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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Mon Aug 27th 2007, 01:36 PM
Florida sowed the seeds of a propaganda war against the DNC.

Here is a summary of what it was all about after all.

They broke the rules and yelled "Dean and the DNC took our votes away". If they had stayed on or after February 5, every delegate would have counted. They instead took the course of jumping in with both feet and saying the DNC took their votes away.


Even a few major bloggers like Jerome and Markos fell for it.

Whatever the eventual outcome about Florida's delegates, the seeds of bitterness have been sown because the truth was not told from the beginning. It will have an effect that goes well beyond just this event.

Couple of good explanations here.

Congressional Delegation threatens Dean and the DNC

"But here's why the DNC's penalty actually has some teeth. If Florida had no delegates to compete for, presidential campaigns have two choices about competing in a penalized Florida. They can spend money to explain why they aren’t spending money to just win a beauty contest. . Or they can spend money to try and actually win what is just a beauty contest.. The former option is much cheaper than the latter option."

....."The media could well decide to cover Florida as a "real" primary, but here's a further complication. Two presidential campaigns -- Sen. Barack Obama's and Sen. John Edwards -- are close to concluding that they shouldn’t compete in Florida if Florida's delegate selection process doesn't matter. Publicly, these campaigns say they hope Florida resolves its dispute with the DNC. Privately, they admit that if Florida has few or no delegates, they are unlikely to compete. That means that Hillary Clinton will face enormous expectations to win the state solidly. Unless she decides to scale down her activities in the state, too.

So, if the state party is only concerned about being seated at the convention, then the RBC's penalty doesn't matter. But if the state wants to play a role in determining the nominee, then the RBC’s penalty matters a lot. The two interests are in conflict."

And a threat by Bill Nelson to lead his "troops"...make that "delegates" to Denver, no matter what. Wish he were as excited about getting out of Iraq or about protecting sick people from losing their homes due to bankruptcy.

Nelson will lead the delegates to Denver.

"The state party would have 30 days to change its plan before the sanctions would go into effect, but instead Florida's Democratic lawmakers say they will fight back. Sen. Bill Nelson told reporters in a conference call Friday that he'll lead the delegates to Denver whether or not the DNC plans to let them in.

"We are quite concerned that Florida Democrats are going to lose their right to vote," Nelson said. "And of all states, we have the sensitivity of this because of what we have gone through."

.."The state's congressional delegation also sent a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean threatening a voting rights investigation in response to sanctions. However, national Democratic officials insist there is no legal basis to force the party to seat delegates in violation of its rules, and Nelson could not say what law the DNC would be violating or where the case could be pursued."

Well, the propaganda really worked for Florida. They went along with the Republicans from the beginning and said they did not.

It's discouraging. He who gets the message out the loudest is the winner at least temporarily. Doesn't matter if the message is wrong if it is the loudest.

Drama is not yet over in Florida

From the St. Pete Times. Adam C. Smith.

"How can the mean ol' Democratic National Committee punish beleaguered Florida Democrats for the Republican-controlled legislature and governor deciding to move the presidential primary so early in violation of committee rules?


Party chairman Howard Dean might swallow that if a Democratic state senator, Jeremy Ring, hadn't sponsored the original bill moving the primary to Jan. 29. Besides, Dean knows he lobbied early on to get Democrats to back off the bill and folks like House Democratic leader Dan Gelber blew him off publicly."

Florida won the war on truth apparently, at least in the media.

From another article by Smith in the post above.

"Might the Democratic National Committee foist on America's biggest battleground state some kind of unwanted delegate selection plan for the presidential nominating process? The party rules allow that scenario, which sounds possible from Howard Dean's comments the other day to a South Carolina TV reporter.

Remember that the DNC carved out Jan. 29 for South Carolina to hold the first southern Democratic primary, only to have Florida leaders schedule the Sunshine state for the same day. Fl Democrats are trying to keep a straight face as they blame it all on Florida Republicans."

Florida won the propaganda war temporarily. But they lost the war on truth and honesty in politics. As they move into their seats at the convention next year, as Bill Nelson said they will, it will not be a victory.

If a political play is not based on honesty, it will not be a winner in the end.
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