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nadinbrzezinski's Journal
Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Wed Nov 16th 2011, 01:15 PM
One of the things that I have observed over the last three weeks is the rise of a conflict. No, not with the police, or the authorities, that we know. It is far more subtle, and ironic at many levels. The New Left has no clue what to do with OWS. And the young leaders, rightfully so, (to a point) have said, what have you achieved in forty years? Obviously your methods do not work.

This is a dynamic as old as moses. The young come with all new ideas and damn the old farts know nothing (Remember don't trust anybody over thirty for a very recent example). IN fact, to a point this also happened in the 60s. OWS, I am calling it right now, will split, into supporting groups with differing tactics. In fact, locally that is already happening.

Will the state benefit? No, not really. On the ground you will have (if they succeed) two encampments to police... and one already stretched them thin.

But that is a small conflict I am already seeing. Oh and OWS has been successful with these unconventional tactics. This is also something the new left people from way in the past are scratching heads over. The new leadership, the new-new left... I will have to come with an euphemism that works better, since they are truly not left... has succeeded in three weeks beyond anybody's imagination.

Of course this is something you have to see on the ground, and behind a computer screen you will truly not get.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in September 11
Wed Nov 16th 2011, 12:45 PM
No, it is not shocking, nor is it surprising. For the record it has zero to do with who is in the White House. OWS is perceived as a challenge to those in power. It is a demand that WE THE PEOPLE take charge of how the country is run, and who it benefits. In spite of all the flowery language in our history and founding documents this has mostly never been the case. Oh there are exceptions, and they took a lot shoe leather, and also people who died.

If this was NOT HAPPENING, now that would be surprising. This is about power, and how power reacts to a direct challenge to it. This is the body deploying the white cells. Which by the way is also telling on HOW MUCH the TEA PARTY was not a grass roots movement (it was for about a week) and how it was advancing the goals of a power elite. That is why they could walk around totting AR-15, and open carry guns. That is precisely why.

OWS is a challenge, a very direct challenge. Is it horrible that is happening under a Democrat in the WH? For partisans it is. Will hard core partisans defend these actions? Of course my horse. They are also threatened by this challenge and are deeply invested in the status quo. So the hippie in the streets, who smoke pot and do nothing all day, are nothing they will tolerate. Why? Deeply they undersand they are not hippies. It is one of those things you know in your gut, even if your mind has not registered this yet.

Suffice it to say... POWER... not party specific, POWER, needs to destroy this direct attack. Why the coordination. And it is really independent of who is in the white house. If we had a President that came out and said ENOUGH (See Eisenhower, and that one I suspect it was his life experience including being involved as chief of staff to McCarthur during the Bonus army mess)... or FDR... or even Kennedy... that requires something that is currently lacking in DC.


We have many euphemisms for it. But truth be told we have the very early cracks in that edifice when the legal aide to Mayor Quan very publicly resigned. As well as the two cops who turned their badges back in Denver. I am not a fly in anybody's wall, but as we move forward discussions will be had about what to do about OWS, from co-option to destroying it. Power is reacting in expected ways... and to be brutally honest, power does not understand this new enemy, yes insurgency, in it's mist.

But now we are in that interesting dynamic...

I will go on in a little while in another OP in the internal dynamic at OWS I have observed. One that is also not a seed of destruction, but a seed of this growing in so many directions.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Tue Nov 15th 2011, 02:55 PM
On the heels of New York City officials’ decision to clear Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Tuesday that protesters and officials are working on a timeline for closing down the camp.

He declined to discuss specifics but told The Times he hopes the Occupy L.A. encampment will be dismantled without the confrontations seen in Oakland, New York and elsewhere.

Members of the Occupy L.A. camp -- which has commandeered the City Hall lawn for weeks --  police, and city officials are scheduled to meet Tuesday for the latest in a series of negotiations, Beck said.  “I expect it will be a long one,” he said.

Color me surprised and all that.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Nov 12th 2011, 12:48 PM
I saw another one of those images that will not leave my mind. Well, there were two.

First the "confrontation" with a resident that came to do some lookie look. He told the kid that they had no right to take over a public park that belongs to the city The kid tried to make the connection between those taxes we all pay and ownership of the commons. The older man could not get that connection. Kid walked away from the obvious confrontation that was coming, bright kid.

