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The Next To Last Refuge Of The Incompetent
Posted by salvorhardin in Health
Fri Apr 18th 2008, 08:26 PM
Win a fabulous vacation and help HEALL's Founder

August 20 I went into the emergency room to awaken 5 days later to discover that I almost died of acute renal failure. An advanced cancerous cervical tumor was pressing on my bladder causing the kidneys to fill with waste products that were poisoning me. I had a seizure within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital. High tech medicine saved my life.

I need your help to raise funds for my complementary medicine treatment. I need $5,000 per month to continue my treatments and keep a roof over my head.

There are 3 easy ways you can help:

1. Make an online donation with a credit card at

2. Send a check to the "Wendy Zaritsky Complementary Medicine Healing Fund"


So, not only are you citing as a source a website that is selling herbal remedies, but the website is owned by a woman who had to depend on "high tech medicine" to save her life. Sadly, it looks like she herself is being scammed by quack Ingrid Naiman. Aside from her business selling false hope to cancer patients at $5,000 a month, Ingrid also sells astrology as a method of curing people at . Oh, and let's not forget that Ingrid also sells Sophia Millenotte's recordings. Sophia Millenotte channels not just one, but three separate entities, including a space alien from Antares. My gawds! I almost feel sorry for Wendy Zaritsky.
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Fort Wayne, IN
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