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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Wed Aug 29th 2007, 11:19 PM
I don't often go there, but happened to go there tonight.

The Florida Progressive Coalition has a link to this article which is posted there.

Florida Progressive Coalition

Florida Blasts Dean
Published by Mike Huss 29 August 2007 in General Information.
The Florida Democrats page has an article that blasts Howard Dean and suggests that he be removed from office “Anyone standing with Howard Dean after the Democratic convention may be out of a job like him”. Howard Dean has been a uniting force for the democrats as well as someone who has been expanding our base of supporters, both of which Florida desperately needs. This article , as well as talk like it, is going to be devistating long term to the Florida democratic party. We all can be upset about the situation, but really are there some people, specifically Bill Nelson, that are trying to get floridians to leave the party.

I decided to ignore the situation a few days, but the emails are not letting me. I don't want to stop them because I want to know the latest.

It is geared to anger and turn people against the DNC. I suspect from some things I am reading that it is getting personal about Howard Dean now because he crossed Florida leaders.

Actually he was at this Unity Conference in Nevada, but of course that doesn't matter. He did call and try to work with the leaders often well before the vote was taken about the primary. They blew him off.

The email they sent to withhold donations, which was verified to me verbally, was meant to anger.

Florida leaders urging party members not to donate to the DNC

We need to impress on the DNC that they must to change their minds. More is at stake here than the delegates. The Republicans would rejoice if we don’t go to the polls since their tax package is also on the ballot! The DNC phone# is (202) 863-8000. The contributions # is (877) 336-7200. They need to hear from you- all of you- on this issue. Please forward this to anyone on you email list that you think would be interested."

Today it was verified that they fear the Republicans tax package more than they respect our party's leader. I would say to them to stand up and tell the people what is in it...send out emails telling them the evils of the tax package...educate them. Don't try to hurt the party.

Here is the front page for the Florida Democratic Party.

Florida Democratic Party

Here are just some of the articles. All one sided, all of them articles that are geared to anger people who actually the national committee took the votes away.

08.29.07 Time to call their bluff: Florida Democrats should force national party to show its cards Full Story
08.29.07 ‘Ooh, punish us some more.’ Full Story
08.29.07 Editorial: Screamin’ mad Full Story
08.28.07 Controversy over Florida’s early presidential primary doesn’t deter candidates Full Story
08.28.07 Editorial: DNC’s foolish slighting of Florida Full Story
08.28.07 Florida lawmakers unanimous in vow to support voters’ rights Full Story
08.28.07 Editorial: DNC overreaches on primary issue Full Story
08.27.07 Democratic state lawmaker compares party to GOP, Katherine Harris Full Story
08.27.07 Fla. Democrats May Outlast Howard Dean Full Story
08.27.07 Will Dean’s War on Florida Backfire? Full Story

They nowhere mention that a Florida Senator was caught on tape on the Senate floor making fun of his own amendment, just like a House Democrat did. They laughed away their own amendments that would have kept the DNC from sanctioning them.

sarcasm and audible laughter in chamber.

From the transcript:

The DNC members had handouts that included quotes by House Minority leader Dan Gelber brushing off Howard Dean, and the following transcript of Steve Geller making the motion to move the primary to Feb. 5:

Geller: "...So the Democratic leader and the Democratic leader pro tem are jointly making this motion, which we will duly show them later, that we tried not to have the election on, um, before (Feb. 5).

President: "And so Sen. Geller are you urging a negative vote or would you like us to pass this vote?"

]Geller: "Oh no sir. We really, really want this. Don't we senator? (sarcasm and audible laughter in chamber).

Get that? It was introduced as a joke, as he said, a way to be able to later tell the DNC they "tried."

And in the House it was the same way. Here is a snip from an email from a member with what the Rules Committee knew at the meeting.

1. Florida Democratic Legislators sponsored the bill to move the primary to January 29th;

2. Florida House Democratic Legislators voted in committee three times for the bill to move the primary to January 29;

3. All but one Florida House Democratic Legislator vote on the floor to move the primary to January 29; and,

4. Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber stated, after receiving a call from DNC Chair asking for help in opposing setting the primary date before February 5, “I don’t represent Howard Dean.”

5. Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber stated, after offering an amendment to move the primary to February 5th, that the only reason he offer it was “to show that there was an attempt to state within the Democratic Party rules.” The amendment failed on a voice vote with no debate being offered.

6. Florida Senate Democratic Legislators voted in committee to move the primary to January;

7. Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller stated on the Senate floor that he was offering an amendment to move the primary to February 5 only because he was threatened by DNC Chair Howard Dean. Sen. Geller than mocked his own amendment which failed on a voice vote without any debate.

I wanted to be so proud of this party and its win in 06. We were all excited about the win. No one was claiming any special credit until James Carville stepped in and said Dean should be fired and replaced with Harold Ford.

Now the Florida Democrats are spreading anger in a deliberate way. And few care.

I want to be proud of the party. I am proud that they told Florida that they can not have firsties because they voted for the rules last year. They knew from the beginning that sanctions were automatic, and yet they still go on with this.

I don't think they realize the full import of what they are doing, and that the ones who support it now will get tired of being fed the hatred and anger.

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