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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Aug 27th 2007, 11:36 PM
The article shows that, and it tells the name of the one vote against it and why he voted against it.

The others voted yes, and they did not have a gun at their head. This article will suffice for the night, but there is more out there.

Florida House votes for earlier presidential primary

House Republicans and Democrats passed the earlier primary bill (HB 537) by a 115-1 vote - a challenge to the national parties that are wielding threats in an attempt to prevent a nationwide race for earlier and earlier primaries.

.."Florida lawmakers believe the state's demographic and political diversity merit a greater say in the selection of nominees. They're tired of candidates treating the fourth-largest state as a fundraising ATM, only to take the money to campaign in small states like Iowa and New Hampshire. And they say they are willing to call the bluffs of the national parties, which have threatened to take away delegates the state parties send to the nominating conventions. National Democratic Party rules could even punish candidates who campaign in states that move their primaries earlier than Feb. 5 by essentially not recognizing the state's delegates.

"The state can move its primary date but there are automatic sanctions," said Luis Miranda, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. "The rules have been adopted and we will enforce the rules."

So when they did this in March, it was made clear the sanctions were automatic. It also was made clear it was a challenge to both national parties to show that Florida was relevant.

And here is the single Democrat who voted against it. The others did it by choice. Even if they would have lost, it was their choice to vote yes. I have found some more stuff which I am wading through which indicates the economic appeal was as great to the Democrats as to the Republicans.

And here is the Senate Democrat who pushed the bill, Jeremy Ring. No one held a gun to his head. And don't forget that Bob Wexler among others stood with Crist at the signing ceremony.

Again here is the single no vote. I had heard 100%, then I heard there was one. Have been searching for it.

But some, like state Rep. Jack Seiler, a Wilton Manors Democrat who was the only House member to vote against the bill, believe Florida's earlier primary will hurt underdog candidates who don't have enough money to compete in large media markets at an early stage. He's been impressed with former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, but hasn't yet endorsed anyone.

"You're essentially going to make this into a straight money race," Seiler said, benefiting "whomever comes out of 2007 with the most money to prepare for these large states."

The Florida Senate is waiting to see what happens in other states before moving forward with a date, said Sen. Jeremy Ring, D-Margate, who is leading the effort in that chamber.

"It gives us a chance to really watch the landscape," Ring said. "When we're done Florida will be relevant."

Thank you, Jack Seiler, for seeing why there was an effort to have states in which less moneyed candidates could have a chance. And thank you for voting no because you thought it was right.

Florida sowed the seeds of a propaganda war against the DNC.

I will post more definitive stuff if they keep on with this.

And here is the statement from James Roosevelt of the Rules Committee on Saturday.

But James Roosevelt Jr., the rules committee’s co-chairman, said he was not convinced that Florida Democrats had done all they could do. He said it was “clear that the Republicans were the moving force behind the selection of a date that violated both the Republican and the Democratic rules, but that the efforts to oppose that were form over substance.”
Democrats Take a Tough Line on Florida Primary

That is enough for now. I think truth is far more important than being first. I hope they proceed with the damned lawsuit, and let's get it all out in the open.

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