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joshcryer's Journal
Posted by joshcryer in General Discussion
Mon Oct 17th 2011, 10:51 PM
Links to sites with updates: AJE Libya Live Blog AJE Twitter Dashboard The Guardian Reuters Telegraph Libya Alhurra (live video webcast from Benghazi) Libya Alhurra archives and updates Benghazi Free Radio, in Arabic (may have translators present at times) Tribute FM (English broadcast from Benghazi) Libya, In the Spotlight (AJE)

Twitter links: Ayman Mohyeldin, with AJE Ben Wedeman, with CNN tripolitanian, a Libyan from Tripoli Brian Conley, reporter in Libya FreeLibyanYouth, Libyan advocate twitter account ChangeInLibya, Libyan advocate Sofyan Amry (arrived in Benghazi recently) KiloFoot (general Arab Spring news aggregation)

Useful links: feb17voices Current time in Libya Prayer times in Libya

Week 35 part 1 here.

The Oppressive Laws of Gaddafi's Libya
The government grants the right of association to official institutions by virtue of Law 71 of 1972, which regulates associational activity in Libya. Law 20 of 1991 on the Promotion of Freedom sanctions the death penalty for anyone whose continued existence would lead to the disintegration of Libyan society. The Code of Honor of March 1997 institutes a system of collective punishment for wrongdoing, whereby families, towns and municipalities are held responsible for the actions of individuals in their midst and are subject to punishment such as the dissolution of the local People's Congress or the denial of government services, including utilities, water, infrastructure projects. Associations engaging in political activity are illegal in Libya. Further, political activity is defined by Articles 2 and 3 of Law 71 of 1972 as any activity based on a political ideology contrary to the principles of the Al-Fateh Revolution of September 1, 1969. The Law on Publications, No. 76 of 1972, as modified by Law 120 of 1972 and Law 75 of 1973, govern the operation of the press, reserving all rights to publish.

This is what the Libyan freedom fighters are fighting against. Each and every one, when they went into this, knew that it was all or nothing, they had no choice but to fight. For their very survival.

Marching On in Libya, for the revolutionaries!

Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters escort civilians fleeing Sirte during heavy fighting on October 17, 2011.

Photo: Getty Images

Day 240 October 15

Survivor mourns dead piled up on Gaddafi son’s doorstep
Libyan fighters have discovered a mass grave of men thought to have been captives of troops loyal to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi in the former dictator’s crumbling stronghold of Sirte as fighting continued yesterday.
Libya owes $1 billion for fuel for revolution
Libya imported $1.6 billion worth of fuel during the six months of revolution, including from Qatar and Turkey, and has yet to repay $890 million, the interim oil and finance minister said on Thursday.
U.S. Sending More Contractors to Secure Libya's Weapons Stockpile
The State Department is sending dozens of American contractors to Libya to help that country's fledgling efforts to track down and destroy heat-seeking antiaircraft missiles looted from government stockpiles that could be used against civilian airliners.
Libyan government fighters advance on Bani Walid
Troops loyal to Libya's transitional government said on Saturday they were advancing on Bani Walid, a day after clashes with forces loyal to deposed leader Moamer Gaddafi left nine people killed in the area.
Libyan govt beefs up security after clashes in capital
Libya's new government beefed up security in Tripoli on Saturday with extra roadblocks and house-to-house searches after fighting in the capital with supporters of Muammar Gaddafi raised fears of an insurgency.
Gadhafi expected to be found guilty in Sadr case
The Judicial Council is expected to issue a guilty verdict and death sentence in absentia next month against ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in the 33-year-old disappearance of Shiite cleric Imam Musa Sadr and two of his companions.
NTC commanders holding off on all-out assault in Sirte today
"We want to capture them alive to hand them over to the judiciary rather than killing them, which is why we are still not going to have a massive attack."
Kadhafi fighters mount fierce fightback in Sirte
As Grad and other rockets, shells and machinegun fire rained down on them, NTC combatants, taken by surprise, quickly fled the positions on the edge of the two neighbourhoods that they had held since Friday night.
Ruined Sirte becomes a killing ground as Gaddafi loyalists face destruction, but mete out death
It was envisaged by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as a model of what a modern African city should be: a brilliant panoply of university and hospitals, with a glittering seafront and a marble-lined conference centre to host leaders from around the world. But this weekend the centre of Sirte, the birthplace of the former Libyan leader and lavished with money and attention for that reason, is a squalid ruin in which a pocket of diehard Gaddafi loyalists - outnumbered and outgunned - are slogging it out in a desperate, destructive attempt to delay their inevitable defeat.
UNICEF Situation Report # 27 - Libya Crisis Date: 13 October 201
UNICEF is supporting Save the Children who is currently operating 13 Child Friendly Spaces in Benghazi, 9 in schools and 4 in IDP sites or host communities. Identification and training for another 10 child friendly spaces (CFS) in Ajdabiya has been completed, and these sites will open in the coming week. An additional CFS was opened in the newly established site for IDPs from Tawarga, with UNICEF supplies including a tent, ECD and school in a box supplies.
Israeli man trying to preserve the history of Jews in Libya
An Israeli man, descended from Libyan Jews, is trying to preserve the vanishing history of the Jewish people of Libya.
Striking Workers Force Decision on Oil Field Management
Under the regime of Muammar Al Qathafi, workers' rights were unheard of; worker' strikes were illegal and independent workers' unions outlawed. Now for the first time in 42 years, workers managed to test the strength in unity. Unions are free to organise and workers free to strike.