In the same vein, when the cops started taking their stuff away... the kids started to mic check the Fourth Amendment and DEMANDED to see the warrant. To do what the cops were doing, they NEED a warrant. Here was the shocking moment of the night. I expected the PD to produce saith document, They admitted they had none. 

Now chew on that one for a minute... and connect dots to GPS systems in cars, and your lovely nude o scanners at the airport. Warrants, who needs no stinking warrants... and that is the mark of a closing society. One of the things OWS is doing is slowing down, hopefully reversing, that slide. 

Now as to why cops all over are selectively enforcing laws to harass and drive OWS protesters... it is actually simple, they are trying to squash what they do not understand by doing what they have done over ten years. FEAR. What happens when the citizens no longer fear you? And those kids were pretty fearless. What happens? Exactly what is happening. People are FINALLY standing up for their rights. 

I just report from the comfort of my couch. I am not the one taking incredible risks... these people are. But that is why the forces of the state are increasingly becoming harder on them. The State sees them, rightfully so, as a threat. I mean how dare they DEMAND to see a warrant? This is actually a very well known dynamic, and with some of the crap that our reps in congress are considering... this will only grow. When people have nothing else to lose, they become pretty fearless. 

All I can say to DC is... that bubble will be your undoing...
EDIT TIME IS GMT... for the obvious...
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Nov 12th 2011, 12:59 AM
thirty police cars and a few garbage trucks, per ustream. They will be evicted tonight.

Previous thread
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Sat Nov 05th 2011, 02:01 PM
We are so busy with our lives that this seems strange, even threatening. Old words come up as well as old ways of thinking. People a afraid of the 'isms that have haunted Western civilization for a hundred years or more. Yet none knows what those 'isms are.

Don't get me wrong, people are talking radical words, especially for today. People are talking how the system has failed them. In a few cases People are talking of destroying the world and starting anew...yet that is far from a majority view. Cynicism runs rampant, nihilism does not. There is a difference.

Is this a challenge, even a direct challenge, to the status quo? Yes. There is no way around it. This is a direct challenge in ways not seen since the 1930s. It gets worst, this is quite global thank you very much. The people have figured out that neoliberalism is not benefitting them but a very narrow slice of the global society.

So it is time to put into words what I sense from reading on the web and visiting my local site. What do people want? Why is it that they are willing to risk hypothermia, hunger, or even death? People don't do this unless they are at the end of their rope, and lord knows that's what I've witnessed with my own eyes.

* Economic Justice: Nice sounding phrase, but it has a meaning. People are tired of those at the top of society benefiting from the current order while people live and die in the streets. No, I have not heard any express those famous words, "to each according to his needs," so stop it. What they want is just as radical. They want the top one percent to pay their fair taxes, and to get rid of loopholes. They want social services to be funded by those same taxes, and yes, people are willing to pay more taxes to fund that dream. Don't kid yourself in our current political system this is radical.

* Healthcare for all: To say that I agree is honest, but beyond me...the medical needs are astounding. I have not seen this much need since I worked as a medic with a national red cross society in Mexico. So the ground is not mud...40k Americans are dying a year so a private system (that is collapsing) does not incurr losses. In fact, Americans at a rate of 70% wanted single payer, but none in DC listened...why people are in the streets.

* Justice: This is a quaint concept I know, but people are in the streets because they see no justice comming to a banking system that has committed a slew of crimes. This is the closest to the 'ism that a few of my readers might fear. "The banking system must be brought down." Them are words of anger, and it's anger at a real feeling that if you belong to the caviar and champagne club, you have nothing to fear. By the by, let me whisper two words dreaded in DC, no, not Marxim-Leninism, worst...Glass Steagal.

* End the Wars: This is comming particularly from them old and young that have done the killing and dying for Uncle Sam, and now are seen as spent ammo...they realize that war is a racket and until we put a stop to this...insanity...there won't be money for the things we truly need it for. Is this a realistic demand? Well all empires sooner or later retrench. Whether they do it voluntarily or not is the question.

