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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Tue Mar 02nd 2010, 12:40 AM
The mantra has been in NY that they are going to close "bad" schools with "bad" teachers. This school has a "A" grade, so there goes that reasoning.

PAVE charter is moving into a public school, PS 15...a common occurrence now during the hostile takeovers of public schools.

Some parents decided to fight back.

From Gotham Schools:

P.S. 15 parents ask Steiner to intervene in charter siting dispute

Two parents at a Brooklyn district school who have strongly resisted the city’s plan to let a charter school extend its stay in the district school building are appealing to State Education Commissioner David Steiner to halt the plan.

The parents, John Battis and Lydia Bellahcene, allege that the city of violating state education law in its plan to allow PAVE Academy charter school remain in the same building as P.S. 15 until 2013. The citywide school board voted to approve that plan in its January meeting.

The appeal, which parents filed to the city today and expect to deliver to the state education department in Albany on Monday, claims that vote should be nullified because the city revised its timeframe for PAVE’s stay without having a second public hearing, as required if the city changes a plan for how a building will be used. It also argues that the city failed to give enough information about how the plan would affect students at both the schools.

Here is some background on PS 15 and its fight to save the school.

The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan
Parents at PS 15, an elementary school on Sullivan Street in Red Hook, are fighting a city plan to house a charter school inside their building.

DOE proposes to let PAVE stay in P.S. 15 an additional five years

The Department of Education released details of a controversial space-sharing proposal for a Brooklyn charter and district school today, and it would allow the charter to remain in the building until 2015 and add five more grades of students.

The plan follows months of controversy about whether PAVE Academy Charter School should be allowed to continue to share space with Red Hook’s P.S. 15, and if so, whether the charter should be allowed more classrooms in the building.

PAVE originally agreed to leave the P.S. 15 building at the end of this school year. Its request earlier this year to extend its stay sparked worries among P.S. 15 parents and teachers that the charter school would stay indefinitely, squeezing the district school.

Those concerns about staying indefinitely might be very real. Shoving public schools aside seems to be becoming a habit. The NYC education leaders are making sure that the charters get moved right in. More and more public schools are having endure this...some being forced from their library, some moved into the lunchroom for classes.

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