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less lee's Journal
Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Sat Nov 05th 2011, 11:39 AM
Sunday, October 30, 2011

High Time For a New U.S.A. Constitution

The Occupy movement will stand side by side with The Freedom Riders and The Anti-War Movement, March for Social Security, etc. The question is: “Now what? Where is this going?” Stand back and assess this moment in time. Think of options. This could fade out and be an entry in your autobiography, or you could seize the time and change history forever.
Many in the movement are hyper-democratic. General assemblies are time consuming and tedious. Someone should remind them that, during a political situation, time is of the essence. You can’t live democracy until you achieve democracy. In other words, in a revolutionary situation, you need revolutionary discipline. You need a central command to direct the troops into battle. The corporate state will not play by Queens-berry rules. They will shoot you in the back if they have to. Remember Kent & Jackson State, 1970.
There are many paths to take at this point: Passive Resistance, Civil Disobedience, or armed struggle (violent revolution). Then, there is this route…
Two things: One--an organized 3rd party. There is the Green Party, which is ready-made to be activated and taken over. They got ballot status in most states. If you don’t like their platform, you can change it. You could upset the two party balance. Don’t worry about the right wing--they have their own 3rd parties. If that doesn’t appeal to you…
The second option is to call for a constitutional convention to draft a new constitution. Most of the time, it’s the right wing that does that. The Black Panther Party once called for a constitutional convention, but nothing ever became of it.
Not only would you be working within the system, but you would terrify the system. The system has aversion to a new constitution. The unwashed masses could infiltrate the upper-echelon of the system and forever change the Republic to a Democracy. If you have a new constitution, you could have an amendment for equal distribution of wealth.
Thomas Jefferson said a new constitution must be drafted every 50 years. Now, the corporate state will tell you how difficult it is to draft a new constitution. How it would take nine years, or even longer. It would put a strain on the nation and would put the government at a halt. Yeah, these are the same people who want to end government and have capitalism run everything. They would rather keep an antiquated document and add or subtract amendments on it. You want revolution? Time to rip up the old constitution and get a new one!
The new constitution can deal with contemporary issues like Internet privacy, sexism, racism, and school and prison censorship and on and on.
The movement can find a central location and find a new constitution hall. There could be delegates from all 50 states and U.S. territories. Now is not the time for a world constitution. Focus on the USA.
A constitution and revolution go hand in hand!

Occupation anthem

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Fri Oct 21st 2011, 11:16 AM
Monday, October 17, 2011

Does Capitalism Have a Persecution Complex?

Here in the United States, you sleep in a bed that you bought from a capitalist furniture store. You wear sleepwear that was manufactured by capitalists. You eat breakfast that consists of food you bought from a capitalist market. You turn on the T.V. set and hear and see commercials. You drive in a capitalist-made car that contains a radio that broadcasts capitalist ads. On the road, you see billboards that advertise capitalist products. You go to work so you can pay for all this capitalist-generated stuff.
Now, if you listen to all crackpots on the right, Liberal government is taking over. Big Government? The only evidence I see of government are traffic signs and the occasional traffic cop hiding beneath a capitalist billboard. Occasionally, I’ll see U.S. Marines at one of these gigantic, mega stores, looking to buy some C.D.s to enjoy during their hard-earned leave, with their taxpayer-derived pittances. Yeah, the commies are taking over. That is why I’m still paying a mortgage and my cell phone bill is coming with the mail. I think all the private schools are still open.
Capitalism in the USA is more pervasive than oxygen. The only ways you can get away from it is by going to a natural park, prison, church, or state university. But, even universities are not immune to capitalism. In the student union lounge, there’s a candy machine.
So what’s all this fuss about a big, Liberal government threat? Fear keeps the capitalist machine turning. Scaring Americans, particularly the white protestant middle class, yields big profits. Fear is a great motivator for people to consume. Fear about Latino illegal aliens was a big one for a while. But since all the jobs have been outsourced, illegal aliens are no longer coming here. What happened to the Minutemen?
Fear about Islam is becoming more obsolete than videocassette tapes. The only Americans worried about Islam are the religious right’s small community. The corporate state is now trying to kick up public opinion because of this Syrian Diplomat incident committed by some alleged Iranian assassins. The U.S. imperialists want that Iranian oil.
For centuries now, kings and the aristocracy have worried about the security of their empires. They instigated race riots and useless bloody wars for their own selfish greed and to protect their empires.
Here in the U.S., we have bad capitalists and good capitalists. An example of a good capitalist is Bill Gates. He is a classic American businessman who has a product the entire universe wants. He treats his work force fairly well and he doesn’t rip-off his customers. He’s a philanthropist, in that his company has been giving computers to poor countries for years. You never hear of him complaining about paying taxes.
Now, the Koch brothers, on the other hand, are bad capitalists. They would be thrilled to reinstate slavery again. They believe that only WASP rich men should run the world’s economy. They claim to be libertarians when they are really fascists. They are NOT very bright. They’ll spend billions of dollars on anti-tax the rich propaganda. If they’d just pay their taxes and shut their mouths, they’d be even wealthier. I would hate to see these dummies run the world. But alas, they almost do.
Right wing propaganda is full of exaggerations and hyperbole. They’ll take a news story and twist and strangle it until it’s an alarmist piece of shit! Billionaires write the talking points that are repeated on Fox News and Radio.
How many times must I repeat myself?! Socialists, communists, and Anarchists want to abolish capitalism. Liberals want to regulate it, but not control it. Activists want to stop capitalist exploitation, not abolish capitalism. However, right wing propagandists lie and lie about liberals’ political intentions. They conflate the left’s multi-faceted agenda into one monolithic conspiracy. A lot of the right’s followers are too feeble to comprehend the nuances of political science. A right-winger would accuse me of being an elitist (left wing terminology), all because I accuse some right-wingers of being stupid. Well--they are! The current, international “Occupy” movement is killing the right’s “Tea Party” movement. Once again, the Kochs have lost billions of dollars funding the “Tea Party.” It lasted only two years! The Occupy movement sprung out of spontaneous combustion; the Tea Party was orchestrated by some right wing think tank. The latter, in turn, will claim that the Occupy movement was created by George Soros.
Of course Americans will not buy it, as they are too busy buying products made in Red China.

