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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Mar 25th 2010, 10:56 PM
That is pronounced as rhyming with "toad"...the Eli Broad Foundation and its hands mixing in public schools.

From The Perimeter Primate's Broad Report:

This is information from the left side panel on how some of the Broad trained people work out.

If the Broad Foundation plants one of its elements in a school district, it is highly likely they will plant another one along with it, so their influence is maximized.

For instance, an element might be:
- The presence of a Broad-trained superintendent
- The placement of Broad Residents into important central office positions
- An "invitation" to participate in a program spawned by the Foundation (such as CRSS's Reform Governance in Action program)
- Offering to provide the district with a free "Performance Management Diagnostic and Planning" experience

The Broad Foundation likes to infiltrate its targets on multiple levels so it can manipulate a wider field and cause the greatest amount of disruption. Venture edu-philanthropists like Gates and Broad proudly call this invasive and destabilizing strategy "investing in a disruptive force." To these billionaires and their henchmen, causing massive disruption in communities across the nation is not a big deal.

Here is a look at two of the Broad (rhymes with toad) trained superindents and how they fared.


JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: Joseph Wise (BSA 2003) was given a four-year contract as the superintendent of Duval County Public Schools in the fall of 2005. Twenty-three months later, his spending habits were being questioned.

(Turns out he used a school credit card for questionable purposes.)

He and the school board parted ways in October 2007 but not before he implemented a controversial reorganization plan. Read local community opinions here.

One of those opinions:

I am a Duval County teacher that believes Dr. Wise has placed our school system further behind our surrounding counties. His programs are of personal interest with financial and future employment for himself. The other members of his team that followed him from Delaware as principals and county staff are just as out of touch as he is. Veteran and new teachers alike have expressed a desire to go to other counties or just change careers. I wonder how many teachers Dr. Wise lost last year when he surplused positions to pay for his pet projects. Schools are for the children, not appointed despots!
October 15, 2007 8:04 PM

In February 2008, he became the new Chief Education Officer for Edison Learning.

And a look at another Broad-trained superintendent in Prince Georges County.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY: This troubled school district thought it was finally going to get a long-term superintendent when they hired John Deasy (BSA 2006) in May 2006, but by September 2008 he was being investigated for having improperly received his doctorate. He resigned in short order and went to work for the Gates Foundation.

Here is the article about his doctorate.

Counsel to monitor investigation into Deasy's degree

The Prince George's County school board is assigning legal counsel to work as a liaison with University of Louisville officials investigating allegations that Superintendent John E. Deasy may have improperly received a doctorate from the school in 2004.

"The board is really and truly reserving judgment," said Verjeana M. Jacobs, county school board chairwoman, before a school board meeting Thursday.

Deasy did not speak about the allegations at the meeting, but was quoted in The Washington Post as saying, "If the university made errors in the awarding of the degree, I do hope they rescind it. My responsibility is to do everything I was advised and told to do. If I was advised wrong and given wrong information, the university needs to take responsibility for that. I certainly would not want anything unearned."

The university investigation stems from reports in Kentucky news media that Deasy was awarded a doctorate of philosophy even though he only completed nine credit hours in one semester at the school. According to the university's policies, there is no set number of credits that doctor of philosophy candidates are required to obtain, however, it has been "customary to consider the equivalent of three years of full-time graduate study as minimal."'

I did a search to find the most recent mention of Deasy. I found this. A doctorate in a semester?

Louisville Says Doctorate Earned in Semester Is Legit

The University of Louisville has concluded that a much-questioned doctorate it awarded — for one semester of study — was legitimate, The Louisville Courier-Journal reported. The doctorate was awarded to John Deasy in 2004 — and appears to violate university rules about residency requirements. Deasy, as a school superintendent, had given money to a research center headed by the then-dean of Louisville’s education college, who then went on to chair Deasy’s dissertation committee, leading to questions about the legitimacy of the degree. But the university found that the “totality of the circumstances” indicated an appropriate process.

There are some more interesting facts on the various Broad trained people who are being sent to work in the school systems...on the left side panel of the Broad Report.

There are corporations and huge money infiltrating public education, and there is no money for the folks in public schools to fight back effectively.
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