Day 241 October 16

Anti-Gaddafi forces claim headway into Bani Walid, delay Sirte push
Forces loyal to Libya's new rulers claimed Sunday major advances on the town of Bani Walid, one of the last bastions of the fugitive deposed leader Moamer Gaddafi.
Libya Fighters Search Capital for Opponents After Firefight With Loyalists
Libyan fighters searched neighborhoods in Tripoli for armed supporters of Muammar Qaddafi, after a firefight broke out between his loyalists and opponents in the capital.
Libyans Tearing Down Gadhafi's Tripoli Compound
Libyan bulldozers began knocking down the green walls surrounding Moammar Gadhafi's main Tripoli compound known as Bab al-Aziziya on Sunday, as the new leaders said it was time "to tear down this symbol of tyranny."
NTC forces advance in Bani Walid and Sirte
Libyan NTC fighters have taken control of Bani Walid hospital after fierce fighting with Gaddafi troops.
In Gaddafi's hometown, residents accuse NTC fighters of revenge
Residents returning to Sirte are accusing Libyan interim government fighters of demolishing and looting homes, shops and public buildings in Muammar Gaddafi's home town to take revenge for its support of the fugitive leader.

Day 242 October 17

Libya survivor sheds light on piles of bodies around Surt
The fighters say all were executed by loyalist forces in a paroxysm of revenge and fury as former rebels advanced into the crumbling Kadafi stronghold of Surt.
My Walk Through the Valley of Death
When Janine di Giovanni arrived in Libya, she hoped to find a triumphant nation basking in newfound freedom. Instead she was confronted with a land haunted by the ghosts of Gaddafi's reign of terror.
Libya bulldozes Gaddafi's Tripoli compound
Libyan revolutionary forces bulldozed the green walls surrounding Muammar Gaddafi's main Tripoli compound, saying it was time "to tear down this symbol of tyranny".
Libyan interim fighters 'enter Bani Walid'
NTC military commanders say they met heavy resistance from Gaddafi loyalists in the town, 170km southeast of Tripoli.
Libya forces battle Kadhafi diehards for Bani Walid
The focus of the NTC operations (in Sirte) are two seaside residential neighbourhoods, the Dollar and Number Two, where Kadhafi loyalists are holed up.
Egyptians freed from Sirte clamor to go home
'We were trapped. We had no car to use to escape and we were afraid of the Qadhafi snipers. We could hear the bullets flying outside. The walls were shaking, all the windows exploded during the fight,' he recalled.
Relatives of Gaddafi officials flee Sirte
Families of former Libyan regime officials have streamed out of Sirte, including the mother and brother of Muammar Gaddafi's spokesman Mussa Ibrahim, an NTC field commander says.
Boxing-Libya's outlawed boxers open first club in 30 years
When Muhammad Ali was photographed shaking hands with Libya's most promising boxer, few could have known Giubran Zugdani would soon never been seen in the ring again.
Gaddafi stronghold Bani Walid falls
A breakthrough in the siege of the town came over the weekend when senior members of the resident Warfilla tribe, which accounts for roughly 15% of Libya's total population, said they would recognise the NTC as long as its forces did not invade.
NTC forces celebrate capture of Gaddafi bastion Bani Walid
Fighters with Libya's interim government fired their guns into the air and hoisted the country's new flag over the centre of Bani Walid on Monday to celebrate their capture of one of the final bastions of Muammar Gaddafi's loyalists.
NTC confirms agreement with NATO that partially lifts No Fly Zone
In a step toward normalcy, the transitional leadership council confirmed it has signed an agreement with NATO that partially lifts the no-fly zone imposed in March over the country, allowing resumption of some flights without seeking NATO approval. The embargo was imposed as part of the U.N. Security Council resolution that authorized airstrikes to protect civilians from Gadhafi's regime.