A folk song

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Sun Oct 09th 2011, 11:02 AM
Saturday, October 08, 2011
This Toilet is Occupied

It always starts with an idea from a fringe group. Then it escalates like a snowball careening down a mountainside. It gets bigger and bigger until it becomes so huge, you wonder who/what started it in the first place. A new set of leadership replaces the originators. “Occupy Wall Street” was started by Anarcho-Communists (Left wing Anarchists); you see them holding black and red flags, marching in the street. Anarchists started Social Security in the 19th Century. The Communist Party picked up the issue in the early 20th Century, then the Progressives took it over. Finally, the Democratic Party reformed Social Security and, in 1935, FDR made it law.
“Occupy Wall Street” is an extension of “The Battle Of Seattle.” A lot of that movement’s veterans are still active. The right wing’s current criticism is the same old, tired rhetoric I used to endure during the late 60’s and early 70’s. “Dirty, lazy hippies that have no jobs have these protests because they’ve got nothing else to do!” Yeah, yeah, right! After the whole thing died down in the mid 70’s, 60’s bashing became a right wing sport that’s lasted through four decades! The reversionary yarns got really fictitious. If you believe the John Birch Society’s tall tales, the Trilateral Commission created the entire counter-culture in George Soro’s basement with craven Devil Worshippers and White Witches. Some think this is true! Tea, anyone? They blamed everything on the 60’s! From kiddy porn to the Gay agenda. Drugs and Reality T.V. Political correctness? It’s the 1960’s fault! You can’t make fun of crippled or mentally challenged people anymore because of P.C! Damn it! You can’t refer to black people with the “n-word” anymore! Sniff! Sniff! Kool-Aid, anyone?
I thought the ruling class in the U.S.A. was invisible. In 2006, I was ready to throw in the towel and become an American Refugee. Eight years of Bush and his merry band of Neo-Cons led to my own suicidal thoughts.
Rebellion is as natural as an earthquake or a tornado. To suppress rebellion is like surprising birth; it can’t be done! For centuries now, the rich have made the mistake of thinking that you can control society with drugs and religion. If you get rid of the intelligentsia and the press, then you can control society. Or divide and conquer, having one race of poor people blame another for their own misfortune. Well, it never worked and it never will! One thing they could never control is young people’s natural instinct for freedom! It’s always a youth-led rebellion, from Tiananmen Square to The Battle of Seattle.
I am proud of the young people who are protesting. In 2004, we tried to protest against the Iraq war, but that occurred on a Saturday and, on Monday, we were back at work! The longest I ever participated in a protest was one week. After a week, I needed my bourgeois comforts. So, all of you kids--Rock on!
How will this movement end? Who can say? Judging by history, they will fail, initially, but, the long-term effects will be victorious! Things like this take time. China is still under the boot of Stalin State-Capitalist authoritarianism, 22 years after their last uprising. At this point, time is on the people’s side. Right on!
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Posted by less lee in Entertainment
Sat Sep 24th 2011, 02:25 PM
Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adventures in Garage-land (Part 3)
My Very First Rock Concert In the Year 1968

