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displacedtexan's Journal
Posted by displacedtexan in The DU Lounge
Mon May 01st 2006, 07:17 AM
I like Ballard Street. The characters drawn by Jerry Van Amerongen are
charming, and the whimsical approach to daily life sometimes hits home
with a bang... especially the comics about the superiority of household

Today's comic, however, demonstrates Van Amerongen's message to
"single-issue interest groups."

I just heard (on MSNBC) about a new group called Mothers Against Illegal Aliens.

Another single-issue interest group designed to promote a wedge issue or
an important consensus-building organization to improve the human condition?

Alas, the interpretation (like the message of the comic) rests with the reader.

When I visited the MAIA website, I saw scaremongers masquerading as concerned

I wonder what freepers saw.

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Posted by displacedtexan in Latest Breaking News
Fri Mar 17th 2006, 07:06 AM

US evangelicals warn Republicans
By Jamie Coomarasamy
BBC News, Washington

Prominent leaders from the Christian right have warned Republicans they must do more to advance conservative values ahead of the US mid-term elections.

Their message to Congress, controlled by Republicans, is "must do better".

Support from about a quarter of Americans who describe themselves as evangelicals was a factor in President George W Bush's two election victories.

The Republicans will need to keep them onboard if they are to retain control of Congress in November.

The main problem I have with this approach is that the evangelicals want their changes made by stealth congressional fiat.

They know that most of what a few of them have managed to slip into law is not good for America, like the Terri Schiavo Law. They wanted to save Terri, but they still want to make their own decisions about their loved ones.

Total Control of everyone around you is not a family value I'm familiar with. Whatever happened to rejoice and be glad?

Heavy sigh.
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