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Action is my duty
Reward is not my concern
Posted by kpete in General Discussion
Sat Jun 04th 2011, 09:13 AM
The Dark Past Of The "Weinergate" Co-Pilot
Twitter avenger Mike Stack not your typical conservative agitator

"I have other people making me money, so I have all day to have fun"

Stack also contended that while he sent out the May 5 tweet first hinting that a “big time” Congressman was about to be ensnared in a sex scandal, he claimed that Wolfe actually provided him that information. Wolfe, Stack said, told him that he had heard the rumor from a source who worked for a well-known conservative web site.

After Stack sent out the initial tweet, Wolfe quickly ran with the rumor, attributing it--“via@goatsred”--to his online buddy. In retweets, Wolfe immediately attached Weiner’s name to the rumor, wondering “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” Stack did not have an explanation as to why Wolfe sought to launder the rumor through him. He also vehemently denied that he was Wolfe.

While Stack’s rap sheet and financial calamities may be of interest to “Weinergate” followers, his affiliation with porn sites might raise the eyebrows of the conservative coterie with which he is affiliated.


In one 2009 post, Stack fired back at some of his online enemies, warning them to “be careful of what you say.” He claimed, “I can find out anything about anyone. The software and programs that I have at my disposal, in addition to the people who work in the wi-fi and technology field that I am partnered with make me a virtual cyber detective.” Stack added, “I have other people making me money, so I have all day to have fun here at my little house. Hopefully, you have the same resources the next time you call someone out.”

the rest:


This is the guy who was apparently engaged in conversations with young girls on Twitter, / attempting to get them to reveal something damaging about Rep. Weiner. They did not. It was all a scam, but he left a printscreen -(And-Thomas)-To-Justice-(Action-Alert!)?via=blog_720784 of their conversation on his yfrog.

whether Weiner had a Boehner is irrelevant.
Someone committed a felony hacking offense (fraudulent access to the YFrog account) and a civil tort (libel and defamation, which for public figures invokes the "false and malicious" standard which is easily met in this case), and Weiner was the victim.



It was Betty who pointed out the activities of Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) and his clique, including a man named Mike Stack (@goatsred). She had a lot of information that I could not verify, but those facts that were independently verifiable formed the basis of our reporting on Wolfe Sunday afternoon. Wolfe and Stack, along with several others, had engaged in a campaign of harassing young, mostly-underage girls who were being followed by Rep. Weiner, as well as a constant stream of vitriol, homophobic innuendo, and rumormongering against Rep. Weiner. Betty was one of those young girls, and their unwanted attention, she says, caused her to shut down her Twitter feed.

Betty’s mother (we’ll call her Mrs. Betty) says that she and her husband monitor all of Betty’s internet usage, and were incensed by this group’s behavior. Rep. Weiner, she confirms, never contacted Betty privately, with the exception of a Direct Message welcoming her to his Twitter stream, a message Mrs. Betty assumed was automatically generated.

One last word about Breitbart and "new media" ethics. This entire story was based on Breitbart's willingness to accept the word of a man he had never met, a source whose voice he had never heard and whose real name remains unknown. No "lamestream" journalist would have contemplated using such a source. Breitbart cannot be absolved.


As TSG reported yesterday, “Dan Wolfe” has conveniently evaporated in the wake of “Weinergate.” In fact, today Wolfe's entire Twitter page was deleted.

But Stack, the other Twitter Twin, remains online. An examination of his background has discovered:

* Stack, who aggressively pushed the story about Weiner’s underpants shot, has worked as a moderator on a pornography web site, and been a regular commenter on several other X-rated sites. Stack describes himself as a “Pervert” on one site, where his avatar, captioned “Antichrist,” is a drawing of President Barack Obama as Jesus Christ.

* New Jersey court records show that Stack was convicted of drunk driving in February 2008. He was previously arrested for domestic assault in July 2004 following a drunken fight that left his girlfriend with bruises on her arm (that case, though, ended with a dismissal in April 2005). Stack is pictured above in a mug shot taken by the Readington Township Police Department following his 2004 collar.

MORE (plus links):

Oh, and just for laughs
Purported interview of "Dan Wolfe", @patriotusa76

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