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rpannier's Journal
Posted by rpannier in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Sat Apr 03rd 2010, 09:01 AM
To listen to the Vatican apologists the criticism of the Church, the Pope, etc are agenda driven people who are reveling in kicking a good man when he is down. That the critics are just looking for excuses to beat up on the Pope and the Church.

Well...When you make it easy for the critics, who really bears the blame?

The Church apologists here in the US and elsewhere do not help the situation. You have Bill Donohoe going on TV and trying to claim that it wasn't really pedophilia because of the age of the victims. Mel Gibson has blamed the sex scandals on Vatican II, even though this has been going on before Vatican II.

The Defenders will say that you can't blame the Church for what a couple of members say. Okay. I'll give you that.

Well... When the Pope's personal preacher, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, compares the criticism of the Pope to anti-Semtism, when the Pope refers to his critics as people engaging in 'petty gossip' and the Papal letter blames the parents, the families of the victims and Ireland, it does make it easy for the Church's critics.

As to the Vatican's cries of poor us, if you are sure you are being unfairly scrutinized by the evil media... STOP DOING STUPID, IMMORAL, ILLEGAL things. Everyone knows that the media is always looking for the next scandal. If you aren't engaging in one, they'll go look elsewhere. Lord knows the Republican Party and 2/3 of the Italian Parliament are good for them.

The Next Victim:

The Tea Baggers are also in serious whine mode. It seems they are being unfairly broad-brushed in with the few bad apples that attend their rallies.

Well... when your rallies are overflowing with people carrying signs with pictures of Obama as an African Witch Doctor, Hitler, etc and the leaders of your organization say nothing to dissuade these people, it's kind of hard not to think they're with you.

You know, like when the drunk gets out of your car and walks into the restaurant sits down at the table with you and starts making an ass of himself and people for some reason think he's with you -- as opposed to someone who lept into your car drunk and you were just being nice and driving him to the same restaurant as you.

When your organization is filled with people who doubt the President was born in the United States because he has never come to your door with the original birth certificate in hand and the umbilical cord from his birth (stamped with Born in the USA), it's kind of hard not to think that they're with you.

Also, when you try and distance yourself it doesn't help that you say, "Well, we don't agree with everything they're saying, but..."
The 'but' is usually a dead giveaway that you do.
Oh, that you also don't explain what it is you don't agreed with doesn't help matters either.

If they're not with you, SAY SO! LOUDLY! And not with the word 'but' attached.
Tell, the world they're lunatics who need to get a life.
Until you do, it's hard for people not to assume those people are with you. Oh, also stop taking their money.

Next Victim:

The Republican Representatives in Washington who feel marginalized and that the Democrats are picking on them.

The Repubs have been crying foul that they their ideas are not being listened to and their complaints are not being taken seriously.
This of course ladies and gentlemen is the post-partisan republican party. As opposed to the pre-partisan Republicans that regularly wrote legislation and completely locked the Democrats out of any involvement.
The party that reminded us ad naseum that they were the majority and it was their reich... I mean right to do what they wanted.

Yes. They have been completely locked out. If by locked out out, you mean that there were over 50 republican additions to the HCR bill. Max Baucus and two Democratic Senators regularly met with 3 republican senators to (ahem) work on the bill.

Maybe if you didn't act like petulant children and go on TV lead by a leadership that featured one man with spray on tan and another who makes the former President look bright, articulate and charming by comparison, then whine and cry and forget the words to the Pledge people wouldn't be able to pick on you.

Stop playing to the lunatic fringe of society -- and by lunatic fringe, the people that would be viewed as crazy by any society since the time of Darius. Stop attending their rallies, stop promoting their causes and stop obstructing government.
YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and two more things:
1. Stop pretending you're not promoting their causes. Like the Bill to require proof that all future candidates for President was born in the US, was not some "...common sense idea to protect the integrity of the Presidency..." it was an attempt to curry favor with the raging lunatics.
2. Stop saying you're ending cooperation with the Democrats. As Bill Maher pointed out, You can't stop doing something you weren't ever doing in the first place.

Next Victim

The News Media (especially CNN)
The MSM is feeling under the gun because they're constantly being picked upon for their coverage of the President, his policies and for their coverage (or lack thereof) of events around the country and the world.

Well... If you didn't do such a half-assed job and try to pretend what you did is real reporting and journalism maybe you wouldn't get such negative feedback.
Maybe if you actually went out into the field and reported on a story live, instead of reporting on what someone else who is there is reporting on, you might be treated more seriously.

Howard Kurtz is always there to remind us that he is criticized by both the left and the right so he must be doing his job right.
I would suggest Howie do a segment on why we should legalize throwing puppies, kittens and hamsters off the George Washington Bridge into the river and watch the ones that survive drown. Then we'll see how much criticism he gets from the right and left and he can tell us how it's a valid idea because it's criticized from both sides.

Wolf Blitzer who claims he brings on people from both sides of an issue -- he even advertises that when I watch CNN-International
First off Wolf, many issues are very complex and have more than two sides. But then, you saw nothing wrong with asking the Republican nominees to raise their hand on whether they believed in Evolution or not, but had no discussion on why.

This Week on ABC: George stop lying and Cokie stop laughing and pretending like what George says is true.
Stop bring on liars and letting them spin.
The show will be a zillion times better when Christiane Amanpour takes over.

You people are the window to informing us about what goes on around the world and you give it over to liars, lunatics and segments on Tiger Woods' affair.

But, I get it.
You're the victims: Stupid, lying, delusional victims
We're picking on you.
But damn, you make it so easy.
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