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nvme's Journal
Posted by nvme in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Thu Dec 24th 2009, 04:39 PM
Twas the night before christmas, and the lobbyists sighed.
Senators saved corporate profits unto which they relied.
Republicans chuckled and were filled with glee,
in twenty ten cycle they'd claim victory.

the unwash-ed masses all begged for health care,
the burden of sickness was too great to bare.
unto the dear leader all turned to in hope,
crying"help us maneuver up this slippery slope".

in his comforting whitehouse he watched CNN
Shouting, "Damn!" The progressives are at it again,
Summon old Rahm and tell him to hurry
my polls are just slipping and now I do worry."

Big Pharma was was listening to the leader's distress
and offered to sell overpriced drugs for a Lil less
so long as you promise no re-importation
from countries who pay less than your foolish nation.

The deal filled with such sweetness was offered in stealth
by comp'nies who o'er charged draining all of our wealth
tell the poor people,they will, save some cold cash.
that it will be much cheaper to cure a slight rash.

The silver tongue leader hailed "I saved public money"
and big Pharma told masses the new plan was honey.
They threw tons of cash into representatives coffers
to sweeten the deal of this dastardly offer.

Rahm Emmanuel entered, let out a great cough
that signaled to corporates,"come feed in our trough"
He told Reid and Pelosi, " you will play along
and extol all the virtues of my dissonant song"

Reid and Pelosi returned to congress house
Pelosi the lion and Reid a church mouse.
inside the house chamber she found compromise
but o'er in the senate reid accepted the lies

"We must make concessions or no Republican votes"
telling the cameras Reading talkin points notes.
with sixty votes we stop filibuster
but fifty nine is all Reid can muster.

To the president they turn for his help again
yet silence is offered for one vote or ten
when he finally speaks, about his health care views
its carried by all, well except for FOX NEWS

In August teabaggers "no to socialism!" they claim,
"you can vote the public option but not in my name"
To town hall meetings they stormed in dissent
against the politicians did teabaggers vent.

The media who loved only advertising dollars
Got wonderfully footage all screams and loud hollers.
"Fear the death panels!" is what they exclaimed
but proof of this process could never be named.

Lieberman and Nelson high jacked public care
Nelson" no option and X for my Share"
old Joe was "No to medicare fifty five
and my homeland seat so long as I am alive

to all who have focused on these old health matters
realize the bill process is completely in tatters
It will cost us much losses inside 2010
for unlearned history has repeated again!

thanks for all who still believe

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