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realpolitik's Journal
Posted by realpolitik in Political Videos
Fri Nov 28th 2008, 07:56 PM

I have heard Self Professed Christians discuss this very thing.
Literally the size of the stick you should strike your spouse or child with.

At the age of roughly five, my supposed father sent me out to harvest the
willow stick he would switch me with. Thinking on it now-- at 20 I was winning sword fighting tournaments. But surely that is coincidental.

What makes this more horrible is its ubiquitousness. Violence is part of the grain of the human race.
I think what you are hearing is clerics and laic Sunnis trying to moderate the behavior of their
camel racing dads. Remember, Moe Six-pack will be chugging ODoul's, not Tequila out of the bottle.
So while he may not be boozed up all the time, when he does decide to drink, there are big moral censures.
He is beyond the bounds of normalcy by being drunk to begin with. all the traditional drugs move through the hood as well.

They are not the only culture that is to tightly wound. The Japanese are pretty damn formal. But the Nippon drinks,
they've never met a drug they didn't like from what I can tell. They seem to live the directed life, in a swarm of other directed lives.
But the Oil Patch has a cultural problem that has been brewing since the Europeans showed back up en masse in the 19th Century.

Oil has skewed the culture of the middle east and central asia. Arabia went from being a region of trade cities and nomads to a hugely wealthy collection of quirky nation states.
In western terms, Imaging if Jed of the Beverly HIllbillies got elected president... ok, don't go there, it's too close. But you get the idea.

But what's our excuse for snake handling preachers and out and out cults of personality in the twenty first century?
I mean, my early Christian experiences drove me to polytheism in some ways. It was horrible beyond description.
But then so were some of the celebrants. Not all churches act as a shepherd- some are wolves.

I found the same to be true of many religions. They are vehicles for out experience of the numinous, and therefore worshipers are far more suggestible than normal.
The restraint of clerics is far more influential than the letter of dogma, IMO. Certainly the Catholic church has been dealing with this difficulty too with a different issue.
Older Catholic schoolkids grown up tell stories about a particularly brutal nun, or overly friendly priest.

This all reminds me of Jefferson's insistence that America was not a Christian nation.
I think he saw the danger in that regarding dealings with the Islamic world.

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