So these are the mushy demands... I am sure as I spend more time with them, talking, listening...I will find more of that. Suffice it to say...time for our political class to start paying the people.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Mon Oct 24th 2011, 05:30 PM
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Wed Mar 30th 2011, 08:11 PM
are allowed to get away with bullying and stalking? Yes mutual ignores will work. But since this is not the policy... nor will be the policy... being RIGHT just attracts them.

Being wrong attracts them...

Just existing attracts them, just breathing attracts them.

Yes this is an attitude.

And I know you stalkers win... you won a while ago. I just want to give the last thing about that pesky milk.

Suffice it to say... yes we now have Iodine in milk as predicted, the radiation is still spewing in Japan... and the EPA just raised levels. Why? We know it is that bad.

I expect to be belittled, and attacked. That is the new normal in DU.

So that is why I cannot post here. Why? This is allowed. So since that will not be changed...

Suffice it to say... I was right about the milk, Oh and staking now will not do an iota of difference. IT IS ALREADY in the food chain.

Before they remove this... before they finally close this, if you want to be careful, as far as iodine is concerned. a month +10 days... and you are back in the clear.

Such is life... ce la vie.


Oh and let's see what is the time space record on this.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Mon Mar 14th 2011, 09:19 PM

Edano talking of number four reactor which now has a fire

(that is at Daichi, number two.

Number four was out of operation at reactor and only has spent fuel (I am mixed if this is good news)... no, hydrogen was generated...

Reactor number four seems to have had an explosion too... hydrogen explosion

One and three had secondary containment breached (outer buildings) number four had debris fall on it.

Hydrogen is being generated, assume radioactive substances released, and four is no longer housed by secondary containment, so it is coming from primary containment and doing all tehy can to cool down.

To number two, a blast was heard this morning and it was thirty minutes after four that number two, a hole was observed on number two... so we have been saying that there is very little risk of hydrogen explosion from number two. It happened when Edano was holding a press conference. The suppression chamber seems to have caused this blast and small amount of radioactive substance was released. Steam could be hydrogen, So one, two and three have water injection and all three reactors have water injection. Cooling is being done. The next step is to keep cooling. And of course they have a fire on number four.

As to rad level as of 10:22 level is 30 mserv at three, 300 at two, and 400 mservt at four. (comment from me, oh shit)

These are levels that can impact heath. Asking for calm

These are readings near the area. And of course the further away it will drop (time distance)

As of six AM the staff was evacuated... except for 50 to inject water (they are dead no way around it, in time)

We have asked to evacuate from the 20 km exclusion zone, new developments 20-30 km stay inside. (No shit sherlock)

Keep windows shut, do not use AC or other ventilation equipment, and hang laundry indoors

(ok this is worst than they are letting on... )

Conversion for sieverts

SI multiples and conversions

Frequently used SI multiples are the millisievert (1 mSv = 10−3 Sv) and microsievert (1 μSv = 10−6 Sv) or (1 mSv = 0.001 Sv) and (1 μSv = 0.000001 Sv).
An older unit of the equivalent dose is the rem (Röntgen equivalent man). In some fields and countries, the rem and millirem (abbreviated mrem) continue to be used along with Sv and mSv, causing confusion. Here are the conversion equivalences:
1 Sv = 100 rem
1 mSv = 100 mrem = 0.1 rem
1 μSv = 0.1 mrem
1 rem = 0.01 Sv = 10 mSv
1 mrem = 0.00001 Sv = 0.01 mSv = 10 μSv
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Wed Mar 02nd 2011, 04:21 PM

Why we need an alternate press...
Why we Need an Alternate Media?
Over the last few years we have seen perfect examples of why elite media is not going to cover some stories. Any News that challenges the right wing corporate narrative is studiously avoided. To our shock, after all we have a free media, we are finding just how not so free it is. The first instance was on the road to war in Iraq. It was to the Elite interest that the country was unified behind the war, and any doubts were simply ignored. It was an Orwellian way of looking at the world but ten supporters for the military action received all kinds of coverage. While millions in the streets were ignored. Once the war started those millions were even more absent. The Elites needed the illusion that the people were behind the military action, and any doubts were not recognized. Only later, after the war was not going well, did opposition become chic and permitted, to a point. These days the anti-war movement, however large or small, still will not get a hearing from our elite media. As far as Elite media is concerned, they do not exist.