It went from the Summer of Love in 1967, to hell on earth in 1968. There were assassinations, war, riots, and bubble gum music. Hippies portrayed in movies, television, and cartoons by Al Capp were maleficent, somnolent, and slovenly. Hippies were easy targets for right wing critics because they were pacifistic. Al Capp never made a caricature of an African-American because of Civil Rights’ militancy. It was quite a year for the world.
1968 was the year I got arrested for malicious mischief and vandalism. My gang had challenged another gang to a fight. It was to take place at a schoolyard, but when we arrived, there was no one else in sight. So, we spray-painted our gang’s logo on the school wall. What we didn’t know, however, was that the other gang had been hiding inside the building, waiting for us and, BAM! We got AMBUSHED! We didn’t know how they’d gotten inside the building, but the door busted wide open and out popped 10 guys with baseball bats and chains! My gang was just a group of five scrawny kids, so we ran like hell! We got to the fence and scaled it in record time! Then, we jumped on our bikes and sped away! Thank God, nobody got hurt! It was very stupid thing to incite a gang fight and it one of the many regrets I have in my life.
Somebody ratted on me. One day at school, I was called into the vice principal’s office and there was a detective waiting for me. He read me my Miranda Rights. Like a fool, I waived my rights! Consequently, nothing happened to me. It was my first offense and, thankfully, my mother never told my father. She was cool sometimes.
On March 31, my 14th birthday, I had a cold, so there was no party or gifts. Both of my grandmothers sent me cards with cash inside. That was all I needed. My dad watched President LBJ on T.V. make the announcement that he would not be running for re-election. I didn’t care; I was apolitical at the time.
The best thing that happened to me that year was attending my first rock concert. The number one radio station, Boss Radio 93 KHJ, was presenting a concert at the Hollywood Bowl featuring The Young Rascals, Tommy James & The Shondells, with Eric Burdon & The Animals! There was also an unlisted band—an L.A garage band, The Yellow Pages. It was to be on August 16, a Friday night. I’d never been to a rock concert before and I was surprised my parents let me go! (They didn’t let me go to see Jimi Hendrix at the Hollywood Bowl in ’67!) The Hobbs family, who lived behind us on Fuller Street, invited me to go; they had an extra ticket. So it was as if they were my chaperones. Perhaps that was why my parents let me go. Anyway, Mickey Hobbs, the neighborhood hood, was driving us to the gig. `I mean, the guy was stuck in the 50’s! He had a ducktail haircut and wore a black leather jacket. His sister, Linda, came along, as did his little brother Jack. Mickey drove us to the concert with his girlfriend wrapped tight inside his right arm, while he steered the wheel with his left. The dude had a lot of girlfriends! He drove a 1959 Bel Aire, which he kept in cherry condition. He was a chain smoker and I was in the back, inhaling the heavy smoke. It turned out he knew some people and had gotten the tickets for free. I didn’t really care how he’d got them--I didn’t have to pay a red cent!
We got to the Bowl at 8 p.m. Mickey had found a parking space in the neighborhood adjacent to the Bowl--we parked for free! It was a Hollywood summer night. The day’s heat was dissipating into a cool, clear evening. You could smell the fragrant yucca weed growing on the hillsides. When we got closer to the concert site, I sensed a new aroma. It was the first time I would smell the sweet aroma of Marijuana, and the beginning of countless times I would do so at concerts and anti-war rallies.
Most of the concertgoers were wearing clothes that were a combination of Carnaby Street fashion and San Francisco hippie garb. Others were wearing clothes their parents had bought them at J.C. Penneys or Sears. Me? I wore a powder blue turtleneck shirt, white bell-bottom trousers, and pointy Italian shoes that were way too big for me. My hair was thick, but not long.
We sat in the cheap seats but, surprisingly, the performers were quite visible! Hey, beggars can’t be choosy! I was glad to be out that night. Usually, on Friday nights, I’d stay home and watch the Dodgers play the San Francisco Giants, or I watched a show called “The Time Tunnel” on our black & white Zenith.
While people were finding their seats, the opening band, The Yellow Pages, was doing their set. They had a garage song called, Crowd Pleaser. Believe me, they were NOT crowd pleasers! The audience was heckling them like most opening acts are heckled. I liked them! They were raw, obnoxious, and loud! Two weeks later, I bought their album. This audience wanted to hear the pop tunes of the Rascals and the Shondels, which, of course, we did. I liked them--they were smooth and you could dance to their music. The Rascals wanted to be a blue-eyed soul band. The Shondells, on the other hand, was a teenage band that wanted to join the psychedelic crowd. They kind of pulled it off. The act that blew my 14-year-old mind, though, was Eric Burdon & The Animals---or should I say the “new” Animals!? By then, most of the original band had left. Eric Burdon was my new hero! There was a light show projected above the band and there were also film clips! When they performed “San Franciscan Nights,” there was a clip of Eric Burdon, strolling the streets of Frisco at night. It was a nice touch. They also showed a clip were Eric Burdon was being “crucified” on a cross! He then made the Roman Soldiers laugh, so they took him off the cross and smoked hash with him! I guess there was some type of statement he was making here, but I remember that it went over my head at the time. A few days later, I bought their double album, “Love is…” It was my introduction to Psychedelic rock. I would go to many concerts after this, but I never forgot my first one!
What was your first rock concert? ``````

Face Book address…!/stephen.j.morri...

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Posted by less lee in Entertainment
Sun Sep 18th 2011, 01:13 PM
Somebody mentioned this song yesterday, I thought this was a cute article....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adventures In Garage-Land (Part 2)
(Sunshine of your love. 1967)

While 1967 was a landmark year for the Baby Boom generation, at 13, I was doing other things. Oh, I saw changes happening all around me. A group of hippies moved in across the street from my house on Martel Avenue. Right next door to me, a garage band played regularly. Kids at my junior high school were freaking out! Well…sort of. The counter-culture movement amused my dad. He told me that they all reminded him of the 1950’s Beatniks. By 1968, he would change his tune. He came to hate the entire youth rebellion by then.
I was into the L.A. gang culture. For some odd reason, I admired the Cholos of the city’s east side. I even learned gang graphics! What a waste of knowledge. I started my own neighborhood gang, which was really just a bunch of goofy white kids hanging out to together and getting into trouble. Oh…the name of this vicious gang?, “The Devil’s Children”. We got the name from a Top 40 song called, “Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde” by Georgie Fame. One verse went: Bonnie And Clyde! They were the Devil’s Children. My gang lasted two years.
1967—I remember that year vividly. In those days, most gang bangers were into Soul, R&B, and Motown. The only radio station they’d listen to was KGFJ on the AM dial. It featured nothing but Black music. It was very funny to learn that most of the disk jockeys there were white guys imitating black DJs. One thing I didn’t understand about Chicano gang bangers was that they hated black people, but loved their music. Me? I liked Rock & Roll. From my very first job—selling newspapers every Sunday morning on the corner of Beverly & La Brea—all my money went to buy records.
One album I bought was by the British power trio, Cream. Its title was, “Fresh Cream.” I learned to play one song from that L.P. on my guitar—“I’m So Glad.” That was in ‘66. Their second L.P. release, “Disraeli Gears,” was a psychedelic classic. However, it featured one song that took the piss out of me…that was, “Sunshine of Your Love.” Ouch! I can’t even say it. AM radio was not all that glamorous. They had one major fault: overplaying the latest Top 10 releases. In the radio business, it was known as, “heavy rotation,” which meant they’d play the same song twice every hour. When “Sunshine of Your Love” hit the Top 10 in 1968, they played it to death! I recall being in bed with the flu, my transistor radio under my pillow. When I turned the radio on and heard “Sunshine of Your Love” on KHJ, I tuned in to KFWB, and they were playing the song, too! I changed the station to KRLA and, wouldn’t you know it? They were playing it! My last resort was KFI and—you guessed it: “Sunshine of Your Love” was on! I yelled, “Damn! DAMN!! I hate that song!” My mom came into my room and asked, “Are you all right?” I lied and told her, “Oh! I heard on the radio that the Dodgers lost to the Mets again. Otherwise, I’m fine.”
At the time, my younger brother, Irwin, was learning to play guitar. His friend, Jack, would come over and they would rehearse in his room, both on guitars while sitting on the bed. I came into the room just to see how they were doing. Guess what song they were playing!?!
Next door to my house lived the Rieters. This Jewish family had two sons named Steve and Gary. Now, the mother was a stay at home mom. My bedroom window looked out across the driveway to their dinning room. Like most Americans, they watched T.V. while they ate. That television was on all God damned day, and I never complained about it! But, when I played my records or my electric guitar, holy shit! Mrs. Rieter went on a Jihad!
“Stop it! Turn it down! My husband is sick and you’re killing him!” She’d scream out of her dining room window. This went on for four years! But, to add insult to injury, her oldest son, Gary, had a garage band! They did cover tunes. He would grow up to be a Jewish stereotype: he became a doctor. Every weekend, they rehearsed in their garage. Gary was a perfectionist, known in psychology as, “Anal Retentive.” The golden rule of life is: Never let an Anal Retentive become a musician, unless you are a masochist!
One Saturday his band was rehearsing in the garage and played, “Sunshine of Your Love” over and over again! If the drummer missed a beat, they’d stop and start over again. I couldn’t take it!—I had to leave my house!! This went on for a year until he finally left for college. Before he left, however, his parents were out of town. Those kids had the most rowdy party I’d ever seen! From my bedroom window, I could see that they were injecting something into their arms with hypodermic needles! I didn’t know what it was. They had a swimming pool in the backyard and they played Jimi Hendrix over their sound system while they swam nude! I was 14 at the time and getting into girls. To see those big-breasted Jewish girls with long, black, curly hair jump in and out of the pool—bare assed—would be an image stored in my masturbation memory forever! The guys I didn’t care to see. It was like taking a shower in gym class; plus, I was very homophobic back then.
For four years, as the entire planet was changing, I was in my own little world. In the summer of ‘69, some gang jumped me in an alley and I got the living shit kicked out of me! Well, my admiration for gangs ended that summer and I became a part of the “Freaking Fag Revolution!”
To this very day, I cannot listen to “Sunshine of Your Love!”
Check out this video….

