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sailor65's Journal
Posted by sailor65 in General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009)
Mon Sep 17th 2007, 04:53 PM
you could be me!

"Conservative Democrats," {Now sniff, look down nose} as we are called, have always been accused of not being "Real." I want the war to end, but am solidly pro-military. I don't like Edwards or Obama because I think they're doing the Potomac two-step, but love Kucinich. I love the flag I have fought under and seeing it burned or desecrated makes me want to rip someone's head off, but the frredom that many of the men in my family have fought for requires me to concede the right to that protest.

I think our women are sacred and we should love, respect, honor, protect, and {GASP} hold the door open for them, regardless of how "Liberated" they are. I will never see good manners as somehow demeaning.

I hate abortion except in the "Special" cases. I think women who have been raped or otherwise abused need to be able to have one. I think women who are at risk deserve to have one. I think people who are simply getting rid of an "Inconvenience" are deplorable.

I hate war as do most soldiers, but realize that sometimes it is necessary. I also do not believe this one is serving America and needs to end.

I think "Code Pink," "PETA," and many like them go over the top too often, but hinting at that in here paints a bullseye on your back.

I will never believe that two politicians who ripped each other apart in the "Primaries" can properly serve America as a team after the election.

I do think our healthcare is badly broken, but I do not believe the government has the talent to successfully pick its nose, much less run a proper healthcare system. So the solution to that continues to elude. As much time as I spend in Canada, I know that its healthcare system is also highly flawed, and I want ours to be better.

I don't fear that Joe & Bob getting married will have the slightest effect on my marriage. I do think BOTH parties have used Gay Marriage as a marketing tool, from opposite directions. What draws the ire of my totally liberal acquaintances is that I think America has much bigger problems to solve right now.

I do believe that I am called upon to love and serve Joe & Bob equally to all others, and that Joe and Bob's "Rightness or Wrongness" is not for me to decide.

I believe that someone should stop predatory lenders, but I also think that if I buy a house that's twice what I can afford, nobody should be bailing me out.

I think Americans need to help each other at every opportunity, but I also think that every able person should work and contribute.

I hate drugs. Period.

I also think John Kerry is full of sh*t.

I think Al Gore should never run for President. He has found his calling and to run for, and likely become, President would be to abandon that calling.

I think the Democrats had the opportunity to really shine, but I think Princess Pelosi has completely sold us out.

I am first in line to welcome and serve those that knock on the front door, but I am also first in line to get rid of those who sneak in the back door and raid the fridge while holding up signs telling me how bad my house smells.

And I do not believe Evolution and Creation are mutually exclusive (Boy is that one popular!). I believe that evolution is simply a tool of our Creator. I also believe that both political sides have used this issue as a tool.

I think Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached, but for cramming NAFTA down our throats along with its devastating consequences, not for the cause du jour.

I think you know who should be impeached as well. And regardless of whether anyone can prove whether he lied or was just stupid about Iraq, the fact that he has totally, utterly failed to stop the uncontrolled flow across our borders, which he is tasked to protect, should have ALREADY been enough.

I do not believe that Pelosi & Co. will do it because they do not intend to be any better.

I think those who constantly equate Conservative with Republican and Liberal with Democrat are idiots.

The one thing I can say for sure is this; as vilified as people like me can sometimes be here, there are a lot more of us than you might think. Unfortunately we don't get to wear the shiny badge of "Real" Democrats.

See? Told you it could have been worse!

Edited for sleep-deprived spelling

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Posted by sailor65 in Disability
Tue Aug 21st 2007, 11:47 PM
Please forgive the intrusiveness of the questions:

What is your child's formal diagnosis (Where on the autism spectrum?).
Is your child on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) yet?
Is your child being treated with psychiatric medications now?

Our 11 year old carries a diagnosis of Early Onset Bipoler but also demonstrates the PDD symptoms on the spectrum. We've had many problems similar to yours, and probably to those you may not have encountered yet. The good news is, my wife has an extensive file here on resources and rights. The bad news is, she's asleep and I have to ask her where she put it tomorrow. The "More" good news is that PDD and up on the spectrum, which it sounds like you might have a diagnosis for already, carries with it the potential for more community services and more advocate services than our boy's core diagnosis. Our boy has had multiple hospitalizations, has spent a lot of time at Hawthorne Center (Which you may have heard of, in Livonia), has had Police interventions, and the like (Yes, the screaming, banging, throwing, etc.). He's also been thrown out of 7 daycares for the same. We've finally found some stability, but it was a long painful process. We do what we can to help people get there faster.

I'll get back on tomorrow afternoon or evening with the links that we have, and all the data. I think I have enough posts to PM you now, so to help maintain privacy for you, I'll contact you that way.

There IS help out there once you start to dig it up.

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