These days we are seeing the same kind of "good quality coverage" on the labor struggles in the midwest. We need to understand the Elites do not want the people to see this challenge to the Right Wing corporatist system. Nor is this "new." The labor struggle has not been in the top of the coverage of the elites. They know that any challenges to the system might be problematic to the leading right wing corporatist ideology. You have to be convinced that if it is not on the TV machine, or in mainstream controlled media, it never happened. This is why the mainstream corporate news has gone out of it's way to igore the events in Madison, let alone Indiana of Ohio. This is why the tweeter and facebook and other blogging platforms should scare the elites. This is the beginnings of a labor movement, with an alternate press and an alternate means of communication. You might ask, and rightly so, is this unique to this moment? No. The workers who organized well in the past, created an alternate press. The workers had their own newspapers. They had...their own means of communication since the press of the time could not be trusted. The classic example of the 1880, which had a lot in common with our own time, is the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune blamed the Anarchist for the explosion of a bomb amongst the police officers sent to disperse a workers meeting at the Haymarket. This led to massive repression. The people blamed for it were tried and convicted in the press before they even faced a judge. These events of May First, have been scrubbed from our collective memory, and for good reason. It was a moment when a fear of radicals in the labor movement took hold. As James Green reminds us in the Death at the Haymarket this was not about labor, and the conflicts within labor, but also about dividing labor. This is why we need to be aware of what is going on. We also must realize elite media is not about news but about narratives.

In this historic context the violent union thug, is critical for the people at FOX, as well as others in the elite media. The paradigm of the violent thug goes back to the 19th century. Moreover, this uprising in Madison is a real threat. It is a direct challenge to what they want to create while canceling the 20th century. They will refuse to cover it. No, they are not evil. It is just not in their interest, and we have to create a new labor media. We have tools that make it easier these days, but be aware that even if we succeed, especially if we succeed, we will need to be ready to use older technology. Oh and CNN and the rest of them... To expect them to cover this is just crazy. It is not in the economic and elite interest of the major corporations that own them. Follow the money, and you will understand why they are not, and why 150,000 people in Madison in February is not news, while 300 members of the tea party do get press. If you think this is Orwellian, yes, yes it is. This is how you control the official narrative. They know that since they are NOT covering it, it will be a non-story. Sadly, they are probably correct. Just like the anti war movement never happened. Indeel Mr. Krugman is correct, but this is how the message is controlled.

The only miscalculation in this might be that this is an attack on our neighbors.

My material mods
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Fri Feb 25th 2011, 04:16 PM
with pointing out that the Political Elites in this country ARE TO THE RIGHT OF THE PUBLIC that elects them.

So be it... THE ARE, live with it, or not, I really do not give a fuck any more.

I am still scratching my head at some things here... but that is another matter.

Now read this again, process it, digest it.


This is the course of US History.

LETTERS and the ballot box ain't gonna do it.

And yes a few Dems are NOT to the right, but the LEADERSHIP is.
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Fri Feb 25th 2011, 02:25 AM

Dems speak to the crowd


pixelsnbits Ryan Goeken
Solidarity for fucking ever. Scott Walker has abused his power, the repubs are just trolling the American workers. Fucking shame. #wiunion
2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

MotherJones Mother Jones
by farrellhamann
Wow the 'shame' yelling is pretty intense. 61 hrs later and the dems still have the energy to lambaste 'em. Now to the senate #wiunion
12 minutes ago

aNOLAmous Make Levees Not War
RT @UncleRUSH: Dear Gov. Walker, you DO NOT declare WAR on your OWN people! PLS RT #WiUnion #solidarity #unions #p2
2 minutes ago

twitiam Terry Cox
#wiunion The Assembly Republicans tonight showed Wisconsin and the rest of the nation who the true thugs are.
2 minutes ago

Taunia_Adams TauniaAdams
@banditelli Thanks for tweeting and pics #wiunion
2 minutes ago

daveweigel daveweigel
by Heather_Kozan
Bill passes, Assembly erupts as Dems yell "Shame! Shame!" #wiunion
15 minutes ago
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Fri Feb 25th 2011, 12:35 AM
grantdobbe Grant Dobbe
by patticar
The Assembly is debating a motion on the floor to remove the Speaker. #wiunion #holycrap
28 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

coopmike48 Coopmike48
SHEP SMITH: The Koch Brothers Are Behind Gov. Attempt To Bust Unions - #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac
5 minutes ago

all_a_twitt_r ôl ə twit′ər
Remove the speaker unless the @govwalker agrees to negotiate on collective bargaining #WIunion #WIlegis
5 minutes ago
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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Thu Feb 24th 2011, 05:01 PM
First THANK YOU...

