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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Fri Aug 31st 2007, 02:31 PM
But he still blames Dean and the DNC for party infighting. Frankly I have not seen any fighting on Dean's part as chair...just standing firm for the rules. Yet he tells Dean to stop the circular firing squad. No, Dan, you guys need to stop it. Sometimes you have to just back down and tell the whole truth.

This is what he wrote to Dean in a letter August 30. The link is to a Word document with the letter.

Dan Gelber's letter to Howard Dean

Someone emailed me personally to stop the personal firing squad. I did not take offense.

We may have disagreements, but please, lets retire the circular firing squad.

Much of the back and forth and criticism of Florida by the DNC has been focused on the conduct of the Democratic legislators who some argue did not fight against the early primary bill. Yes, there is gambling in Casablanca. Of course we didn't fight against the bill. When the Republican leadership made it clear that this was their priority, Democrats had two choices: support something their constituents support and that was going to become law anyway; or support the DNC Rules Committee enforcement of a primary system that our constituents revile. For me, this decision was easy.

But see, Dan Gelber, at the risk of sounding like part of the "circular firing squad" knew the rules. The rules said Democrats controlled by Republicans had to show they fought back.

So may I remind you of the way you "pretended" to fight back while you insulted the chairman of the party in public? And laughed?

What the Rules Committee knew when they voted

1. Florida Democratic Legislators sponsored the bill to move the primary to January 29th;

2. Florida House Democratic Legislators voted in committee three times for the bill to move the primary to January 29;

3. All but one Florida House Democratic Legislator vote on the floor to move the primary to January 29; and,

4. Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber stated, after receiving a call from DNC Chair asking for help in opposing setting the primary date before February 5, I dont represent Howard Dean.

5. Florida House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber stated, after offering an amendment to move the primary to February 5th, that the only reason he offer it was to show that there was an attempt to state within the Democratic Party rules. The amendment failed on a voice vote with no debate being offered.

6. Florida Senate Democratic Legislators voted in committee to move the primary to January;

7. Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller stated on the Senate floor that he was offering an amendment to move the primary to February 5 only because he was threatened by DNC Chair Howard Dean. Sen. Geller than mocked his own amendment which failed on a voice vote without any debate.

There is a time to stop the accusations and come together. You started it, you go first.

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