personal experience. This malady just about covers everything about us and how we function as a culture from our individual and social health to our government and our rule of law. Although we spend more on health care than any other nation, we fall far down the list in successful results in general health care categories. Our dollar is just about worth a Green Stamp compared to its value in 1900. Official unemployment figures continue to be near or over double digit while millions of citizens have fallen off the official rolls and are no longer counted – making the actual unemployment much, much higher. The official unemployment figure is just another of the government lies we contend with daily. As you know, this lack of good information didn't just happen recently – this has been going on for decades.

I recently finished reading a very revealing book about the unbelievable breath and depth of misinformation we are exposed to everyday – misinformation that keeps us from making the right decisions for personal health to political. Thus, no progress is made as we vote in and out two sets of political bums. Instead of our society flourishing, we are dying, not just politically but also individually due to poor health.

The book is THE CHINA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Doctor Campbell is world renowned for his expertise in nutrition. His nutritional expertise was gained beginning with this ground breaking study and in the following years as his observations of hundreds of other studies from around the world produced overwhelming confirming evidence. China was chosen for the initial study because of the wide variety of health and disease in China and the diversity of its population from poor to rich, hard working physical areas to sedentary both rich and poor. Being all Chinese, genetic differences were minimized.

How could this book on nutrition reveal that we live in a ill-functioning society?

The reason is Doctor Campbell's experience with doing good science and the resistance he encountered by our cultural organizations and institutions to his discoveries. There is far too much in his book to try to explain in these few paragraphs, but let me list the most profound discoveries.

1. Animal proteins promote our worst diseases including heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. When patients are switched to an all vegan diet, these diseases are often halted and even reversed. Lab tests of mice actually stop cancer when animal protein is eliminated from the diet. This is not an isolated deal. The bad effects of animal protein have consistently been confirmed by hundreds of studies.

2. Our profit-motive culture guarantees that this information is not generally disseminated. Our meat and dairy industries have $billions at stake and do everything they can to maintain the status quo. Valid science reports are quickly confused by contrary studies that do not completely follow scientific conventions.

3. Confusion and industry power keep government agencies from making good recommendations to the public. This leaves most of us without the latest and best information to make decisions for our futures. Industry lobbyists make sure nothing changes to impact their bottom lines.

The result of Item 3 has far deeper implications destructive to our society than simply our diets. You have seen the mountain of conflicting information on other major issues such as climate change, and even worse – war!

Doctor Campbell does a good job of explaining this all in everyday terms. THE CHINA STUDY contains information we all need to understand if we are to save ourselves and our society from disaster.
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Posted by dfgrbac in Politics/Campaigns
Sat Feb 13th 2010, 01:54 PM
Throughout history massive changes in government (short of invading armies) have always been by the hands of the people. Hence the argument could be made that a nations people can determine the format of their own government at will if they act in unison. A nation's people are its most powerful political group.

Here in the USA this is even codified into our Constitution by the Bill of Rights. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments specifically reserve all powers not detailed directly to the people. So, are we outraged enough by the recent Supreme Court decision giving corporations unlimited ability to influence elections to really do something about it?

After more than a decade of work, an excellent piece of legislation is available for us to vote on immediately. And this legislation directly addresses campaign finance and creates a law excluding all but “natural persons” from funding campaigns. This legislation to be enacted by the people is the National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D) and consists of two parts – an Act and a Constitutional Amendment. The Amendment states:

Only natural persons who are citizens of the United States may contribute funds, services or property in support of or in opposition to a legislative initiative created under the authority of this Article. Contributions from corporations including, but not limited to, such incorporated entities as industry groups, labor unions, political parties, political action committees, organized religions and associations, are specifically prohibited. Such entities are also prohibited from coercing or inducing employees, clients, customers, members, or any other associated persons to support or oppose an initiative created under the authority of this Article.

The Act ratifies the Amendment. And once enacted and set up, we can address other important issues on national, state, and local ballots.

I strongly recommend that all citizens look into NI4D as soon as possible. Examine it, understand it, and understand your rights as a registered voter. Corporations have been writing our laws for years now and just handing them to our so-called representatives (usually in such large bundles that are too big to read). It's time we, the people, got into law making to protect ourselves from tyranny. Vote for the National Initiative, support it, and spread the word. We don't have much time. This can be done quickly by convincing one person at a time to continue the process. And it requires no marching, no protests, and no violence to reach critical mass. Let's do it!
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Feb 10th 2010, 12:46 PM
This may be it my friends. We must rise in unified opposition to the corporate takeover, or just accept fascism.

