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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Tue Aug 28th 2007, 09:46 PM
Geller added an amendment to the January 29 primary vote, and then he joined the rest of the House in laughing his own amendment down. Then in a letter to Dean two months later, he said they were outvoted on the amendment. But the Rules Committee had the transcript.

Here is the letter from Senator Steven A. Geller to Governor Howard Dean apparently in May of this year...after the vote was taken in March.

Geller's letter to Dean

The Democratic Leadership in the Florida Senate and House of Representatives attempted to adhere to the rules of the DNC by offering amendments to keep the presidential preference primary on February 5, 2008. A copy of the amendment offered by myself and the Senate Democratic Leader Pro Tempore is included with this letter. An identical amendment was filed by the House Democratic Leader and the House Democratic Leader Pro Tempore. But as we are still the minority party in a Republican controlled Legislature, our amendments were overwhelmingly defeated. Simply putwe were outvoted, a scenario which - Id like to caution - will be difficult to change should you move forward with any sanctions because of the primary date change.

In addition, while our amendments failed, we as Democrats voted for the final product. The legislation we supported finally moved our state from the punch lines into the headlines with regard to election reform, including the creation of a verifiable paper trail, a change long overdue. A verifiable paper trail was one of our Caucus priorities and important to many members of Congress as well.

Well, that sounds very good. But here is more of what the Rules Committee knew before they took their vote on Saturday. Actually Geller laughed out loud at his own amendment. Amazing. From the comments which refer to an Adam C. Smith article.

The DNC members had handouts that included quotes by House Minority leader Dan Gelber brushing off Howard Dean, and the following transcript of Steve Geller making the motion to move the primary to Feb. 5:

Geller: "...So the Democratic leader and the Democratic leader pro tem are jointly making this motion, which we will duly show them later, that we tried not to have the election on, um, before (Feb. 5).
President: "And so Sen. Geller are you urging a negative vote or would you like us to pass this vote?"
Geller: "Oh no sir. We really, really want this. Don't we senator? (sarcasm and audible laughter in chamber).

Somehow that humor just doesn't sit well with me. Not when the party's votes are at stake. So they really did not make an effort to oppose the Republicans. It was all a joke to them.

Both parties voted yes. They wanted to be "relevant." Nothing wrong with that at all....just as long as you don't try to lie about what you did.

Laughing off an amendment, voting yes, and saying they were outvoted

House Republicans and Democrats passed the earlier primary bill (HB 537) by a 115-1 vote - a challenge to the national parties that are wielding threats in an attempt to prevent a nationwide race for earlier and earlier primaries.

Today the county chairs in Florida at the request of the state party are sending around emails asking people to call the DNC contribution line....and take my word they are not urging them to donate. In fact it is assumed they will stop donations. This is wrong on so many levels.

The DNC has been informed of these emails. They have been getting calls like this. But when I called tonight I was told they are getting some very supportive calls as well.

I don't mind a good fight. In fact I enjoy good clean battles. But there is nothing I detest worse than underhanded tactics and propaganda.

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