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jaysunb's Journal
Posted by jaysunb in Barack Obama Group
Wed Dec 23rd 2009, 07:27 PM
But thanks to njmaverick--who alerted me to this forum--I have found a way to stay.

Having been around here for the past 8 or so years I've seen and participated in just about every major battle there's been...and they've been many, but I NEVER considered leaving, until the last few months.

When I first ran across this site in Feb 01, I, like many was disgusted & dumbfounded by what had just happened the previous December when the SCOTUS pulled a coup on the country. I was personally blind w/ rage and seriously ready to get out of this place.(USA)Even After spending my whole life fighting--both literally and figuratively-- to make my country live up to it's promises and supposed ideals, I was rethinking all my personal convictions and past participation that I thought would make a difference.

The civil rights movement was my entree, Vietnam became the largest conflict of conscience I'd ever experienced in my young life, The peace movement after my service, human,equal,womens rights all became a part of my core fiber. The Dec 2000 coup shook me as not much else had before.

Then came DU...

I found comfort in a community of about 2,500 anonymous people that shared my anger and anxiety. We argued passionately over causes and solutions. We fought bitterly over war and policy. We laughed in the "lounge" and traded barbs that sometimes stung but were kept in perspective. ( Yes, there were tombstones, but there was also redemption)

There were "get together" where we actually begin to meet & party with other local DU'ers. There were friendship developed around the country that last to this day. There was calls to action that were answered across the country. Ideas were floated to advance our progressive cause that came to fruition.

We grew...and grew.

We marveled at the rate of growth. We celebrated each milestone. 5,000, 10,000, 25,000....where would it end. We were mentioned in most MSM often (mostly unfavorably. LOL )

We shared and implemented strategies designed to help right Americas ship. We winced in pain when we lost in 02 & 04.

And yet we grew

Finally, Nov 06 things took a turn. All the hard work and sharing of ideas began to pay off. We had grown to over 100,000 registered posters. Fresh faces, new blood.

But then something happened.

We finally took back 2/3's of our government,saw the historical assent of the first woman to House leadership. We shocked the world ! and took back control of the US Senate. The only thing left to create sheer nirvana was elect a Democrat to the White House in 08.The beaten has arisen from the ashes and had set sail for a new day.

Things would have been perfect if only that damned Pelosi would stop covering for Bush/Cheney and put impeachment on the table. That stupid Harry Reid was nothing more than a washed up fighter who might secretly be a Republican. So, surely, if we get ourselves a good Democratic President, he or she would straightened all of them out.

Yippie !

We not only got our Dem Prez, we got a historical black man that made most all Americans feel very good about themselves and our country.

And then the trouble started in earnest.

I saw a kid in the market not long ago screaming as if he were being killed. Mom wasn't moving fast enough to please him. She mostly ignored him, but I told him he needed to shut up. Yes I did ! And that's what I've been feeling like here at DU lately.

DU has had to create a forum to permit those of us who want to see our country turn away from evil and progress in a direction guided by democratic principals and shared responsibility. It's almost laughable that DU is now being used by the MSM and others to try to kill the Obama presidency in it's infancy. The dog has finally caught the car and doesn't know what to do with it or maybe he can't explain why he was chasing it in the first place...

How fucked up.

Thanks Skinner,Earl& Elad. I would have missed this place.

on edit: Silly me, I didn't realize this forum had been around for 3 years, albeit that it was created for a different purpose.
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