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livvy's Journal
Posted by livvy in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Jan 16th 2009, 06:15 PM
if it wasn't for us here at DU, and others at the various progressive sites, who researched, wrote letters, signed on to petitions, sent emails, talked to their Congress Critters, blathered on forever to anyone who would listen (and even to some who had their fingers in their ears), protested, participated in civil disobedience, campaigned, donated, knocked on doors, called endless lists of people, and refused to give up.

We did this. We made this happen through our perseverance and belief that we can do better, that what the lying weasel and his cronies did was not acceptable, and would not wash.

Each of us, in our own little or sometimes, big way, made a difference. I really believe this. We and so many others like us, made this happen.

Hats off to all of us (tinfoil included). We did it. Now we have to protect what we have gained, and continue to make more progress. Can we do it? Yeah, I think we've proved we can.
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Posted by livvy in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Mar 25th 2008, 09:18 AM
McSame is the candidate of choice for those that control the media, the banks, the corporations, etc. The deal was sealed long ago, and the McHug confirmed the deal. Even the way his candidacy was determined, such a controlled ascendancy, with the ups and downs...just enough to be believable to those not paying any attention to the distant past, the recent past, or for that matter, any past beyond the immediate moment.

Clinton is the opposition candidate of choice. She will not win, even if every Dem on the planet voted for her (recall that we still do not have open transparent elections, and voting equipment with results that can be verified), and her loss will be rationalized as her having too many voters who just didn't like her, the disarray of the Democratic Party from the primary battles, and people coming to their senses that McSame is the better choice of the two. Would the rationalizations be, but they will work for those that don't pay attention, and we will have another stolen election.

Obama is more of a threat. He has the potential of rallying and unifying the masses because of his oratory skills and his message of hope for the future, and that is not a good thing for those that control the strings. But, like you said, it can only be done with an election like no other.

What stands a chance is an election unlike any other. The Obama supporters across the country, and democrats who would have preferred some other candidate, MUST create a peaceful "new American revolution". We need activism. No name-calling, no vitriol, not another 1968 convention. We need people singing "We Shall Overcome" and the like. We need a Woodstock, we need a Poor People's March, we need large enough groups of people - middle aged white people with short hair, alongside neo-hippies, and hispanics, blacks, factory workers, farmers, you name it, to get out and demonstrate. I mean crowds where it is impossible to estimate accurately. We need a theme of "We The People" want our country back!

Would the election be tampered with by the same tricks that would be done against Clinton? Hell, yes, but "the Rovian math" could be wrong, just like it was in so many instances in the midterm elections. And if you have the masses rallying behind a candidate, the math just won't work in a believable fashion.

I read this piece yesterday, and it is relevant to the discussion of how election shenanigans can and may have already come into play. I post the link to support my position that Clinton is the candidate of choice, yours and mine that the disarray of the Dem Party is a goal, and how this election is ours to lose.

Now it will get really ugly and whoever emerges as the nominee will have been undermined enough--so the story will go, anyway--to manage to 'lose' to McCain; i.e., either Clinton or Obama will have accumulated plenty of plausible defeatability. And the story of Democratic 'civil war' (as the MSM is already gleefully framing it) and disarray may even be good enough to 'explain' how they failed to capitalize on the enormous structural and dynamic advantages they hold on the Congressional side, setting the stage for currently unimaginable Republican gains in Congress in November.

This election is ours to lose, and we will, unless we work our tails off spreading the word of the "New American Revolution", stop the division within the Party, and scream at the top of our We the People lungs...

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Posted by livvy in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Aug 21st 2007, 10:03 AM
What keeps me going is:

-a sense of humor
-some bulldog tendencies inherited from my English grandfather
-the knowledge that I know I've made a difference, small though it be
-this website where I know I'm always surrounded by like-minded people
-encouragement from my closet-liberal father (who knew? how could I have missed this for so many years?), a nephew-in-law, and a great sister
-time outs with my furpack of bouviers and other assorted pets
-being able to put my tinfoil hat away when "conspiracies" are confirmed to be the truth
-the occasional smug sense of satisfaction when a former disbeliever nods in agreement
-my Impeach Cheney baseball cap and the positive comments it draws
-I like the challenge
-the knowledge that this is just too important to let it rest
-the beauty of the Constitution and a sense of awe in its creation
-not being able to think of anything more important I could do with my life at this time, in the sense of the future, respect for the past, and the relevancy of the now
-a good night's rest and a nap when the mood hits

I get down about the whole mess, too. It seems sometimes like there's no progress being made, and I have to remind myself that progress has been made, if only from the general increase of awareness in We the People. You have done that, I have done that, and everyone here and at all the other progressive websites around have done that, and I have to believe that is no small task we have accomplished.

I know this is a well-used quote, but look at how far along the phrase we have come!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Seems to me, we're 3/4 of the way along.
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Posted by livvy in Michigan
Thu Jul 20th 2006, 08:32 PM
if you're standing just in the right spot.