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Posted by less lee in Entertainment
Sat Sep 17th 2011, 12:06 PM
Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventures In Garage-Land (Part 1)
(Garage band 1966 style)

My very first encounter with a live band was in the summer of ‘66. Before then, there were talent shows. The Fairfax Theater featured “Battle of the Bands,” but I never saw one. Then there was the annual Teenage Fair at the Hollywood Palladium. I wouldn’t attend one of those until 1967. In 1966, a band called, The Leaves, debuted their cover of the song, “Hey Joe!” at the Teenage Fair. It was done to a fast tempo, unlike Jimi Hendrix’ in ’67, which was slow. The Leaves’ version became a regional hit in L.A.
Parents had such an anathema to long hair that they forced their sons to have crew cuts. “We’ll show those Soviets how patriotic we are! Look how clean cut my son is!” Long hair was a big deal back then; it symbolized anti-Americanism. My dad used to cut my hair. He’d lop it into a 1940’s prisoners’ look. Some kids tried to get around their short hair by growing the front long and then combing it back into a pompadour. It was so cute how adolescent kids my age tried to look Rock & Roll by combing their pompadours down onto their foreheads to create bangs. A couple of bands at my elementary school played surfer instrumentals because their young voices couldn’t yet emit the sound of mature teenagers. A lot of kids who’d been forced to take piano lessons got Farfesia and Vox organs, and suddenly their piano knowledge helped them become hip and cool. A lot of parents bought their sons Sears’s electric guitars and amps. Some even used their Blue Chip and Green stamps to buy their kids drum kits. Eventually, most of those kids lost interest in music in exchange for mini-bikes or Sting Rays to pop wheelies. And yes, the skateboard became a big fad in 1966.
In the summer of ’66, I was 12 years old when I saw my first garage band. Keep in mind: this was the year that had a garage band explosion! The main inspiration for this was not the Beatles; it was the Rolling Stones. Teen-age boys thought that the Beatles were a teenybopper band for girls. But the Stones? That was the shit, man! They were baddies and they wanted to get laid! Some bands wanted to sound like the Beatles--for example, The Knickerbockers. Many who heard their one-hit-wonder song, “Lies” thought it was the Beatles! However, it was Mick Jagger who captured the imagination of the pubescent teenage boy. One band from Ireland, “Them” came close to sounding like the Stones. The lead singer, Van Morrison, was trying to emulate Howling Wolf, but got mistaken for Mick Jagger. When their song, “Gloria” was released in the States, most thought it was a Stones song. Teens loved Jagger’s snotty tone. In his attempt to sound like a black R&B singer, he came up with something totally original. Simultaneously, American teens were trying to sound like him!
Getting back to my story. It was one those hot, smoggy, L.A. days. I don’t remember where I was coming from, but I was riding my bicycle home. I was traveling east on Oakwood Avenue, in the old Fairfax district. Just before I got to Sierra Bonita, I heard loud music on my left; it was coming from a garage. I recognized the song, so I stopped my bike and stood at attention to listen. I heard the guitar’s “vibrato” sound effect. There was a syncopated boom, boom on the drums and the bass was playing two low notes. Someone was playing blues harmonica. It was infectious and I was soon tapping my deck-shoed feet to the beat. It sounded like Bo Diddley; as a matter of fact, it was his song! But to teens across America, it was a Rolling Stones song, “Mona (I Need You Baby).” I inched toward the garage. I stood on the sidewalk. Then, I was on the driveway. The side door was wide open and, before I knew it, I was peeking inside. It was a small garage, built to house a model-T car. I felt hot steam emanating from the doorway. What I saw was a 5-piece band. They were all white guys, in their late teens and early 20’s. They all had shoulder length hair, cut in that mid 60’s, Prince Valiant style. They wore skintight pants with Beatle boots. A few wore surfer tee shirts or black turtlenecks with surfer medallions. I’ll never forget the singer. He was skinny and had acne all over his face. His bangs covered his eyes and his buckteeth made him look like a 19th century trail bum. He held two maracas in his right hand, which he shook heartily over his head, keeping rhythm to the beat. In his other hand, he held a harmonica that he used intermittently. He would lean over to croon into the microphone.
The drummer saw me at the door. He had red, Ben Franklin glasses sitting low on his nose. He nodded his head, signaling me to come inside. I reluctantly tip toed into the hot, sweaty room and leaned up against a wall. I couldn’t believe it! I was in the inner sanctum of a real live rock band! My chest shook from the music’s vibration. I would get my first Rock and Roll earache.
The song seemed to be going smoothly and then came to an abrupt halt. It sounded like a car crash! The lead guitarist yelled at the singer, “You messed up the verse! Please stay with us! Don’t snort hair spray before rehearsal!”
The singer replied, “Flake off, shit face! I wish you chumps would stay with me!” The bass player looked at me, perplexed, and asked the drummer, “Who’s this-- your brother?”
The drummer replied, “Our future fan! He’s cool! Shall we play it again?”
At that moment this kid in a crew cut entered the garage. He knew the drummer. “Got any gigs coming up?” he asked.
“Yeah we do!” The drummer said coolly. “The Whiskey, this Tuesday! The Music Machine canceled!” Then he gave thumbs up.
Then the guitarist whined, “We been at this for three hours! Let’s take a break!” The rhythm guitarist said sardonically, “Oh? Are we a union band? Let’s just suck this Tuesday! Were getting paid scale. Let’s go to Canters! I’m hungry!”
The bass player protested. “Canters! I’m sick of that Jew food! I want a Pink’s chili dog!”
The lead guitarist made a sour face and sarcastically said, “Groovy! That’s all we need! To be in a small room with you after you eat a chili dog! It’s lox & bagel for you, my Irish-German friend! Shall we split?”
They all shut off their knee high amps and filed out of the room. The drummer slapped me on my back and said frivolously, “Show is over, kid!”
I asked, “What’s the name of your band?”
He answered facetiously. “Name? We are the Yardbirds! Spread the word!”
The bass player said, “I wish we were the fucking Yardbirds! We wouldn’t have to rehearse in a steaming hot garage!”
I got on my bike and rode home. That experience planted a life-changing seed in my subconscious. Fifteen years later, I would be doing the same thing! For many years to follow, I would walk by that garage and remember that summer day in 1966. I never did find out who they were. It will always be a mystery.