Thom Hartmann has been running an exceptional personal campaign to educate Americans about what is happening through his many books and talk shows. It seems to me that I have learned more American history from him than I did back in school – Hartmann is a deep well of historic facts. But sometimes it is necessary to point out the obvious because American citizens are not paying attention to the big picture, only their personal and local stuff. In this blog comment, Hartmann explains:

Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito may not want to have heard about it at the State Of The Union address, but a new  bipartisan poll, by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican strategist Mark McKinnons, shows that most Americans agree with President Obama’s take on the Citizens United ruling that allows corporations to carpet bomb politicians with money. More than 60 percent of those polled say it’s a bad idea. Opposition was found in both parties, and independents. Average Americans know what the Republican Five on the Supreme Court are ignoring – when corporations finally, completely take over America, it won’t be America anymore.  A corporate-run state, where the money powers own the government and the politicians – what the Republican Five on the Supreme Court have put us on the road to – has historically been known as feudalism or fascism.  Think the East India Company in 1776 England, or Mussolini replacing the members of parliament with corporate representatives in the early 1930s.  If we don’t do something fast – probably amending the constitution to deny corporations personhood – this country, and the world, could become very authoritarian and very ugly very quickly.  Your citizen activism is needed now more than ever.

Besides Hartmann's progressive view, the founders of the Restore The Republic activist website are angry about the Republican takeover of the Tea Party movement which RTR fully supported previously. RTR's Gary Franchi has this to say in his latest Reality Report.

If this does not show a trend to unified outrage in America, I don't know what more is needed. But please everyone, before it is too late to change laws in our favor, vote for and support the National Initiative for Democracy. We really have the power to stop all this corruption of our system if we don't delay too long. Do it now!
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Jan 13th 2010, 04:40 PM
Our nation, our world is in deep trouble. Let me list a few symptoms.

Some time ago (a year or two I believe) I caught an interview with Paul Craig Roberts on The Thom Hartmann Program. Mr. Roberts, a former insider of the Reagan Administration, told a tail – a very dark tail – of the state of America. It was truly a depressing discussion. This past year the radio station I listened to then ended its talk format and changed to religious programming, and left the local airwaves to Rush Limbaugh clones. This is a symptom.

At the end of 2008, America endured its worst financial crash since the Great Depression. This is a symptom.

Having more concern for bank and Wall Street bonuses than the man in the street, the government stimulus packages did nothing for jobs. And no change was seen with Obama. This is a symptom. (Note that FDR had a jobs program within two weeks of taking office.)

In spite of demands from the millions of Americans without health care, the insurance lobby is succeeding in stopping meaningful health legislative reform. And instead of public hearings as the Constitution specifies, reconciliation discussions are behind closed doors in secret. This is a symptom.

For weeks now, the Chantix lady continues her saturation advertising in TV and full page newspaper ads. This in the only country in the world where prescription drugs can be advertised. This is a symptom.

Casinos, race tracks, and other gambling venues are spreading across the country. This is a symptom.

In this country, we eat unlabeled genetically engineered food without knowledge of future consequences. And the aristocracy is massively storing natures original grains and seeds away for safe keeping. Safe keeping for whom? This is a symptom.

Our media tells us we are fighting wars because of terrorists. This is a symptom.

All this is just a taste of symptoms. I am sure you can add many others.

Most of us have had our heads in the sand thinking about multiple personal concerns, but not looking at the big picture - the one thing that causes most of our trouble. My belief has always been that we should find the biggest problem first, and fix that. Then work down from there. But what is our biggest problem?

Paul Craig Roberts touched on it well during the mentioned interview above. You can find regular op-eds by Roberts in the Rock Creek Free Press. And Jessy Ventura is doing a great job trying to educate us in his new TV program. He did especially well in the 9/11 program and the one on the Bilderberg Group. If you have not informed yourself yet of these things, you need to soon!

These issues need to be openly discussed be everyone. They are far too important to be relegated to some discussion “dungeon” if we are to survive as a species.

But how do we fight such overwhelming power once we realize we must? As the doctor said at the end of the Bilderberg show, we have only one weapon – our massive population!

Rather than mass demonstrations though, we really don't even have to leave our seats. Vote for the National Initiative for Democracy. I have voted to empower the people against this tyranny. Have you? Vote and support the initiative. Educate others and spread the word - before it is too late.
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Wed Dec 30th 2009, 11:16 AM
With the National Initiative for Democracy law as designed:

1) Special interest groups would lose their political power.
2) Voter apathy everywhere would be lessened due to self interest.
3) Right, left, conservative, liberal, and so on would have little meaning. Issues would have meaning.
4) People would get interested fast when they see an initiative that affects them directly. Everyone in general is smart enough to figure out their own interests.
5) Again, special interest groups would have no power. Under NI4D, only individuals have power.
6) All I can say is that Arizonians may be misinformed due to a badly written referendum law.
7) If that's the problem, propose the law. People would vote for that.

