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Fedup Democrat
Posted by frankly_fedup2 in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Wed Oct 25th 2006, 11:44 AM
going to end this unbelievably cruel, evil, bloody war. You talk like a hurricane just hit and all we have to do is push up our sleeves and get busy. Well, we know that doesn't work. So are we all going to Iraq to outnumber them? What the Fuck is the plan?

As for sitting back and being "smug", I've only seen the right do that. I never said that we couldn't nor wouldn't try to do anything, I said they don't want to have to clean up their mess, as per usual, and that is why I feel the vote will be manipulated again. They don't want to have to deal with any of this anymore. They did it to fill their pockets and they have done that very well. They wanted the new pipeline and they got that going. They wanted 14 new military bases over there and they are being built and bombed and built and bombed, same as the pipeline. They don't care about the deaths of our young people over there or the children that have died. They don't see it but our troops do everyday. Can you imagine what they live like everyday?

I'd just like to know what the plan is for getting our troops home without causing more loss of their lives and more innocent Iraqi's dying. How do we do this? They went in there without a plan for exit. I honestly think they thought that the Iraqi's would lay down their guns just like they did in the Gulf War, and run to them in surrender. Problem is, they didn't count on the terrorists moving in and taking over.

Now were talking over 3,000 of our troops murdered and over 11,000 wounded. Then there are over 600,000 Iraqis dead. I've heard people call into CSPAN'S Washington Journal with the "Bomb 'em off the face of the Earth plan." That's about all I've heard.

I have heard to slowly move small amounts of our troops out and continue to build up the Iraqi army. One problem though . . . how many of those Iraqi soldiers have our troops trained to kill the terrorists; however, they are terrorists and are learning the weaknesses of our military in return to kill our troops, and eventually to come here and take over this country. Don't think it is feasible? Aren't their a couple million Muslims living in this country already? And I don't believe that BS Islamo-facist stuff. If that were true, then why did all the clerics call for the death of the cartoonist that did the cartoons of Muhammad? That is just plain extreme for all of the religious leaders of a religion to do that.

This is insanity.

My father, who passed away 5/17/06, was a WWII veteran. He was my political sounding board and me his. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss him.

Before he died, he told me that Iraq was a lot like Japan. (He has tons of pictures I should upload somewhere for him). When he was in Japan after the bombings, he was there to help with the cleanup. He said they would put bombs on their children. That was an honor for a child (with no choice) to kill American troops. They hated us because we destroyed two of their biggest cities and killed millions of innocent people, even though they were warned we were going to bomb them. But that enemy too had no fear of death and believed in their reward and their families rewards in the after life more than this life. They have no doubt about how they will be rewarded. Can you imagine that kind of faith in America?

One thing I never understood was how the Holocaust was allowed to happen. My father told me that the U.S. had heard rumors, saw a few pictures, but that the U.S.A. government didn't know what extreme it had gotten to until we took over Germany. It was too late then. I guess a fair comparison would be some countries in Africa now.

We have destroyed the Iraqi's country and for what? They still don't have regular electricity after 3-1/2 years! Do they even have running water? We were told the "oil" would pay for the war. WHAT!

Bush and Cheney, whom the latter was busy during the mid 90's to getting those no-bid contracts for his company, Halliburton, and Dumbya was busy executing as many people as possible as the Governor of Texas. Oh yeah, clearing brush on his ranch too. That is why Cheney was so eager to be the VP.

Poppy Bush had asked Cheney to help his son pick a cabinet for if he won. Cheney handpicked everyone sitting on their piles of money stolen with blood all over them. When it came to the VP, Cheney asked Bush, "Well, what about me?" They claim Bush was thrilled. Cheney knew then what he would have to do and that was get a war going so everyone would fill their pockets. Everyone he knew that is, not regular people that work and live week-to-week most of the time.

I know the Democrats will at least try. Personally, I cannot imagine a politician fixing any of this. Politics, religion, and greed is what started it. Our military cannot even shoot unless shot at first over there.

No matter what is done, it will never be enough OR they will claim if it were not for them, it would have never ended and on and on and on.

Plus, we got Bush until 2008. That means until after he is voted out, and when a Democrat wins, the Senate and the House, even if we get majority of both (which should tell someone somewhere the s*** stinks), B*** will VETO everything the Dems try to get through.

Two more years of this crap. Two more years of murdering our troops and deaths of innocent women and children and elderly Iraqis. Two more years of no answer for anything.

Sorry so long.
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