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Madfloridian's Journal
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion
Sat Jul 28th 2012, 06:56 PM
I wonder if President Obama and Arne Duncan have realized that moving principals and and firing teachers because the students don't do well on questionable standardized non-productive at the very least. I guess they have not.

I think the billionaires funding this "reform" in public education have so much money that politicians must pander to them.

This shifting around and firing and rehiring of school personnel is part of the strategy of Arne Duncan. And since this is an election year we are supposed not to notice.

Twenty Polk Principals Get New Assignments in Wake of School Grades

Polk County School Superintendent Sherrie Nickell left talks Monday with Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson at City Hall in Lakeland.

Principals from four A schools, three B schools, four C schools, seven D schools and the two F schools were moved to other positions Thursday afternoon.

State law requires that principals at F schools be replaced.

"These moves must begin immediately in order to allow a smooth transition to take place while ensuring that our administrative teams are secured well in advance of the start of school," an email stated. "We appreciate these administrators and their willingness to serve in a new capacity during these trying times of ever increasing state mandates.'' The email was signed by Denny Dunn, assistant superintendent of human resources.

School begins August 20, so this is NOT "well in advance."

Guess how much this is going to cost?

Overall, it will cost the district $883,000 to make changes.

"Most of that is coming out of teacher costs that is in reserve so there isn't a huge impact to the budget overall," Nickell said.
"We are moving forward with what we are required to do with our F schools and our D schools."

Just imagine what that $883,000 could do elsewhere?

All this reminds of the confusion that went on in Boston a couple of years ago. It was so bad that the district had to remind people that they were not "firing" all the teachers, they were just forcing them to reapply for their jobs. Absurd.

Boston schools officials: We are not "firing" all teachers, just making them reapply.

Boston school officials announced yesterday that staff at six schools will have to reapply for their jobs and five principals will be replaced after the schools were listed among nearly three dozen statewide that will probably be declared “underperforming’’ and subject to drastic change.

Overall, 12 Boston schools face being listed as underperforming, slightly more than a third of the 35 schools statewide. The list includes the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, long considered a barometer of Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s effectiveness in improving the city’s schools over the past 16 years. The state’s action was the first under a two-month-old law requiring dramatic changes to overhaul the state’s lowest-performing schools. Superintendents will have three years to turn around these schools or face a state takeover.

In announcing the shake-up, Superintendent Carol R. Johnson said the schools must have top-notch staffs to successfully turn them around. She emphasized that staff members are not being fired and that employees not rehired could find work at other district schools.

Moving teachers and principals around does not change underlying problems. It puts all the burden on the school leaders and lets the students and parents off the hook.

That solves nothing at all, but it does add to the contempt for teachers that has become so prevalent.
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