Here is a cool video…

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Sun Jul 17th 2011, 01:48 PM

The American right and I’m not talking about libertarians neither, have shown the universe what stupid and weak propagandist they are. We have seen the T.V show: Worlds dumbest criminals. We see how these common criminals get in absurd situations, like getting stuck in a vent while attempting to break in a business to rob it. We laugh at the excuses and alibis they give to cops and judges. You know something? I don’t see the humor in laughing at poverty stricken criminals. To me, Standard Oil is no different than the Crips and Bloods. They both have the same goal, to make money by any means necessary.
Rupert Murdoch should be on a T.V show called: The world’s dumbest WASP billionaires. I mean…give me slack Jack, you freaks complain about Moral Relativism? Did you hear what his networks spin was? Some commentator on Fox News said and I’m paraphrasing here…breaking into peoples cell phone? What about the Government? Because of the Patriot Act of 2001, it’s ok to break into somebody’s phone!
So why can’t we? Unquote. How would you like your moral relativism? Well done or rare. Would you like freedom fries with that? I mean, who is in charge of damage control at News Crop? Red Skeleton? Jerry Lewis? How about Wild Man Fisher? It sure aint Ice Cube! Maybe Murdoch should stay away from right wing think tanks and hire former gang members so News Crop can beat the rap.
Murdoch doesn’t give a damn about broadcasting corporate propaganda. It’s the money he cares about. He did find a niche with right wing politics and he ran with it. Murdoch can’t run anymore, not at his age. It’s not ageist to recommend he put in some home. Don’t they have senior homes for tea baggers? Here is a senile old white guy who doesn’t have to worry about paying medical bills. Why is that? It’s all because Rupert has more money than God? You are 80 years old Rupert? RETIRE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! You’re political party you belong to do not care if people your age eat dog food to survive.
The advocates on the right do not care about consistency or civility, all they care about is wining and protecting privilege class. If they can use left wing rhetoric, then they will. They cure cancer before they cure the disease of greed.

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Sun Jun 19th 2011, 11:55 AM
Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Real Obama is a Little Left of Center

(But you probably knew that)

If you think that there are no conspiracies or secrets in the world, then broadcast your innermost thoughts over an FM station. No conspiracies? Then what do they do in the CIA, anyway? Why don’t they offer an open house in McLean, Virginia, like your local fire department does? You could just walk up to the receptionist and say, “I would like to see the files on the Kennedy assassination.” The receptionist, with her reading glasses down her nose, would retort, “We had to kill JFK before the KGB did! After all, it was the Cold War and the USA had no sweater!” Well, that just isn’t going to happen; you wouldn’t get past the front gate! Don’t be so naïve! There are state secrets. The real question is, does the CIA conduct secret projects for the sake of evil or good? You will never know!

That is why we have binomial thoughts on political conspiracies. One example is that of left wing conspiracy theories, which are well researched and nicely analytical, but rejected by mainstream society. Then, there are right wing conspiracy theories, originating from The John Birch Society to Glenn Beck. The media allows these theories to be broadcast over the public airways because they are all fantasy and everybody knows it. I mean, come on! If Obama were really this tyrannical dictator that the right espouses, would he allow Glenn Beck to broadcast night after night, exposing “Obama’s evil plans?” I think not! What got Beck kicked off the air was Free Enterprise—nobody with any capital wants to advertise on his crappy show anymore! With right wing conspiracy theories, you can put forth anything you want, as long it’s not overtly racist or sexist. You get airtime as long as you’ve got a sponsor!

