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Words from a quirky bird
Posted by jotsy in General Discussion
Sat Feb 26th 2011, 11:54 AM
a year, a life it isÖ

Bet I made near 80 calls yesterday, the first was to the company who insures the car to inform them that Wells Fargo, the bank who foreclosed on me early last year, has repossessed the car Iíve made $7,000 in payments on. Then was the call to the sithy Medusa, got lucky I guess, by getting a young man in Irving Texas, because I could easily have been connected with someone offshore. I told him I wasnít going to be making any attempt to get the car back, just wanted the property inside it. It actually went smoothly compared to call #3, after dialing the toll free number I was given, which apparently rings up a local íWells Fargoí with a tired sounding seasoned guy named Bob, whoís voice is backed up by a highway moving behind him, he summons the voice of authority, which Iím guessing is the Mrs. Donít recall her name, but I believe to name her Jessup suits. The woman made it plain, I would have to be nicer to her, lest she charge me more for getting back the property that was inside the vehicle, a real Jack Nicholson/For a Few Good Men moment for me. The pride in her parasitic notion filled me with a rage that would fuel the day, for all the good it did me.

The next two calls were to police departments, the one in her nearby municipality, and the one in mine. Both dispatchers suggested the proper role of law enforcement in instances like this was to yield to how the financing company wants to handle the matter. Of course if I was feeling wronged, I could always go hire an attorney. I gleaned from one of them, the actual location of the car at a towing company, along with their phone number. Spoke with a guy who refused to give me his own last name, thatís his call, but the owner? He wasnít giving out that last name either, ainít that pride in ownership?

I learned that Iíll be required to pay a $40.00 gate fee to get access to the car to retrieve whatever property might be in the vehicle, given what I subsequently learned reading reviews of their practices, specifically a grandmother who had the Christmas gifts she'd purchased for her grandson had mysteriously disappeared while in the tow company's possession after her car was towed in December. A fistful of cases at the justice department, with a consistent complaint of unconscionable actions. Hereís where things get for me, a bit muddy. This particular company is a long standing vendor of towing services to the city of Portland. I became curious as to how such a disreputable firm could be the contractor of choice to a publicly funded entity, so I called the towing coordinator at the auditorís office.

This is the call for me that stands out. The woman was very troubled by my plight, wanted to make a call or give me the $40 out right. I told her there are those way worse off, get it if she had it to, to those who have fallen further. I suspect the existence of me will bother her for some time. At some point I asked her if she could tell me how much money either the city or the towing company is making as a result of their lengthy union. Not only did she not know, she couldnít get an answer to the question herself.

A little more online research leads me to the ďInvestigative ReporterĒ working the justice beat for the stateís largest newspaper, who has 20 minutes to lecture me on the harm I am doing to a struggling economy by choosing not to pay my bills, but then abruptly must go when I ask how much his paper received in ad revenue from the mighty Wells Fargo in 2010. See I reached out to their paper for help to save my home before it was auctioned. Four days later there was indeed a story in the paper about Wells Fargo, a lovely little fluff piece on the new regional head and how he was anticipating a compensation package totaling $92 million.

I thought at that point, thought Iíd had my fill, grabbed a bite and about an hourís rest but would begin the afternoon, trying to swing through elected officials who are said to represent my interests. Got hung up on by both administrative assistants working for my two senators, Wyden and Merkley. The intern at the latter who answered the phone didnít want to talk any more when my response to her suggestion that the Senator was in DC working was to ask for some details as to how many fundraisers were on his schedule this week or this month. Imagine that. Down the chain we go, to stateís version of the senate and house, I donít bother with Earl Blumenour anymore, I called there the day Dennis Kucinich was reading for hours aloud on impeaching Wicked Dickey. Who ever it was I spoke to that day, made me feel like Iíd been cast as flash thrash in a Jaws movie. In reflection, I feltÖhasty I guess, so I took a good look at the thick expensive glossy flyer he had mailed to my former home. Fluff, puff and not tough enough to have any huff is how I answered the spouse when he asked what Mr. Bís literature had to say during the run up to the elections of 2008.

The balance of the afternoon I spent trying to locate some community service type organizations, found Economic Fairness Oregon. I understand they were visiting the convention center during the Wells Fargo Ďhome loss preventioní workshops. EFO was there distributing leaflets to attendees, they were made to leave.

Throughout the day, I asked a couple of things fairly often. What is a law abiding citizen to do when the spirit of justice is absent in the letter of the law and the rule of law has been abandoned to favor the apparent rulers of order? Why do places like Wells Fargo and this sleazy little band of towing trolls get away with doing people so wrong at will and then benefit from itís relationships with entities that claim being about serving the commons. I ask a lot about the unequal application and enforcement of the rule of law, why my county promises the stateís general fund $230 million for the 09-11 biennial from revenue generated on restitution fees paid for juvenile infractions, yet there will be no criminal charges brought against Mr. Countrywide.

Night before last, when I opened my door and saw my car just gone, I came here to a thread about Anonymous, I posted a plea to push the Tyler Durden button if one is their reach trying to calm the anger and quiet the quake in the fingers by dancing them over the keyboard. I removed it out of respect for the original poster, unfortunately the draft I thought I saved in my journal, ultimately mirrored the edited post of delete and delete some more.

With guys like the Koch brothers capable of the purchase price required to assassinate a nationís intent, Mr.ís Madoff and Standford or Ken Lewis, Richard Fuld, and the Blighís of the bling that run with them. I say they are faithless, they believe in no heaven or hell, I know that because they work to achieve that gap right here on earth because they see themselves as gods, unsatisfied with their designated status as mere men, insisting the wage they field is because they're just plain more valuable, they should know that if I were to be stranded on a desert island, the guy with the skill set Iím going to see as more necessary is the blue collar guy and not the bean counter.

I have been down, but maybe never this much out, it matterís not. Cuz now that Iíve nothing left to lose, itís on. As I said to the two real estate agents who bought and flipped my home of 15 years, youíre time in moment comes, may you greet it with as much zeal as you brought it.

Rant over, rabble is ready to rock.

< >

Perhaps too old to be so naive
I choose to dream and dare to believe
Lady Liberty has a surprise for the corporatocracy
concealed within her billowy sleeve

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One chirper's little corner
What are words for? To communicate, to sell, to label, to condition. Here I use them in a variety of forms to facilitate a way forward through the PTB's dark and sadistic maze. I am a progressive and the job is bringing that forward to now. I stand proudly by the democratic principle and when the party or the platform that bears its name stand apart from that, I'm obliged to follow suit in standing opposed to it.

Enough about political matters and on to the meo myo bio thing. I reside in the Pacific Northwest, parent of 3, add one if you include the dog and a spouse I stand back to back with when things get tough. I have some education as a journalist, here trying to push what was once a pen and is now a bunch of keys. The skill set in this high tech world is a slow work in progress.

See you in the threads. Sew good things to say as this is a sharp crowd and in more ways than one.
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