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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Oct 24th 2008, 12:48 PM
It appears the Southern Baptists are in crisis right now. They have their leaders pulling them to the extreme right, yet many church members disagree with the extremism.

This video from WFAA in Ft Worth shows Dr. Thomas White of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary saying the use of birth control is murder.

His words were transcribed by PFAW's Right Wing Watch.

The Southern Baptist Convention is reacting after News 8 showed a message from a Southern Baptist preacher teaching Fort Worth seminary students that the birth control pill equals murder.

In a controversial sermon to students at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Thomas White, acting as the student services vice president this month, preached that birth control is murder and called attempts at family planning selfish.

"Some of you are involved in that exact same sin," he said.

White even confesses that once a long time ago he and his wife sinned and used birth control, trying to have children on their schedule instead of God's.

Well-known Baptist minister Richard Land modifies the position a little.

"I don't believe prudent planning is rebellion against God's will as long as couples accept God may cause them to have unplanned pregnancies anyway," said Richard Land.

But, Land said he ultimately agrees with Dr. White on the subject of the birth control pill.

"The Southern Baptist Convention is not opposed to the use of birth control within marriage as long as the methods used do not cause the fertilized egg to abort and as long as the methods used do not bar having children altogether unless there's a medical reason the couple should not have children," he said.

The SBC does not seem to know what they believe. The most extreme positions are being espoused by Reverend Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has come out against birth control and says intentional childlessness is avoiding responsibility.

Deliberately childless couples have formed a number of national and international organizations, including one called “No Kidding,” and they even have a lifestyle magazine named DINK, an acronym for “Double Income, No Kids.”

Mohler said the trend illustrates a faulty view of the purpose of marriage.

“You look at some of these websites, and the references to children are just so dismissive and condescending and frankly weird.... We have to understand that parenthood is to be understood as a part of marriage itself.”

He also expressed more of his extreme views.

"I am trying to look at this from a perspective that begins with God's creation," Mohler said. "God's purpose in creation is being trumped by modern practices."

"I would argue that it ought to be falling short of the glory of God. Deliberate childlessness defies God's will," he said.

"..."First, we must start with a rejection of the contraceptive mentality that sees pregnancy and children as impositions to be avoided rather than as gifts to be received, loved, and nurtured. This contraceptive mentality is an insidious attack upon God's glory in creation, and the Creator's gift of procreation to the married couple."

The extremist views being taken by Southern Baptist churches are harmful to all of us. They hurt our country. The Southern Baptists I know in our area used to be kind people. They are not so much that way anymore at all. They are angry because they have been hearing from the pulpit messages geared to make them that way.

Many of them remember as I do in my earlier days as a Southern Baptist that they did not interfere in the private lives of its members like this.

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