However, if you want to be racist, you can always use surreptitious methods to express those sentiments. In the past, some spokesman from some Nazi group would appear on a talk show and use racial epithets, and it was considered entertaining. But, he couldn’t recruit anybody to his cause, so David Duke put on a suit and tie, and used substitute words. (i.e. “Nigger” became “Socialist;” “Jew” became “Hollywood Liberal.”)

The 21st Century, right wing movement in the U.S. has become this syncretist coalition of right wing Christians and Libertarians. Most Libertarians are atheists, but strangely, the religious right has adopted this Laissez-faire view of the economy. You want to talk about a left wing Caliphate between Islam and Marxism and think that it’s strange? By the way, no such thing exists. But consider it. These pot-smoking Libertarians have united with this these anti-masturbation Christians. We all know Ayn Rand hated Christians, and even her own Judaism. What’s up with that shit?!

The Texas Aryan oil barons are the men behind the curtain of the Tea Party movement. Some of them claim to be Libertarians, but in truth, they are white supremacists and followers of Theodore Lothrop Stoddard. They hide behind Libertarian masks.

The reason the rich invented government is to have a convenient scapegoat. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that the white ruling class hates government. As a matter of fact, the biggest welfare kings are the oil companies. The WASP rich loves government! We’ve got socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the middle class and the poor!

So is Obama a socialist? Let’s take inventory…

If Obama were a socialist, then:

Members of the Bush Administration would be doing time in prison for their war crimes. What is Bush doing now? Oh, giving motivational speeches for big money! The right should kiss Obama’s feet!
All the oil company conglomerates would be nationalized by executive order. When British Petroleum ruined the Gulf of Mexico with their oil spill, did Obama send troops to arrest the crew on the oilrig? No! He did nothing, except to make them create an “escrow” account of $20 million from which to pay “damage claims” filed by “legitimate” victims!
Is giving loans to car companies socialism? Are you shitting me?! Reagan did the same thing for the banks in the 80’s!
Is there a self-managed, decentralized planned economy, based upon autonomous, self-regulating economic factors and a decentralized mechanism of allocation and decision-making? Hell no! What we have is rich white guys in country club parlors, laughing about how tea party members are such stupid dupes!
Do we have equal distribution of wealth? The top 5% has most of it! By the way, there is no such thing as “Redistribution of Wealth.” That’s something the right wing think tanks came up with.
How come you are paying taxes? In socialist society, you work for no wages, and get everything you need for free. There is no taxation under socialism—well, in theory at least.
Are you paying for food? All food is free under socialism.
Are you paying for doctors and medical care? Not in a commie society! All health care is free.
Obama’s new health care reform makes private doctors even richer because it includes compulsory law, requiring that you obtain health insurance! That’s not socialism! Neither are the states’ compulsive car insurance laws, which make the insurance companies get even richer! Good commie government!
Do you have a job? Oh, you don’t? Whose fault is that? Oh yeah, the socialist government! Actually, it’s the fault of the American Capitalist CEO who was too cheap to pay union wages and saw he could hire slave labor overseas and avoid doing so!

So what have we learned? That Obama is a socialist like Senator Bernie Sanders is a Libertarian! But, Tea Party freaks will always think that Obama is a socialist because their mommy and daddies of the corporate world told them so! There are two features of the authoritarian mindset: One is that the rich man feels the world must submit to his will because has a lot of money. The other is that the underlings must submit to the rich man’s will because he is their father figure and what he says goes. If he says Obama is a socialist, then, by God, he is!

What do you think?

Here is a old vid......
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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Tue May 17th 2011, 11:15 AM
Monday, May 16, 2011

Obama is So Re-elected!

The right wing should get on their knees and kiss Obama’s feet! He could have destroyed the Republican Party and demolished the conservatives for good! But, he didn’t, because he is a good man. He could have taken on the Bush administration and put them on trial for treason and war crimes! But, Barack was too focused on correcting and reforming the nation’s ills.
Like Clint Eastwood in his first Spaghetti Western, “A Fistful of Dollars”--the Baxter family on the right, the Rejos family on the left and Clint Eastwood in the middle--Obama is in the same predicament. The right sees him as a Viet Cong and the left sees him as a flunky for the corporate master. The right says the exact same thing about Obama as the left said about Bush for eight years. They even use the same rhetoric as the left did! There is one important difference: the right makes money on “Obamaphobia.” The right sells dehydrated food to victims of the American dollar’s drop to nothing. They sell weapons so that good Americans can defend themselves against the roving bands of socialist Muslims in the streets! They sell DVD’s and books to prophesize how the terrible left will take away your flat screen T.V. or i-pod and put you in a communal farm! Of course, we all know this is bull-crap.
The Republican candidates for this presidential cycle are a joke! If they really wanted to give Obama a run for his money they would nominate Hermann Cain for president. However, their one problem with that? The Republicans want their country back, not their country black.
So the Obama family will not be calling Mayflower movers for an estimate. They will be living there for, at least, another four years--unless something terrible happens.
I am curious about who Obama will pick for V.P.?

Surfing on acid.