The closest I've ever seen people come to blows over umbrella offenses was at a rally for Edwards during 2004. It was just drizzling really, but there were these two ladies with the perfect hair and make-up who insisted on having their umbrellas protect them. People behind them couldn't see, and one guy asked them politely to take them down, if not right away, but at least when Edwards came out. They were very rude to the guy, who remained polite, but insistent.

I was standing next to these ladies and they kept chatting and laughing, bobbing, tipping, and turning those damn umbrellas all around. I kept ducking to avoid getting poked, but it was so crowded there was no way to avoid the runoff. Other people around them were having the same problems, so they started telling the ladies to ditch the umbrellas, too.

Well, these ladies were having none of it. They were getting louder and more petulant with each complaint. The crowd was getting uglier. The first guy who complained was nearing his flash point, and began to get more irate, actually threatening physical assault on the umbrellas if they didn't get rid of them. I have to give him credit. He was still focused on the offending umbrellas, and hadn't yet threatened physical assault on the ladies themselves. Not so with some others nearby.

I really began to be concerned there might be some type of altercation.
I hadn't said anything at this point, just kept dodging the prongs and drips as best as I could, but like I said, the atmosphere was getting ugly. I really wanted to see and hear Edwards. I knew if an umbrella riot broke out that would not happen, because it is my lot in life to be the only one injured when there is the slightest opportunity for injuries to occur. At the very least, I figured I would end up very muddy, so I tapped the lady closest to me, smiled and quietly queried, "Why are you being such a stubborn jackass about this? Just put the umbrellas away."
She stared at me like I had just hatched from an egg, and still had yolk on my face. Her face kind of twitched a bit as she processed my comments, and then just simply said, "No. We'll put them down when Edwards comes out."

Well, surprisingly, true to her word, they did take them down when he came out, but not right away. They made us all wait just a bit, I guess to show us all that it was their idea and not because they were trying to be considerate or anything. I think it was too hard for them to clap and hang on to them at the same time.

The moral of the story is that umbrella devotees are a serious bunch and should not be dealt with lightly.

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Posted by livvy in General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007)
Wed Mar 22nd 2006, 07:05 AM
I have a little pin I wear every day. I change the numbers on my pin each day as the fatality numbers change. When people ask about the significance of the numbers, I tell them it is my way of honoring and reflecting on the Americans that have given their lives in Iraq. I visit this site each day to gather the sad data, and to learn about the names and lives behind the numbers. I thought I'd share the stories about yesterday's losses.
This is the site: /

And these are the names, the stories and the lives:

March 21, 2006

Indianapolis soldier killed in Baghdad
By Robert King

A 25-year-old Army soldier from Indianapolis was killed Tuesday in Iraq, the apparent victim of sniper fire as he manned a machine gun on a Humvee.

Spc. Antoine J. McKinzie, a 2000 graduate of Pike High School, was patrolling Baghdad in an armored Humvee, said his stepfather, Dwight Adams. McKinzie is the fifth soldier or Marine with ties to Indianapolis to die in Iraq.
McKinzie served in the 27th Field Artillery Regiment in the Army’s 4th Infantry Division and was on his second tour of duty in Iraq. He was last home at Christmas and had spoken to his family as recently as Wednesday.

“He felt like he was doing an important job,” Adams said. “He was proud to serve his country.”
This is really the whole article, but here is the link.

Posted on Tue, Mar. 21, 2006

Kern County soldier fatally shot in Iraq while evacuating building
Associated Press
SHAFTER, Calif. - An Army Special Forces soldier who enlisted in the military after his high school graduation was killed when he helped evacuate a building in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Ricardo Barraza, 24, of Shafter, died over the weekend after he was shot in the chest, his family said.

"He always thought of the rest of the people, not to have glory, but for everyone," his mother, Nina Barraza, told The Bakersfield Californian on Monday. "He respected that uniform."

Ricardo Barraza, who had been in Iraq since 2002, graduated from Shafter High School in 1999. Friends described him as an outgoing athlete who played football, basketball and ran track.

From the Modesto Bee

Turlock soldier killed in Iraq, family says

Last Updated: March 21, 2006, 05:26:12 AM PST

A 23-year-old Army Ranger from Turlock died Saturday in Iraq.
Sgt. Dale G.M. Brehm's family was notified Sunday of his death, his stepmother said. However, Linda Brehm declined to discuss details.

Brehm, a 2000 graduate of Turlock Adult School, joined the military in 2001. He married Raini Hogan of Modesto more than two years ago. The couple lived in Steilacoom, Wash., near Tacoma and Fort Lewis, where Brehm was stationed.

According to Bee archives, today would have been Brehm's 24th birthday.

May their families and friends find some comfort in the difficult days ahead. Let's all take a moment today to think of them.

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