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inthebrain's Journal
Posted by inthebrain in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Nov 06th 2006, 12:57 PM
I was perusing some of their candidates in other states. After Nov 7 I say we make a push for the Democrats to push legislation that;

1) Increases the minimum wage to 16-18 dollars an hour. I know most economies are local but it's time we put a stop to that. It's immoral when corporation forces labor to compete against non existent standards in other countries, the same can be said of states where the wages are lower.

In places like MA, rents are at a minimum $1000 a month (That's just for a studio). Lets not even get into mortgages. Increasing the minimum wage helps local businesses by increasing consumer spending. We could enact temp price freezes on certain items to keep corporations from taking advantage. This helps consumers who want to invest that money into their communities and spend it local businesses who have a hard time competing with the Wal Marts.

2) BRING BACK SOLAR PANELS. The movement to solar energy began in the eighties and needs to be revitalized. Offer loans so people can install them. With the savings in energy costs, consumers can pay them back in 3-7 years.

3) Investing in solar panels creates jobs!!!!! People are needed to intall them and devolpers are needed to improive technology.

4) Individual wind power for every home. See solar panels above!!!!!

Write letters to your congressmen, governors and state legislature to push this through. Getting Republicans out and Dems in is half the battle. Keeping them in office is another story!!!!

Also, ideas such as these keeps our oponents on the defensive. They like to pretend they stand for working folks? I'd like to see them fight these off and convince Americans why they don't deserve a living wage and why they don't deserve energy independence.

Think Global warming!!!! Republicans have been working overtime to convince Americans that it doesn't exist. They lost!!!!! They have also tryed convincing people that the minimum wage is not needed. They will lose that battle as well.

Once we put them down. Let's keep them down.
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