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Wed Apr 13th 2011, 11:52 AM
Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Death of a Rodeo Clown

Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market gave Glenn Beck the finger. What do I think of his dismissal from Fox? I’m so sorry; I forget that corporations can be as duplicitous as Washington politicians. Glenn and Fox had a mutual agreement for his departure. Maybe Glenn wanted to spend more time with his family. Did George Soros pay Fox to fire him? No! Glenn, like so many on the right, shot himself in the foot. Which foot? The left one, sweetie darling--what else?!
Are we going to miss his hyena sarcasm? How about his infantile mockery? I mean, come on! Nobody could read a Koch brother talking point like Glenn and make it so entertaining. “That is just great!” “Really?” “Hee-hee! Chuckle! Snicker! Laugh!” Time and time again, we have seen this kind of entertainment before. Glenn just put a laugh track on John Birch Society rhetoric and did a song and dance as he attacked the so-called left. Wally George, Jr. will now take the stage right exit and we will never hear from him again. Oh, he has a radio show? Only old men with radios in the garage listen to the radio. Right wing wives don’t want to hear Glenn’s shit in the house. Maybe his two million followers will follow him to some remote South Pacific Island and drink the Kool-Aid because the Islamo-Socialist new order is taking over and death is the only way out. They could have some dehydrated pizza and play with their gold certificates before they commit mass suicide. Now that is a good time!
Yeah, Glenn, we did our homework and we found out that you SUCK! Anybody can get a job with any corporate media outlet like Fox. Yes, Fox News is corporate media just like NBC, CBS, and ABC are. You can call them liberal media until you are blue state in the face! All you’ve got to do is attack poor people and call them lazy. Attack government, but only if the Democrats are in charge. Attack organizations like ACORN, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the U.N. Attack unions or activist judges and Hollywood liberals. Hey! You’ll make millions! But never, ever attack corporations that are run by wrinkly, old, WASP men! If they pollute the environment, that’s OK! They are entitled to their wealth! Let them underpay their work force! If you are poor, it’s because you are lazy and evil! The Aryan rich have no obligations to the United States of America. They are not obligated to pay taxes or join the armed forces. They don’t have to go to church because they know God on a first name basis.
So, who will be the next right-wing superstar on T.V? You know something? I don’t care anymore!

Check out my latest video:

Surfing on Acid
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Posted by less lee in General Discussion
Sun Dec 26th 2010, 12:47 PM
Friday, December 17, 2010
Boehner Sheds 96 Tears

I was more unsympathetic than a Libertarian laughing at a homeless mother, who was dumpster-diving to find food for her children.
To be compassionate requires one to be perspicacious. It is hard to have empathy for a wealthy man who is also lugubrious. Congressman John Boehner’s sob fest on the CBS news show, “60 Minutes,” was pathetic! If he was acting, it was the worst method acting ever performed! Lee Strasberg must be laughing in his grave. If Boehner is suffering from some sort of hysteria, then his federal health care plan can direct him to a psychiatrist. Someone who is just plain sensitive would never be a Conservative. Usually someone who’s suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder only cries about himself; self-pity is a symptom. A sensitive person would shed tears when they witness suffering by another. Conservatives, these days, include middle-aged guys with daddy complexes. It’s all based on machismo nonsense, which I’ve been ranting about for years!
Propaganda is based on the intended audience’s perception. For years, the political Right has portrayed leftists as hypersensitive, New Age, sissies. I don’t know who these think tank people are, but they are phoning it in! They are employing every tactic they can get their hands on. The label, “Compassionate Conservative,” was used during the Bush years. Compassionate Conservative is a classic oxymoron. You’ve likely noticed that you don’t hear that label much anymore. If propaganda is not consistent, then it spins out of control and crashes.
Glenn Beck started this crying bit. People respond to this display of histrionics. Firebrand evangelicals cry and dance on stage to impart a hypnotic effect over the audience. Horror movies will depict an innocent child, weeping, who then morphs into a demon and bites another’s head off! This makes you distrust innocence. Paranoia does that to you, also. It takes critical perception to screen out the phonies and the mentally challenged. Openly displayed emotions can be deceitful, especially in politics and religion. Beware! Right wing propagandists are so devious that they use Left wing tactics! Be very aware of that!
One more thing: Glenn Beck is proud of himself because, two years ago, he predicted there would be riots in the streets of Europe. If I predict that Alaska will have snowstorms next winter, does not make me prophetic? For decades, the European Left has been highly organized and, if the government does something wrong, then the streets are filled with protestors on just a moment’s notice! In the USA, we are lucky if we get people to demonstrate on a weekend.
There is no revolution coming, Glenn. Sorry about that, paranoid one.

Crimes of freedom
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Posted by less lee in General Discussion
Tue Dec 21st 2010, 04:09 PM
The Crow Barks At Swan
(Captain Beefheart dead at 69.)

It was around 1966 at the Port of Los Angeles, at what was then the Catalina Boat Terminal. My family was waiting to board the Catalina Steamer. In the waiting area there was a jukebox. Next to the transistor radio, the jukebox introduced me to a lot of music. For just 5¢ or a dime, you could hear a record, selected by you and on the spot! Jukeboxes were big, too! However, at Stan’s Drive In at La Brea and Beverly in L.A., inside the round, glass-dome structure, there was a dinning area, and upon every table was a mini-jukebox! You could flip through multiple menu-like pages, enclosed within the small, glass red & chrome contraption, to select any song for a nickel! Each song had a corresponding letter/number combination, like Z-12, for Tab Hunter’s “Young Love.” You’d put your nickel in the slot, punch in the two corresponding keys, and you’d get a song to enjoy right along with your Stan’s Double Cheeseburger & fries!
Now, back to the terminal. Someone chose a song that made my feet start tapping! The chorus was catchy and the body of the song was a combination of 50’s Do Wop, blues, and good old rock and roll. I had to find out who the artist was! I went over to the jukebox and located the listing: the song was “Diddy Wah Diddy” by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, on A&M Records. That was my introduction to The Captain.
I’d lost track of the Captain until two years later, when I began attending Fairfax High in L.A. Across the street from the school’s main entrance was a small record shop. I used to ditch gym class to spend an hour at Aron’s Records. I had little money, so I’d buy only used albums. The newer albums were in a bin by the window. Prices varied from $1.75 to 3 bucks. The very cheap ones were in cardboard boxes on the floor. I bought a lot of folk music, British Invasion stuff, and 60’s psychedelic/acid rock shit! Each one (with a hole punched in the jacket corner) for just 50 cents! Then, one day I came across a Beefheart album for a dollar. The album cover was designed to look like a large, yellow, U.S. Mail package. The album’s title was featured like a handwritten mailing address, right in the middle of the front cover, with “postage stamps” in the upper corner, sporting pictures of the band members. A red “stamp,” placed diagonally next to the “address” read: “Strictly Personal.” I recalled the name, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, so I bought it. The store clerk shook his head and chuckled as put the record in a bag. He asked me, “Don’t you ever buy any good rock albums?” I didn’t reply. I took the album and put it in my locker until the end of the day.
When I got home, I put the album on my portable Sears record player, which was mono; the L.P. was in stereo. The first song sounded like a hillbilly singing a Willie Dixon song, with a slide guitar hitting the wrong notes. Blues was popular back then, but this was far from “Diddy Wah Diddy!” The second cut, “Safe As Milk,” was the deal-breaker! This was the quintessential sound of Beefheart. I didn’t realize at the time that the Captain was our generation’s Thelonious Monk and Stravinsky. I loved that L.P.! Sadly, I’ve long since lost it.
A lot of kids I knew didn’t get Beefheart. Nor did they get Yoko Ono, David Peel, Wild-man Fisher, the Mc5, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, or even Frank Zappa. They’d listen to CSN&Y. I’d listen to my shit.
Beefheart was a significant musical influence on me. He taught me not to be afraid to use unusual chords. The song ‘”Sweaty Betty,” from my 1987 L.P., Loud Whispers & Silent Screams, was my Beefheart song. In the song’s chorus, I used a chord that’s not even included in standard chord charts. It is known as an “X-chord” among underground aficionados. To anyone with a musical sensibility unaccustomed to this type of chord, the music can be very disturbing and unsettling. This is one reason punk musicians were attracted to Captain Beefheart—his sound was shocking.
No doubt that Don Van Vliet was an avant-garde genius. He will be greatly missed!
I lift up my can of Bud Lite and give a toast to Captain Beefheart!

