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sabrina 1's Journal
Posted by sabrina 1 in General Discussion
Wed Sep 14th 2011, 05:26 PM
What did Democrats gain from the position they took on Rep. Weiner?

So, as predicted, Rep. Anthony Weiner's seat went to a Republican. An historic event since it hasn't happened in that District for decades.

One thing Washington Politicians should have learned after the politically motivated, hypocritical, puritanical, witch hunt over the private sex life of a US President was that the American people like sexual witch hunts less than they like judgemental moralists peeking in the windows of public figures.

The Party of the Moral Majority made a huge mistake when they went after Clinton, at least in their assessment of what the reaction of the American people would be.

Apparently few who live in the DC bubble have much connection with the real world, where people have a lot more to worry about than the personal sex lives of public figures. If an elected official is doing his or her best to represent them, that is the number one priority for most Americans.

Rep. Weiner retained the support of his constituents throughout the witch hunt by Andrew Breitbart and his band of dirty tricksters on Twitter. If the Democratic Leadership had made it clear that he had not done anything illegal and the 'affair' was his and his wife's business, so therefore they had no comment, that would have resonated with most people.

Instead, they chose to put on the mantle of moral authoritarians which they seem to think will get them brownie points from Republicans, and like Mother Superiors in a Catholic High School, expressed their displeasure with the 'behavior' of a grown man regarding his sex life.

It wasn't Democrats they were worried about. We are not the hypocrites who judge people on their personal sex lives. Nor was it his chances of reelection, which seemed not to be affected.

So, why did the Leadership take to the airwaves on a weekend, when under normal circumstances we rarely see them, to let it be known they wanted Anthony Weiner to resign? What were they hoping to gain from this?

Have Republicans praised them for their 'moral stand' in favor of Family Values?

Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, ACORN, Anthony Weiner, all targets of Andrew Breitbart, all gone before even waiting to get the facts as soon Breitbart targeted them.

Do they think that by jumping every time Breitbart tells them to, he will stop?

Breitbart probably expected his job as a destroyer of Liberal Democrats to be a lot harder than it has been, I think he even said he was surprised at what happened to Weiner. His party doesn't cave so easily when one of theirs is caught in a sex 'scandal'.

I wonder who will be next on his list. And what 'crime' will the next Liberal Democrat have committed?

What did the Democratic Party gain by going after one of their own?

All I see right now is a lost Congressional Seat. And a great voice for the people silenced.

I don't see Republicans applauding Democrats for their 'morality' either.


What the Anthony Weiner affair made clear to me was what the priorities of the Democratic Party Leadership are.

War Criminals? ~ Shhhh, we cannot look backwards, it's important that we just move forward right now

I have heard no words of condemnation for the torturers. No weekend taking to the airwaves to demand accountability from those guys!

A Liberal Democrat engaging in Cyber Sex? We can't get to the microphone fast enough to register our disapproval and to make it clear that such a person does not belong in Congress.

But one man is grateful to the Dem Leadership. How much have we heard about his transgressions since Rep. Weiner left Congress?

Is it just me, or are war crimes and the law breaking and conflicts of interest of a SC Justice far more important issues than the sex life of a US Congressman?

Because I have yet to hear a word of disapproval from the Party Leadership for Clarence Thomas or for the Bush war criminals and even if it is just me, until I do, I cannot take their outrage over a sex scandal seriously.

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