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eauclaireliberal's Journal
Posted by eauclaireliberal in The DU Lounge
Wed Jul 08th 2009, 12:24 PM keep moving your daughter's corpse around the nation.

Okla. Couple Accused In Burial, Excavation Of Girl, 11

Agents: Cheyenne Noell Wolf, 11, Died In 2008; Authorities Were Never Notified

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A southern Oklahoma couple buried an 11-year-old girl, dug up her remains several times and moved the body from place to place for more than a year, according to arrest warrants issued Tuesday.

Warrants for the arrest of Abel Wolf, 35, and Denise Wolf, 40, were issued by a Bryan County District Court judge on Tuesday.

They are accused of unlawfully moving the body of 11-year-old Cheyenne Noell Wolf after she died in April 2008. Abel Wolf told agents Thursday that his daughter died inside their Bokchito mobile home on Philadelphia Road a day after he heard a thump come from inside of it.

Neither suspect has been accused in the girl's death.

Abel Wolf Details Daughter's Death

Wolf told agents that the girl had not been eating that night and that he went outside to smoke with another of his daughters. They were outside for 15 to 20 minutes, Wolf said, when he heard a thump.

Upon returning to the house, Wolf said, Cheyenne was not acting normally and did not seem to understand what was happening. Wolf said he examined the girl's pupils, and they seemed normal.

Wolf told agents that he thought Cheyenne was tired, so he put her to bed.

The next day, Wolf's wife and Cheyenne's stepmother -- Denise Wolf -- told him after he returned from work that the girl had died. Abel Wolf told agents that he confirmed her death, noting that the girl's body was cool.

Wolf told agents that he and his wife decided not to report the girl's death to police.

A brother-in-law of Wolf testified to agents that it was only when one of Cheyenne's siblings started kicking and stomping her body that her parents decided to dispose of it.

Abel Wolf told agents that he put his daughter's body in a sleeping bag and then into a large plastic tub before storing it inside a shed. Once the body started to smell, Wolf told agents, he buried it under the front deck of his residence.

Four months later -- in August 2008 -- the family moved to Havre, Mont. Wolf told agents that he dug up Cheyenne's body and put it in the garage of his new residence, where the body stayed until January 2009.

Wolf told agents that the disappearance and hospitalization of another of his daughters prompted him to have the body moved to a house in Milton-Freewater, Ore., where it was placed inside an old chicken house.

After a month, the body was moved to a storage facility in the Milton-Freewater area, Wolf said.

Agents started investigating the couple after Denise Wolf's niece called Ardmore police on June 16.

Tune in to Eyewitness News 5 at 5 and 6 p.m. for more coverage on this story.

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