Here is a 6-part documentary from the BBC about the Captain.
It’s on youtube.
Captain Beefheart Doc.

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Posted by less lee in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Dec 11th 2010, 10:04 PM
L.A Times Ignores Sen.Sanders filibuster

Sen. Bernie Saunders not in the L.A Times: Persona non-grata

Can you imagine a Libertarian standing in line for tickets for the Broadway musical: Atlas Shrugged for at least 45 minutes. These rugged individuals would start calling for their mothers. What Senator Bernie Saunders did yesterday I could never do? It took a Democratic Socialists who has grandchildren to stand on his feet for 8 hours. Who is the real rugged individual?
Filibuster and I mean a real filibuster is rare in the senate! You’d think a renowned newspaper like The Los Angeles Time would give coverage to Senator Saunders who performed a historical fete. Not even a couple of lines! WTF!!!! If the times do not do a report on Saunders in Sunday’s paper, I will cancel my subscription on Monday. Didn’t some knucklehead from Fox news call The L.A. Times a liberal paper?

My new video…
Crimes of freedom

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Posted by less lee in Editorials & Other Articles
Tue Nov 30th 2010, 02:05 PM
Thursday, November 25, 2010
Tea Bag Metathesiophobia

I was more woeful than a Libertarian looking at his foreclosed home from the sidewalk.
You are probably asking yourself: What does Metathesiophobia mean? The first thing you should know about basic psychology is the difference between fear and phobia. Fear occurs when you realize a piano, suspended above, is about drop upon your head. You instinctively move out of the way because you fear for your life, or at least to avoid serious injury (i.e.: a concussion). That fear is quite normal. Phobia, on the other hand, is an irrational fear. For example, you are afraid to walk down a particular street because you know that a black cat lives in that neighborhood and it very well might cross your path.
Metathesiophobia is the fear of change. Now, for many decades, I’ve noticed certain patterns among various social/political groups. WASP conservatives have always advocated the belief system of social stagnation. Why is that? What’s so scary about change? Tradition? Okay—when is tradition social stagnation? There is nothing wrong with tradition unless it manifests into something like a traditional sex role (i.e.: the male must be the breadwinner, the protector, and the one who mows the lawn).
Who is to blame for social stagnation? Is it racial pride? Class status? Gender? Religion? Or is it a bad personality? Maybe attribute it to some one astrological sign? It is a combination of all those elements (except astrology).
Existentially speaking, the physical universe is predicated on constant change, like the weather, or one’s health. You will always change your socks or underwear, unless you are antisocial. Night becomes day, then night again. I know that a lot of humans measure time and space by their own mortality. Seventy years may be a long time to us, but it just a brief moment in physical, material eternity.
So why is there fear of change? Stagnation is perfect for the insecure human. No worries whatsoever. You have no expectations of life because you know what will happen next. You don’t need intellectual curiosity, just common sense. You need only be misoneist and conform to the rules of the Aryan Plutocracy. Just go with the flow and you will be rewarded for your docility. While the ruling class gets their cosmetic surgery and has sex with the upstairs maid, you are praying to Jesus that your wife doesn’t die of cancer because your company outsourced your job and you lost your health insurance. You listen to Right wing propaganda that teaches freedom is sacred and cannot be violated. The rich propagandists lecture the poor about self-reliance while the rich pig has the butler tie his shoe. The propagandists for the rich scare the middle class about how life will change for the worse if the Left succeeds. If the Progressives win, then everyone will be in labor camps, like in Cuba. The rich pay millions, if not billions of dollars, to engrain that fear in our minds. The Tea Party activists are acting out in fear that has been programmed into them. What so tragic about this is that they think they fighting against socialist robots, when they are Corporate automatons themselves!
Freedom does not exist. It will never exist. Freedom is very subjective: for some it is not freedom—It is just exclusionary liberty. Freedom will never exist unless everyone is free! All the rationales of social Darwinism or stoicism are just smelly shit! Gratitude for others’ sacrifices does not make a patriot. Unless you are willing to die for freedom yourself, stop advocating that others should die for you!
Do you hear me, rich pig!?!

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