People would become less misinformed because one of the first initiatives would create a trusted public media that is not beholden to advertisers (corporations). We could make PBS fully funded in a manner similar to the way CSPAN is funded. CSPAN is funded by taxes on cable and satellite networks. We have been giving corporations a free ride on the public airwaves for too long.

Don't you see, the corporations are able to "hand-pick" their politicians by the exposure they give them in the "public" media which they own. They control it all!
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Posted by dfgrbac in Environment/Energy
Sun Dec 27th 2009, 11:53 AM
I am afraid the Imperial Globalists are succeeding in their propaganda war. Even those who are willing to dig for answers – like me – are getting confused by all the conflicting information. I figured out long ago that their agenda was to keep the people so confused that we could never detect the reality of our oppression and their hold on power over us. But former Governor Ventura has now brought that confusion to a new height. Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory examined the global warming controversy last week.

Just to be clear, I have been solidly in the global warming caused by mankind camp for the past forty years. I read everything I could find on the subject, and the only conclusion I could come to was that climate scientists overwhelmingly agreed that Earth's climate was warming due largely to the industrial revolution – not nature. And each year the news got worse; we had to act in a big way to avoid future catastrophe. The only scientific disagreement I could find was from employees of the fossil fuel industries; their bias was not hard to understand.

Now I have great respect for Governor Ventura, and I was very excited about his new TV program that was to investigate some of the biggest conspiracies of our time. Two weeks ago he tackled 9/11/2001 and did an excellent job exposing why we need a new investigation – and soon while witnesses are available. But Ventura's investigation of global warming turned everything on its head.

His investigation revealed an elite agenda to create new industries and huge profits for those pushing the global warming idea, an agenda centered at the UN and aimed at eventually creating a global currency and government. Ventura claims he found “thousands of climate scientists” who don't think man is causing any change in climate. But here my problem is that he gets an interview from only one, a man who says his life is in danger due to his disagreement. The program states that Earth's temperature has actually decreased for the past eight years, and that all the warming hype is false.

I've got to tell you, I am having a difficult time swallowing this. Most sources claim 2008 was the second warmest year on record. Well, which is it? Someone is lying!

It seems to me that the overwhelming evidence still says that mankind is causing severe havoc with Earth's natural state. It still makes sense for us to protect the only planet we have the best we can. Naturally people will profit by the changing industries; that's the way capitalism works. And this will create many new good jobs. If the data has been fudged as Ventura claims, it is a really massive conspiracy on a scale that is hard for me to wrap my mind around.

The global currency and government is another matter. I already new that was what the global multi-national Imperialists were trying to do. I'd like to see a global government – I think it is inevitable – but I don't want to see it run by corporate dictators (essentially fascists). The world's people should be in charge through democracy!
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Nov 10th 2009, 11:44 AM
The Democrats holding power today are forgetting why and how they were thrown out of power before. It was because of the corporate media that drumbeated misinformation into American voters minds. When people are uninformed and confused, we don't get democracy. We desperately need some basic security for protecting democracy.

- Public supported information services. This is what PBS was intended to be, and why Republicans hate it so much. PBS should have a cash flow input similar to CSPAN so it does not have to depend on taxpayer or donation funds. (CSPAN is financed by a tax on cable networks.)

- Secure voting machines.

- Find out what really happened on 9/11/2001!

These three things are critical, and so far I don't see the Democrats doing anything about them!

Now the corporate elite have succeeded in destroying the health care bill from the House. Dennis Kucinich explains.

My fellow citizens, we have only one choice to overcome this absolute corporate power that controls us.

The National Initiative!
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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sun Jun 08th 2008, 01:14 PM
Do you think that our so-called "Two Party System" of politics is something our founders had in mind? Of course it isn't. This system is not about making sure both liberals and conservatives have their voice in government, thus giving everyone a voice. It's about convincing us that we, the people, have only two voices - either liberal or conservative. In reality though, every important issue out there can get multiple points of view depending on who you ask and how informed they are.

The Two Party System (TPS) is about controlling elections! It is a strategy (one of many) by the elite to make sure they retain power over the people. This TPS helps the political elite control in a big way who can get elected by marginalizing everyone outside their power structure, even if these other candidates are better qualified than the TPS candidates. And since they do control the power in government, they have rigged the system with rules and regulations that prevent candidates from other parties in having a fair chance to get on the ballot.