Second, if you are older and have gone to a few... just re-read for reminders.

1.- You can expect (depending where how loud) a few counter protestors. IGNORE THEM. If they try to verbally escalate RESIST the temptation. I know this is hard, but these guys are LOOKING for them famously absent Union Thugs, so we NEED to be saints and NOT give them that image of an actual thug.

2.- If they get violent separate and GET THE COPS... again, we need to be saints about this.

3.- That said, if you fear for your safety, ONLY THEN defend yourself.

4.- TAKE CAMERAS and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. If you happen to have a cheap one, that is the best choice. I know expensive cameras are great, but...

5.- Take food and water with you.

If you happen to have special skills, identify yourself to rally organizers ahead off... these would be First Aid and crowd control

Remember strength is in numbers and these THUGS, they are the thugs... want, wish, need US to become violent. That is their talking point, let's disappoint them ok.

Also many of these rallies should have monitors to make sure the rally is not infiltrated by well... agent provocateurs. Follow their instructions.

For the most part this will be peaceful since we are peaceful folks.

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Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Thu Feb 24th 2011, 03:23 PM
Wisconsin: Why it Matters?
Wisconsin is the center of the struggle. Why are the Power Elites attacking workers? This war accelerated over the last thirty years, but it started with Taft Harley in 1948. This war is finally going “hot” Since workers have had it. Yet you might wonder why do they want to cancel the 20th century? Working on the history of labor makes me realize that the axis of American history is not freedom and liberty. The axis is cheap labor. Whether they were indentured workers, sharecroppers or slaves, the Elites need cheap labor. Over the course of our history the sources have been as follows:

• Indentured Servants: The sixteenth century and the break in that Social Contract in England led to the rise of a class of people who sold themselves into a form of slavery in the hopes of a better life.

• Slaves: This is the best-known source of cheap labor in Colonial America, all the way to the Civil War. It started in Jamestown, Virginia. Realize that in the early years it worked just like Indentured servitude and early slaves earned their freedom and even owned slaves. It was racialized soon enough, and became permanent. Slaves were different in skin color, and a whole religious mythology rose to justify it. It also led to religious justifications for poor whites and a Master Servant relationship.

• Share Croppers: After the Civil War this is how former Slaves were kept under the thumb of their former masters. While Slaves could no longer be owned, they were still controlled. The need for cheap labor did not go away just because the South lost the war.

• Immigrants: they were employed in factories and mines, since they were easier to control. They did not speak English, nor did they know the laws, and were abused. Incidentally this has not changed.

• Women and children: They were cheap since they were paid less. It did not matter if they worked the same hard long hours. They were deserving of less pay. The social consequences of child labor did not mater. So what if kids did not know how to read or were malformed from working in the factories? It really did not matter to them. Remember some of our modern-day legislatures would love to get rid of child labor laws, as we already heard from the great state of Kentucky.

The post war generation was different. They saw middle class pay levels and job security and it is the historical exception to our trends. This led to better-educated people whose children "revolted" during the 1960s by working on social justice. From the point of view of the conservative right that was a problem. Those kids, rode with the Freedom Riders down South, and destroyed a social system of cheap labor, that is the remnants of the Sharecropper system of labor. This could not be allowed to go on. Therefore this war on labor is about social order. In the minds of the Power Elites good pay means we have time to think. This cannot be allowed.

What about Madison? Why is this fight so critical? Why is it one of those special moments in US History? Simply put, we have lived through a violation of this new Social Contract: If you work hard, you too will have a safe secure retirement and your children will do better than you. This promise will not continue. What our political and economic Elites want is a return to the main of US History and the original Social Contract, where a small sliver of the population enjoys the finer things in life, while the majority toils long hours for little pay and no hope for a better tomorrow. Somehow they seem shocked that we are fighting back. Suffice it to say the stakes are as high as the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. The fight has just begun.
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