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nadinbrzezinski's Journal
Posted by nadinbrzezinski in General Discussion
Mon Mar 14th 2011, 09:19 PM

Edano talking of number four reactor which now has a fire

(that is at Daichi, number two.

Number four was out of operation at reactor and only has spent fuel (I am mixed if this is good news)... no, hydrogen was generated...

Reactor number four seems to have had an explosion too... hydrogen explosion

One and three had secondary containment breached (outer buildings) number four had debris fall on it.

Hydrogen is being generated, assume radioactive substances released, and four is no longer housed by secondary containment, so it is coming from primary containment and doing all tehy can to cool down.

To number two, a blast was heard this morning and it was thirty minutes after four that number two, a hole was observed on number two... so we have been saying that there is very little risk of hydrogen explosion from number two. It happened when Edano was holding a press conference. The suppression chamber seems to have caused this blast and small amount of radioactive substance was released. Steam could be hydrogen, So one, two and three have water injection and all three reactors have water injection. Cooling is being done. The next step is to keep cooling. And of course they have a fire on number four.

As to rad level as of 10:22 level is 30 mserv at three, 300 at two, and 400 mservt at four. (comment from me, oh shit)

These are levels that can impact heath. Asking for calm

These are readings near the area. And of course the further away it will drop (time distance)

As of six AM the staff was evacuated... except for 50 to inject water (they are dead no way around it, in time)

We have asked to evacuate from the 20 km exclusion zone, new developments 20-30 km stay inside. (No shit sherlock)

Keep windows shut, do not use AC or other ventilation equipment, and hang laundry indoors

(ok this is worst than they are letting on... )

Conversion for sieverts

SI multiples and conversions

Frequently used SI multiples are the millisievert (1 mSv = 10−3 Sv) and microsievert (1 μSv = 10−6 Sv) or (1 mSv = 0.001 Sv) and (1 μSv = 0.000001 Sv).
An older unit of the equivalent dose is the rem (Röntgen equivalent man). In some fields and countries, the rem and millirem (abbreviated mrem) continue to be used along with Sv and mSv, causing confusion. Here are the conversion equivalences:
1 Sv = 100 rem
1 mSv = 100 mrem = 0.1 rem
1 μSv = 0.1 mrem
1 rem = 0.01 Sv = 10 mSv
1 mrem = 0.00001 Sv = 0.01 mSv = 10 μSv
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