Click here for updated map. The size of the circles show population, the color represents control, red for FFs, green for tyrants. Blue circle indicates siege, blue solid indicates incursion.

A topic on the women of the revolution, dispels myths about the treatment of women in Benghazi.

Videos to bring the Libyan Revolution into context
The Battle of Benghazi. BBC Panorama on Libya Part 1, and Part 2. Video of the convoy sent to take Benghazi, taken from a dead soliders cell phone (shows how massive the operation was). Video of the convoy sent to take Misrata, clearly shows African mercenaries exploited by Gaddafi to fight his own people.Arab Awakening: Libya: Through the Fire. Tea of Freedom Song. Libya: Part 2 - The Uprising Benghazi - Backbone of the Libyan revolution Cyberwar: Gaddafi’s online mercenary army

March 10 7:28pm Saif al Islam Gaddafi says "the time has come for full-scale military action" against Libyan rebels. He goes on to say that Libyan forces loyal to his family "will never surrender, even if western powers intervene".

As of this week the National Trasitional Council has been formally recognized by 99 countries. France (March 10), Qatar (March 28), Maldives (April 3), Italy (April 4), Kuwait (April 13), The Gambia (April 22), Jordan (April 24), Sengal (April 28), The United Kingdom (June 4), Spain (June 8), Australia (June 9), UAE (June 12), Germany (June 13), Canada (June 14), Panama (June 14), Austria (June 18), Latvia (June 20), Denmark (June 22), Bulgaria (June 28), Croatia (June 28), Turkey (July 3), Poland (July 9), Netherlands (July 13), Belgium (July 13), Luxembourg (July 13), United States (July 15), Japan (July 15), Albania (July 18), Slovenia (July 20), Montenegro (July 21), Portugal (July 28), Botswana (August 11), Gabon (August 12), Tunisia (August 20), New Zealand (August 22), Egypt (August 22), Jordan (August 22), Morocco (August 22), Colombia (August 22), Oman (August 23), Bahrain (August 23), Nigeria, Malta (August 23), Iraq (August 23), Greece (August 23), Norway (August 23), Lebanon (August 23), South Korea (August 24), Sudan (August 24), Hungary (August 24), Chad (August 24), Ethipia (August 24), Burkina Faso (August 24), Colombia (August 25), Serbia (August 25), Bosnia andHerzegovina (August 25), Mongolia (August 25), Djibouti (August 25), Cote d'Ivoire (August 25), Macedonia (August 25), Cyprus (August 26), Malaysia (August 26), Rwanda (August 26), Estonia (August 26), Benin (August 26), Niger (August 27), Togo (August 27), Guinea (August 28), Czech Republic (August 29), Philippines (August 30), Slovakia (August 30), Russia (September 1), Finland (September 1), Romania (September 1), Ukraine (September 1), Azerbaijan (September 2), Botswana (September 2), Kazakhstan (September 5), Central African Republic (September 5), Comoros (September 6), Seychelles (September 7), Ghana (September 9), China (September 12), Afghanistan (September 13), Vietnam (September 14), Chile(September 16), Costa Rica (September 16), India (September 17), Iran (September 18), South Africa (September 20), Uganda (September 21), Algeria (September 22), Sweden (September 24), Kenya (September 24), Switzerland (September 29), Jamaica (September 29), Somalia (September 30), Pakistan (October 12), Bangladesh (October 13).

"One month ago (Western countries) were sooo nice, so nice like pussycats," Saif says in a contemptuous sing-song tone."Now they want to be really aggressive like tigers. (But) soon they will come back, and cut oil deals, contracts. We know this game." - Saif Gaddafi

(Yeah, Saif, as if you weren't "cutting oil deals, contracts" with western states. Who are the 'tigers' now? Bombing your own people.)