But who are these people who have assumed power over the rest of us? Basically, they are the people who control the economy - the flow of money. Do you think it is the President? No. He (or possibly she) is just a puppet of these people, as are those in Congress. And the corporate media (now controlled by the same people) tells us only about the players in their scheme. The candidates who won't play are ignored in the media; this prevents these candidates from gaining any significant public support. The AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism movie identified these stealth rulers as the private bankers in the Federal Reserve System. So whomever we elect will also be controlled by this corrupt system, there is no way around it.

No citizen wants to recognize that they are surrounded by tyranny, especially if it appears they are free in their daily activities. But only by becoming aware of their reality can the people become truly free. And becoming aware requires effort, especially when we do not have mass media that is responsible to us. Thank God for the growing alternative media out there.

Once we have broken out of our stupor from mass media propaganda, what can we do to permanently re-establish our freedom? Whatever we decide to do, it is going to take a massive effort of at least tens of millions of us on a single-minded, well thought out goal. We must act in unison massively to be noticed. As it stands today, we are splintered by many efforts going in different directions. This is a result of confusion from the information we get through the media. Propagandists have also filled the Internet with mountains of websites issuing conflicting stories and misinformation. Many of our good efforts in activism are growing in strength, but they must join to succeed.

There is a reason why Al Gore did not challenge the fraudulent election results in 2000. It is the same reason John Kerry didn't challenge the results in 2004. If either did, they would be President. But since they were functioning within the boundaries set by the controllers discussed above, they dared not challenge. A political challenge of this sort would have stirred up the population to a level that they may have possible learned too much about our corrupt political system. Good information protects democracy.

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Posted by dfgrbac in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Nov 23rd 2007, 03:58 PM
I hear a lot of people talking about Armageddon these days. They don't understand all the terrible things going on in the world and, because of this, wonder if the predictions are really true.

Well, I don't know about you, but I have never seen a "prediction" come true - even in past history and the recorded results. Nobody (here on Earth) ever knew or knows now what the future has in store. But there are people in powerful and influential positions who think they have a lot to gain by making the general population believe such things.

Stop and think about it; everyone believes we have free will. I never heard anyone say otherwise. So our futures are not predestined. Our future is literally what we make it - aside from natural events we can't control. The question is, what future are we willing to work towards? We all (every sane human being) wants a world of peace where there is no poverty or hunger. A world where we can choose the sort of life we most desire and have a high probability of success. And yes, most people in the world are sane and desire this. And it is possible because we have plenty of resources to do this if we use them wisely.

So, what's the problem? Why is the world a mess?

Our leaders want us to think the big problem today is terrorism, and that this is a new development. This is not true; terrorism has always existed and leaders, emperors, dictators, and kings love to use this as reason to start wars. According to the King of England, the American colonists were trouble-making terrorists! But his crackdown on America resulted in a revolt that created a new nation.

And what did our founding fathers do about protecting us against future despots ruling us again? They tried to separate the powers of government so these would not be concentrated in one person.

Now let's stop and think about how much of a threat terrorism really is. What causes terrorism and who does it? If you have been paying attention, you see that terrorists use low cost weapons or weapons they can steal. These are not the type of people who can wage a successful war to destroy a nation. To me it is obvious that terrorists result from ordinary people being abused to the point of frustration, and they start to fight back. This abuse often comes from attacking militia from their own corrupt government or attacks from other countries. To put it another way, terrorists (in general) are ordinary people standing up for their rights. But notice that whenever our media news talks about terrorists, they never talk about their root causes or their agendas. The news shows tell us they hate our freedom. How much sense does that make? This paragraph is an oversimplification of a complex problem, but if you research it this is the essence of terrorism.

What do we do about all this? Many of us are already demonstrating against our loss of Constitutional democratic freedoms by our government. This is not a good sign for our future; it gives the government reason to call ordinary citizens terrorists. Listen to what Naomi Wolf has to say about this sign and other signs that despots are at work against "we, the people". As the former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says, "This is serious, folks!" after discussing corruption of our government. We are being lead (and mislead) by our media - which is an arm of the military-industrial Empire. Don't believe their analysis of our presidential candidates. Vote for one who talks peace and justice. Most don't - most support our continued imperial aggression. Listen to their comments about the continued use of military power carefully - very carefully!

Naomi Wolf's elder friend talks about how things were in 1932 Germany. People were still able to say what they wanted. It was a tipping point when if the citizenry demanded it, they could have saved their democracy. We are now at the same point in America and are threatened by a fascist future. Are we willing to talk about this to all our friends and do something before it is too late?
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