The first free public opinion poll ever conducted in Libya reveals clues to Eastern Libyan sentiments
* 98 percent of the respondents do not support the division of Libya as a part of the political solution for the current conflict with the Gaddafi regime. Around 95 percent also don't see any role for Gaddafi or his sons in a transitional period, and think it is impossible to implement any political reform in Libya if Gaddafi or one of his sons stays in power

* Around 96 percent of those polled, believe that the 17th of February revolution can consolidate the national unity of Libya and support the model of a democratic Libya based on a constitution which respects human rights

* Al-Qaeda has not played any role in the 17th of February revolution, say 94 percent of the Eastern Libyans, and 91 percent thinks it's impossible for Al-Qaeda to play any political role in the new Libya

* The National Transitional Council is seen by 92 percent of those surveyed as "expressing the views and wishes of Libyans for change"

This is equivalent to 17% the entire population of Libya, doing the numbers very conservatively.

A Legal War: The United Nations Participation Act and Libya
The above link is to an overview of why Obama's implementation of the NFZ and R2P is perfectly legal under the law. I will not post it entirely here, however, all objections come down to the misinformed position that Obama, by using forces in Libya, was invoking Article 43 of the United Nations. This is wrong. Obama invoked Article 42, which does not require congressional approval to implement. Proof of this is that Article 43 has never been used.

It goes like this: The US law (Title 22, Chap. 7, Subchap. XIV 287d) grants the President the right to invoke UN Article 42 without authorization, the War Powers Act (Title 50, Chap. 33 1541) grants the President permission to act without authorization under "specific statutory authorization" which, by definition, is what 287d does. 1543 of the War Powers Act requires the President to report to Congress, which he did. One can argue all day and night about the legality of the War Powers Act, doesn't change the fact that under the law as it is written, the President acted within the law.

Mohammed Nabbous, killed by Gaddafi's forces while trying to report on the massacre in Benghazi

"I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid to lose the battle" -Mohammed Nabbous, a month ago when all this began

I'm struggling to come up with something to say about this man. I was not aware of the Libyan uprising until I saw Mo's first report, begging for help, posted here on DU. I was stricken. Here was a man giving everything he had to explain a situation that clearly terrified him, I would not call him a coward in that moment, but you could see the fear in his eyes, and desperation in his voice. For 30 days Nabbous would spend many hours covering the uprising in Benghazi. For many nights I would go to sleep with the webcast of Benghazi live on my computer screen, looking to it occasionally to be sure it was still 'there.' Mo treated the chat room as if we were his friends, and in some way, we were. I never signed up to LiveStream to thank him for all his work and it seems somewhat shallow to do so now, given that I was a lurker for so long. Ever since I took over posting these threads "Libya Alhurra" has been linked as a source of information. It wasn't until last night, when I posted, and twitter posted on Mo's adventures out into Benghazi to try to determine the truth of the situation, that Mo's webchannel became a hit, over 2000 people were watching him stream live. This was curious to him because he'd done many reports like this in the past but he appeared somewhat bemused that the view count exploded as it did. Last night Mo became a star. This is a man who first started out with a webcast replete with fear and desperation finally overcoming that aspect of himself and losing that fear, to become someone who was a fighter for the resistance just as much as those who held the guns. Reporting on the front lines of Benghazi became his final act, and for that he should never, ever be forgotten. I'm so sorry Mo that I never got to know you better.

Arab Awakening: Libya: Through the Fire is a documentary about Mo's last days, please watch it.

Mo's first report, which many of you may remember, begging for help.

Mo leaves behind a wife and a newborn child she had this to say about the No Fly Zone and R2P UN resolution:

We started this in a pure way, but he turned it bloody. Thousands of our men, women, and children have died. We just wanted our freedom, that's all we wanted, we didn't want power. Before, we could not do a single thing if it was not the way he wanted it. All we wanted was freedom. All we wanted was to be free. We have paid with our blood, with our families, with our men, and we're not going to give up. We are still going to do that no matter what it takes, but we need help. We want to do this ourselves, but we don't have the weapons, the technology, the things we need. I don't want anyone to say that Libya got liberated by anybody else. If NATO didn't start moving when they did, I assure you, I assure you, half of Benghazi if not more would have been killed. If they stop helping us, we are going to be all killed because he has no mercy anymore.

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